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Always in My Heart

Appreciation and Love for Your Parents

Broken Mirror Rejoined

Eternal Friendship / Friends Forever

Forever In My Heart

Honor for Ancestors

Love and Respect

Love Binds Us Together

Love the Flower, Love the Pot also

Love Your Children, But Discipline Them Too

Misery Loves Company

My True Love

No man knows what he owes to his parents until he comes to have children of his own

No one knows a son better than the father

One Day Seems Like 1000 Years

One Family Under Heaven

One Love

Regardless of the Weather, We Overcome Troubles Together

Safety and Well-Being of the Family

Sisterhood / Sisters Relationship

Sisters at Heart

Soul Mates

Soul Mates at Heart

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child

Spiritual Soul Mates

Strength and Love in Unity

The Pain of Separation from Your Loves

Together Forever

Together Forever in Love

You are who you hang out with