How To Hang Wall Scrolls

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Gary holds a nice Asian koi fish art wall scroll

Your wall scroll is going to look great when you hang it up on your wall.

But there are some things that you should know, and some steps that you should take to ensure the best presentation and long life of your new Asian art.

A rolled up Chinese Scroll

When your wall scroll arrives it will be rolled up and tied with its own ribbon.

Partially unrolled Chinese Scroll

The ribbon will be a little kinked & wrinkled from being tied, so you'll want to straighten it out.

Use a clothing iron to lightly straighten out your wall scroll's ribbon

You'll probably want to make the tails of your ribbon flat and wrinkle-free.
It doesn't take much heat to do this, and be sure to keep your iron moving so that you don't accidentally melt the ribbon.
(steam is okay, but use the lowest steam setting)

If you accidentally mess up your ribbon, just contact us and we'll send you a new one at no charge.
(We try to treat our Asian art customers like family)

Use sharp scissors to cut the ends of your wall scroll ribbon

If you feel like making it into a bigger project, you might want to customize the length of your ribbon (this is totally a personal preference - some like them long others prefer them short)
If you do this, just be sure to cut them at a nice angle with really sharp scissors.

You might want to melt the ends of your wall scroll ribbon with a cigarette lighter

This might be going overboard, but you can also lightly melt the end of your ribbon with a lighter.

This will ensure that in the event of a nuclear detonation, the ends of your ribbon will still be crisp and unfrayed.

In this picture, I am using the always popular "fire extinguisher lighter", a form of hand-held oxymoron available exclusively in China.

To add an element of danger, I am also still wearing my highly-flammable cotton gloves.

It's best to use some kind of hook to hang your wall scroll

You can use a simple nail to hang your scroll on your wall. But for extra security, I suggest a "picture frame hook" (as shown on the left) or a screw-in hook (as shown on the right).

Put your wall scroll's ribbon on your nail or hook

Hang your wall scroll carefully...

Never let your scroll just drop!!!

Always guide your wall scroll down (never drop the roller)

Guide your wall scroll down slowly.

Last step, just straighten up the ribbons, and enjoy your wall scroll

The final step is straightening up the ribbons so that your scroll looks its best.

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