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1000 good moves ruined by 1 bad

Any success can not compensate / for failure in the home

Do not fear poverty; Fear low ambitions

Do not shed a tear until you see the coffin

Drain the pond to get all the fish

Eye for an eye

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth

Fear not long roads; / fear only short ambition

Fix roof before the rain; / Dig the well before you are thirsty

If you cannot bite, do not show your teeth

Just as Liquor Turns a Face Red, Gold Turns a Heart Black

Learn From Your Predecessors

Mark the boat to find the lost sword
Ignoring the changing circumstances of the world

Mind Your Own Business

Not Only Can Water Float A Boat, It Can Sink It Also

One who walks by the river / may end up with wet feet

Put out a burning wood cart / with a cup of water

Respect out of fear is never genuine / Reverence out of respect is never false

The farts of others stink, but one’s own smells sweet

The incompetent boat pilot / blames the river for his shortcomings

The one who retreats 50 paces mocks the one to retreats 100

The Weak are Meat, The Strong Eat.

Tiger Rumor

Tooth for a tooth

Walking 100 Miles: / Stopping at 90 miles, is the same as stopping half-way.

You May Learn from Victory, You Will Learn from Failure