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1000 good moves ruined by 1 bad

A Bright Future

A Deliberate Inaction is Better than a Blind Action

A House Might be Worth 1 Million Dollars, But Good Neighbors are Worth 10 Million

A Journey of 1000 Miles Begins with a Single Step

A Journey of 1000 Miles Feels Like One

A Life of Happiness and Prosperity

A Life of Serenity Yields Understanding

A Moment of Time is as Precious as Gold

A sly rabbit has three openings to its den

A Truly Determined Person Will Find a Solution

A Wise Man Changes His Mind

Abundance and Prosperity

Achieve Inner Peace; Find Deep Understanding

Advance Bravely / Indomitable Spirit

All Hopes Fulfilled

Alone with only your shadow for company

Always Be Prepared

Always Striving for Inner Strength

Always Try to do Better

Always with a Book in Hand

An Open Book Benefits Your Mind

Any success can not compensate for failure in the home

Art of War: 5 Points of Analysis

Attack When The Enemy Has Low Morale

Bad Experience, Caution Lingers

Beautiful Woman Proverb

Beauty of Nature

Better Late Than Never

Better to be Happy than Rich

Better to Choose Nothing, Rather than Make a Poor Choice

Better to sacrifice your life than your principles

Better to Travel 10,000 Miles than Read 10,000 Books

Birth Old-Age Sickness Death

Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice

Bloodless Victory

Body and Earth in Unity

Bounce Back / Stage a Comeback

Boys be Ambitious

Brave the Waves

Brevity: Fewer Words are Best

Brief and to the Point

Bright and Promising Future

Broken Mirror Rejoined

Carpe Diem / Seize the Day

Carry On, Undaunted

Chop Wood, Carry Water

Comparison Leads to Truth and Enlightenment

Confucius: Golden Rule / Ethic of Reciprocity

Confucius: Universal Education

Courage To Do What Is Right

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Da Ji Da Li

Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Chapter 33

Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Excerpt

Death Before Dishonor

Death Before Surrender

Determination to Achieve

Die Without Regret

Diligent Study Proverb

Distinguish Good and Evil

Do not fear being slow, fear standing still

Do not fear poverty; Fear low ambitions

Do not fear the task: Cooperation will lead to success

Doing good is the greatest source of happiness

Drain the pond to get all the fish

Drinking the water of a well: One should never forget who dug it

Dripping Water Penetrates Stone

Duty to Defend and Protect Country

Each Time You Stumble and Fall, You Gain Experience and Wisdom

Eat Drink and Be Merry

Engage with Confidence

Enjoy Life

Even a fool may sometimes come up with a good idea

Even an iron bar can be ground to a needle

Even Monkeys Fall From Trees

Even The 100-Foot Bamboo Can Grow One More Foot

Every day is a good day

Everything Happens for a Reason

Evil Cause, Evil Result

Example is Better than Precept

Experience is the Mother of Wisdom

Eye for an eye

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth

Failure in Not an Option

Failure is a Stepping Stone to Success

Failure is the Mother of Success

Failure is the Origin of Success

Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight

Far-Sighted in Deep Thought

Fear not long roads; Fear only short ambition

Fire and Water Have No Mercy

Five Reflections / Gosei

Fix the roof before the rain; Dig the well before you are thirsty

Flourish and Blossom Everywhere

Flower in the Mirror, Moon on Water

Flowers Bloom and Flowers Fall

Flowers Bloom and Flowers Wither

Follow Your Heart

Forgive and Forget

Fortune favors the brave

Freedom from Anger and Worry Yields Longevity

Fresh Start


Go With The Flow

Good Good Study, Day Day Up

Great Ambitions

Great Aspirations / Ambition

Green Plum and Bamboo Horse

Hardships and Joys

Have a Walking Stick at the Ready Before You Stumble

Having High Principles

Hearing a Hundred Times is Not as Good as Seeing Once

Heaven Blesses the Diligent

Heaven Rewards Hard Work

Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger

Home is where the heart is

Honorable Death - No Surrender

Hou De Zai Wu

How can you catch tiger cubs without entering the lair of the tiger?

Hunt Foxes with Stealth, Hunt Wolves in the Open


Ichi wa Zen, Zen wa Ichi

If you cannot bite, do not show your teeth

If you love your child, send them out into the world

Impartial and Fair to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the World

In Flowers the Cherry Blossom, In Men the Samurai

In the Abyss of Infinite Bitterness - Turn to the Shore

In Wine there is Truth

Indomitable / Unyielding

Indomitable Spirit

Inner Strength is Better than Outward Appearance

It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war

It is the Journey, Not the Destination

Keep Calm in Face of Adversity

Keep Your Feet on the Ground

Know Thy Enemy, Know Thyself

Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself, and Win 100 Battles

Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself, and You Cannot Lose

Learn from Wisdom

Learn From Your Predecessors

Learn New Ways From Old / Onkochishin

Learning is Eternal

Let It Be / Be Relieved

Life Full of Love

Life Goes On

Life is a Dew Drop

Life is a Journey

Life Is But A Dream

Life of Love

Listen to Both Sides and be Enlightened, Listen to One Side and be in the Dark

Listen with Open Mind

Live in Peace and Contentment

Live Together and Help Each Other

Live Well

Love and Respect

Love Between Child and Parents

Love Loyalty Respect

Love the Flower, Love the Pot also

Love Will Find A Way

Maintain An Army For 1000 Days, Use It For An Hour

Mark the boat to find the lost sword / Ignoring the changing circumstances of the world

Men Die for Wealth, Birds Die for Food

Mentor: Teacher and Friend

Merge / Unify

Misery Loves Company

Mono no Aware

Mujo no Kaze / Wind of Impermanence

Mutual Welfare and Benefit

Naranu Koto Wa Naranu Mono Desu

Never Forget Your First Resolution

Never Give Up

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today

No arrogance in victory, No despair in defeat

No man knows what he owes to his parents until he comes to have children of his own

No one knows a son better than the father

No Pain No Gain

No Place Like Home

No Surrender

Not Only Can Water Float A Boat, It Can Sink It Also

Nothing is Impossible with Persistence

Old, But More Vigorous in Spirit

Once in a Lifetime

One Day Seems Like 1000 Years

One Family Under Heaven

One Justice Can Overpower 100 Evils

One Key Opens One Lock

One who is drenched in rain does not fear drops of dew

One who walks by the river may end up with wet feet

Only the sleepless know the length of night

Open and Calm Mind

Overcome: Regardless of the Rain and Wind

Past experience is the teacher for the future

Patience Yields Peace of Mind

Pearl in the Palm


Perseverance / Indomitable / Invincible Fortitude

Phoenix Rise from the Ashes

Pleasant Journey

Preparation Yields No Fear or Worries

Preparation Yields No Regrets

Presence of Mind

Principles of Life

Profound / Powerful Words

Proud Of One’s Name

Push or Knock

Put out a burning wood cart with a cup of water

Read 10,000 Books, Travel 10,000 Miles

Realize Your Ambitions / Embrace Your Ambition

Realize Your Ambitions / Ride on the Crest of Success

Regardless of the Weather, We Overcome Troubles Together

Reincarnation / Life in Flux

Respect out of fear is never genuine; Reverence out of respect is never false

Return From Death’s Door

Rise and Fall / Ups and Downs

Rise Up with Thrift and Diligence

River of Literacy, Sea of Learning

Rose Flowers Given, Frangrance Remains on Hands of Giver

Safe and Sound

Safety and Well-Being of the Family

Schooled by Experience and Hard Knocks

Seeing is Believing

Shikin Haramitsu Daikomyo

Soldiers Adapt Actions to the Situation

Spare No Effort

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child

Standing by Oneself / Walking by Oneself

Stay Strong / Iron Will

Strength and Love in Unity

Strong bones come from hard knocks


Sun Tzu - Art of War

Teach A Man To Fish

The Brave Have No Fears

The Confident Helmsman Inspires Confidence in the Passengers

The Destination is Nothing Without the Journey

The Five Tenets of Confucius

The Foundation of Good Conduct

The Great Path has No Gate

The incompetent boat pilot blames the river for his shortcomings

The More We Sweat in Training, The Less We Bleed in Battle

The one who retreats 50 paces mocks the one to retreats 100

The Roar of the Lioness

The Sea of Knowledge Has No Limits

The Single Life

The Spirit of the Dragon Horse

The Spirit of the Dragon Horse and Power of a Tiger

The Universe in Balance / Balanced Universe

The Warrior’s Word, Dependable as Gold and Steel

The Weak are Meat, The Strong Eat

The White Hairs of Old Age

The Whole Room Rocks With Laughter

The Whole World at Peace

There is always a way out

There is no pleasure without pain

There is No Royal Road to Learning

There’s No Place Like Home

Those Who Understand are Clever, Those Who Know Themselves are Truly Wise

Through the Ups and Downs of Life

Tiger Rumor

Time and Tide Wait for No Man

Time is as Precious as Gold

Time is Gold

To a Willing Heart, All Things Are Possible

To Know Hardship, One Must Experience It


Tooth for a tooth

Tranquility Yields Transcendence

True Victory is Victory Over Oneself

Ultimate Loyalty to Your Country


Unbridled Creativity

Undaunted After Repeated Setbacks

Unselfish: Perfectly Impartial


Unwavering Integrity

Use Hard Work to Overcome Adversity

Value of Warrior Generals

Walking 100 Miles: Stopping at 90 miles, is the same as stopping half-way

Warriors Adapt and Overcome

Warriors: Quality Over Quantity

We are not born with knowledge, how does one achieve maturity?

When Three People Gather, One Becomes a Teacher

When Three People Gather, Wisdom is Multiplied

Where There is a Will, There is a Way

Where there’s a will there’s a way

Wind of Change

Wisdom comes from Experience

Wisdom from Hard Knocks

Without a big net, how can you catch fish?

Words Have Enormous Weight: One Word Worth Nine Caldrons

Work Together with One Heart

Work Unselfishly for the Common Good

Working Together as One / Cooperation

Year-In Year-Out Have Abundance

You are always a beauty in your lover’s eyes

You are who you hang out with

You May Learn from Victory, You Will Learn from Failure