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1000 good moves ruined by 1 bad

A Deliberate Inaction is Better than a Blind Action

A House Might be Worth 1 Million Dollars, But Good Neighbors are Worth 10 Million

A Life of Serenity Yields Understanding

A Moment of Time is as Precious as Gold

A Wise Man Changes His Mind

Achieve Inner Peace; Find Deep Understanding

An Open Book Benefits Your Mind

Better to be Happy than Rich

Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice

Bodhi - Awakening Enlightenment

Comparison Leads to Truth and Enlightenment

Confucius: Universal Education

Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Chapter 9

Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Chapter 1

Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Chapter 33

Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Chapter 54

Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Excerpt

Do not fear being slow, fear standing still

Do not fear poverty; Fear low ambitions

Do not fear the task: Cooperation will lead to success

Each Time You Stumble and Fall, You Gain Experience and Wisdom

Even The 100-Foot Bamboo Can Grow One More Foot

Everything Happens for a Reason

Experience is the Mother of Wisdom

Failure is a Stepping Stone to Success

Failure is the Origin of Success

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark

Fear not long roads; Fear only short ambition

Flexibility Overcomes Strength

Flowers Bloom and Flowers Fall

Flowers Bloom and Flowers Wither

Freedom from Anger and Worry Yields Longevity

How can you catch tiger cubs without entering the lair of the tiger?

If you have not been a monk, how can you know what it is like to be a vegetarian?

Impartial and Fair to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the World

In Wine there is Truth

Inner Strength is Better than Outward Appearance

Intelligence / Intellect

Learn New Ways From Old / Onkochishin

Life is a Journey

Listen to Both Sides and be Enlightened, Listen to One Side and be in the Dark

Listen with Open Mind

No Pain No Gain

Not Only Can Water Float A Boat, It Can Sink It Also

One who is drenched in rain does not fear drops of dew

One who walks by the river may end up with wet feet

Only the sleepless know the length of night

Past experience is the teacher for the future

Principles of Life

Profound / Powerful Words

Push or Knock

Put out a burning wood cart with a cup of water

Rise and Fall / Ups and Downs

Seeing is Believing

Serenity Prayer

The Ease of the Scholar

The Five Tenets of Confucius

The one who retreats 50 paces mocks the one to retreats 100

Time is as Precious as Gold

To Know Hardship, One Must Experience It

Triple Truth of Japanese Buddhism

Unselfish: Perfectly Impartial

We are not born with knowledge, how does one achieve maturity?

When Three People Gather, One Becomes a Teacher

When Three People Gather, Wisdom is Multiplied


Wisdom comes from Experience

Without a big net, how can you catch fish?

Work Together with One Heart

You May Learn from Victory, You Will Learn from Failure

You must endure a harsh winter to appreciate the warmth of springtime