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A Life of Happiness and Prosperity

A Life of Serenity Yields Understanding

Achieve Inner Peace; Find Deep Understanding

Always Striving for Inner Strength

Ardent / Fierce

Better to be Happy than Rich

Carpe Diem / Seize the Day

Changing Oneself / Self Reformation

Confucius: Golden Rule / Ethic of Reciprocity


Drinking the water of a well: One should never forget who dug it

Even The 100-Foot Bamboo Can Grow One More Foot

Extreme Faithfulness


Forgive and Forget

Freedom from Anger and Worry Yields Longevity

Good Heart

Good Intentions / Good Will / Good Faith

Goodness / Good Deed

Goodness / Kind-Hearted

Having High Principles

Healthy Living

Heaven Blesses the Diligent


Impartial and Fair to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the World

Industrious / Hard Working

Inner Peace

Inner Strength is Better than Outward Appearance

Keep Your Feet on the Ground

Life Full of Love

Life in Balance / Balancing Life

Life in Harmony / Balanced Life

Life of Love

Life with Love

Live For The Day

Live For The Day / Seize The Day

Live for What You Love

Live In The Moment / Live In The Now

Live Together and Help Each Other

Live Without Regret

Love and Honor

Love and Respect

Moral and Virtuous

Mutual Welfare and Benefit

Never Forget Your First Resolution

Never Give Up

One Justice Can Overpower 100 Evils

Patience Yields Peace of Mind

Principles of Life

Seishin-Kai / Seishinkai

Spiritual Strength / Strength of Spirit

Strong-Minded Woman

The Five Tenets of Confucius

The Foundation of Good Conduct

Triple Truth of Japanese Buddhism

True Victory is Victory Over Oneself

Ultimate Loyalty to Your Country

Unselfish: Perfectly Impartial

White Dragon

Wise and Virtuous

Wise Woman

Work Unselfishly for the Common Good

You must endure a harsh winter to appreciate the warmth of springtime