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 irasshai mase
Welcome Scroll

いらっしゃいませ is the Japanese greeting that you'll hear just about every time you enter a sushi bar, restaurant, or shop in Japan.

This calligraphy would be appropriate to hang by the entry door of your business or shop.

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Hiragana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

Welcome to the Dojo

 dou jou e youkoso
Welcome to the Dojo Scroll

道場へようこそ or “Dōjō e yōkoso” means “Welcome to the dojo” or “welcome to [our] dojo” in Japanese.

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

A Traditional Warm Welcome

 huān yíng guāng lín
A Traditional Warm Welcome Scroll

歡迎光臨 would be the ultimate Chinese “welcome mat.” Except it will be on your wall, and people will not step on it.

In a somewhat literal translation, you could say it means “I feel happy as I welcome you, as you have brought a shining light to this place with your arrival,” or more simply, “I am happy you've come as your presents brightens up the place.”

It has become common for this greeting to be announced by the staff upon the arrival of any customer into a fancy store in China. You will also see these characters on the “welcome mats” in front of 4 and 5-star hotels in China.

Having this on a wall scroll is an extra nice touch. I have seen a few horizontal scrolls with this phrase on the wall behind the reception desk of better hotels or near the front door of fine shops. At the fanciest department stores and restaurants in China, several greeters (almost always young women) will stand by the front door, all wearing sashes with this phrase embroidered. As you walk in, they will bow and say “huan ying guang lin” to welcome you to the establishment.

Note: The first two and last two characters do make words in Korean Hanja but are seldom used as a sentence like this in Korean.

Welcome Home

Welcome Home Scroll

お帰りなさい is a common Japanese way to say, “welcome home.”

This is said by a person greeting another as they return home. It's a typical phrase that is almost said by reflex as part of Japanese courtesy or etiquette.

Sometimes written as 御帰りなさい (just the first character is Kanji instead of Hiragana).

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

 jiē dài
Settai Scroll

This is the Japanese surname Settai.

This also is a word that means to receive (a visitor), to admit (allow somebody to enter), reception, welcome, to receive and treat, to entertain, or wait upon.

Make Guests Feel at Home

Home away from home

 bīn zhì rú guī
Make Guests Feel at Home Scroll

This Chinese phrase suggests that a good host will make guests feel like they are returning home or are as comfortable as they would be at their own homes.

賓至如歸 is also the Chinese equivalent of “a home away from home,” and is used by Chinese hotels, guest houses, and inns to suggest the level of their hospitality that will make you feel at home during your stay.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
to welcome; to meet; to forge ahead (esp. in the face of difficulties); to meet face to face
(surname) Mukae
Go to meet, receive, welcome.


see styles
 kouguu / kogu
(noun/participle) cordial welcome; hearty welcome; kind treatment; hospitality


see styles
xǐ yǔ
    xi3 yu3
hsi yü
welcome fall of rain; seasonable rain
(See 慈雨) friendly shower; welcome rain; rain that comes after a drought


see styles
 kouguu / kogu
(noun/participle) cordial welcome; hearty welcome; kind treatment; hospitality


see styles
(prefix noun) (1) new members (e.g. club); new students; freshman; (2) (abbreviation) (See 新歓コンパ) event to welcome new students, club members, etc. (e.g. welcome party)



see styles
huān yíng
    huan1 ying2
huan ying
to welcome; welcome



see styles
bù lái yíng
    bu4 lai2 ying2
pu lai ying
 fu raigō
Without being called he comes to welcome; the Pure-land sect believes that Amitābha himself comes to welcome departing souls of his followers on their calling upon him, but the 淨土眞宗 (Jōdo Shin-shu sect) teaches that belief in him at any time ensures rebirth in the Pure Land, independently of calling on him at death.


see styles
(yoji) welcome (beneficial) rain in a drought; realization of something eagerly looked for; a welcome relief


see styles
(yoji) welcome (beneficial) rain in a drought; realization of something eagerly looked for; a welcome relief


see styles
 kouguu / kogu
(noun, transitive verb) cordial welcome; hearty welcome; kind treatment; hospitality


see styles
 kouguu / kogu
(noun, transitive verb) cordial welcome; hearty welcome; kind treatment; hospitality


see styles
 monkiihausuheyoukoso / monkihausuheyokoso
(work) Welcome to the Monkey House (book); (wk) Welcome to the Monkey House (book)


see styles
 werukamuboodo; uerukamuboodo; werukamu boodo; uerukamu boodo
    ウェルカムボード; ウエルカムボード; ウェルカム・ボード; ウエルカム・ボード
wedding welcome sign (wasei: welcome board)


see styles
jiē dài
    jie1 dai4
chieh tai

More info & calligraphy:

to receive (a visitor); to admit (allow sb to enter)
(noun/participle) (1) reception; welcome; serving (food term); (2) wining and dining; business entertainment; corporate entertainment; entertaining politicians; (surname) Setsutai
To receive and treat, or wait upon.



see styles
huān yíng guāng lín
    huan1 ying2 guang1 lin2
huan ying kuang lin

More info & calligraphy:

A Traditional Warm Welcome


see styles

More info & calligraphy:

Welcome Home
(interjection) welcome home


see styles

More info & calligraphy:

(expression) welcome (in shops, etc.)

see styles
to receive; to answer (the phone); to meet or welcome sb; to connect; to catch; to join; to extend; to take one's turn on duty; to take over for sb
To receive, take; join on; graft.


see styles
sān zūn
    san1 zun1
san tsun
 sanzon; sanson
    さんぞん; さんそん
(1) (さんぞん only) {Buddh} Buddha triad; image of a Buddha attended by two Bodhisattvas; (2) (さんぞん only) {Buddh} (See 三宝) The Three Jewels; Buddha, the teachings of Buddha, and the community of monks and nuns; (3) (さんぞん only) (See 三尊天井) head and shoulders (stock price, etc. chart pattern); (4) the three people one must esteem: master, father, teacher
The three honoured ones: Buddha, the Law, the Ecclesia or Order. Others are: Amitābha, Avalokiteśvara, and Mahāsthāmaprāpta, who, according to the Pure-land sect, come to welcome the dying invoker. Another group is Bhaiṣajya, Vairocana, and Candraprabha; and another, Śākyamunī, Mañjuśrī, and Samantabhadra.



see styles
lái yíng
    lai2 ying2
lai ying
 raikou / raiko
(surname) Raikou
The coming of Buddhas to meet the dying believer and bid welcome to the Pure Land; the three special welcomers are Amitābha, Avalokiteśvara, and Mahāsthāmaprāpta.



see styles
yōu dài
    you1 dai4
yu tai
 yuutai / yutai
preferential treatment; to give preferential treatment
(noun, transitive verb) preferential treatment; hospitality; warm reception; cordial welcome


see styles
 yuuguu / yugu
(n,vs,vt,adj-no) favorable treatment; favourable treatment; hospitality; warm reception; good treatment; hearty welcome



see styles
shàn lái
    shan4 lai2
shan lai
svāgata, susvāgata; 'welcome'; well come, a title of a Buddha; v. 善逝.


see styles
fèng yíng
    feng4 ying2
feng ying
 hougei / hoge
(honorific) to greet; to fawn
(noun, transitive verb) welcome


see styles
(Godan verb with "su" ending) (1) (ksb:) (See 寄せる・11) to include; to welcome (in a group); to let in; (Godan verb with "su" ending) (2) (archaism) to bring near; to put close; to let come near


see styles
yǐn jiē
    yin3 jie1
yin chieh
(noun/participle) interview
引攝 To accept, receive, welcome— as a Buddha does all who call on him, as stated in the nineteenth vow 第十九願 of Amitābha.


see styles
 keiu / keu
welcome rain; (female given name) Keiu


see styles
welcome rain; beneficial rain; blessed rain; rain that comes after a drought; (surname, female given name) Jiu


see styles
shòu shǒu
    shou4 shou3
shou shou
To proffer the hand, to come in person to welcome the dying, as e.g. does Guanyin in certain cases.


see styles
jiē yǐn
    jie1 yin3
chieh yin
to greet and usher in (guests, newcomers etc); (Buddhism) to receive into the Pure Land
To receive and lead, to welcome.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Welcomeいらっしゃいませirasshai mase
irashai mase
Welcome to the Dojo道場へようこそdou jou e youkoso
do jo e yokoso
A Traditional Warm Welcome歡迎光臨
huān yíng guāng lín
huan1 ying2 guang1 lin2
huan ying guang lin
huan ying kuang lin
Welcome Homeお帰りなさいokaerinasai
Settai接待settaijiē dài / jie1 dai4 / jie dai / jiedaichieh tai / chiehtai
Make Guests Feel at Home賓至如歸
bīn zhì rú guī
bin1 zhi4 ru2 gui1
bin zhi ru gui
pin chih ju kuei
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Make Guests Feel at Home Scroll
Make Guests Feel at Home Scroll
Make Guests Feel at Home Scroll
Make Guests Feel at Home Scroll

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Make Guests Feel at Home Vertical Portrait

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