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The name Be Water My Friend in Chinese / Japanese...

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Be Like Water

 xiàng shuǐ yí yàng
Be Like Water Scroll

像水一樣 is a short quote from a much longer statement by Bruce Lee.

He summarized how people should be flexible to all circumstances, attacks, or situations. In the end, he exclaims, “Be like water, my friend.” 像水一樣 is the “Be like water” part alone since that seems to be what most people want.

Ultimate Goodness of Water

Quote from Lao Tzu

 shàng shàn ruò shuǐ
Ultimate Goodness of Water Scroll

上善若水 is a quote that is sometimes presented as “Be like water.”

However, this is an ancient quote from the great philosopher Lao Tzu. It suggests that the ultimate goodness and purity (in the world) is water. Many take this as a suggestion to be like pure/good water.

Be Like Water

Quote from Lao Tzu

 ruò shuǐ
Be Like Water Scroll

若水 is part of a very old saying from Lao Tzu.

In these two characters, there is a suggestion to be like water. The full phrase is about the goodness and purity of water. So, when this suggests being like water, it is actually a suggestion to be a good person (one who does not dishonor himself/herself, etc.).

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your be water my friend search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
shàng shàn ruò shuǐ
    shang4 shan4 ruo4 shui3
shang shan jo shui

More info & calligraphy:

Ultimate Goodness of Water
the ideal is to be like water (which benefits all living things and does not struggle against them) (quotation from the "Book of Dao" 道德經|道德经[Dao4 de2 jing1])


see styles
xìn shuǐ
    xin4 shui3
hsin shui
(given name) Shinsui
Faith pure and purifying like water.


see styles
rú shuǐ
    ru2 shui3
ju shui
(personal name) Nyosui
like water


see styles
xīn xìng
    xin1 xing4
hsin hsing
 shinsei / shinse
one's nature; temperament
mind; disposition; nature
Immutable mind-corpus, or mind-nature, the self-existing fundamental pure mind, the all, the Tathāgata-garbha, or 如來藏心; 自性淸淨心; also described in the 起信論 Awakening of Faith as immortal 不生不滅. Another definition identifies 心 with 性 saying 性卽是心, 心卽是佛 the nature is the mind, and mind is Buddha; another, that mind and nature are the same when 悟 awake and understanding, but differ when 迷 in illusion; and further, in reply to the statement that the Buddha-nature is eternal but the mind not eternal, it is said, the nature is like water, the mind like ice, illusion turns nature to mental ice form, awakening melts it back to its proper nature.


see styles
xīn shuǐ
    xin1 shui3
hsin shui
(female given name) Motomi
The mind as a reflecting water-surface; also the mind as water, clear or turbids.


see styles
rěn shuǐ
    ren3 shui3
jen shui
Patience in its depth and expanse compared to water.



see styles
tān shuǐ
    tan1 shui3
t`an shui
    tan shui
Desire is like water carrying things along.



see styles
huī jīn rú tǔ
    hui1 jin1 ru2 tu3
hui chin ju t`u
    hui chin ju tu
lit. to squander money like dirt (idiom); fig. to spend money like water; extravagant


see styles
 suikahyoutan / suikahyotan
not getting along well with each other; being like water and oil


see styles
(adv,exp) like water; like it grows on trees


see styles
(expression) like water off a duck's back; water on a frog's face


see styles
(adv,exp) like water; like it grows on trees


see styles
 yumizunoyouni / yumizunoyoni
(expression) (See 湯水・2) like water; like it grows on trees


see styles
 kaerunotsuranishouben / kaerunotsuranishoben
(expression) (colloquialism) (See 蛙の面に水) like water off a duck's back; urine on a frog's face


see styles
 yumizunoyounitsukau / yumizunoyonitsukau
(exp,v5u) to spend (money) like water; to spend (money) like it grows on trees; to throw around (one's money); to play ducks and drakes with


see styles
 tateitanimizu / tatetanimizu
(exp,n) (idiom) (ant: 横板に雨垂れ) eloquence; volubility; (like) water on a standing board



see styles
tiě dǎ de yá men , liú shuǐ de guān
    tie3 da3 de5 ya2 men5 , liu2 shui3 de5 guan1
t`ieh ta te ya men , liu shui te kuan
    tieh ta te ya men , liu shui te kuan
lit. the yamen is strong as iron, the officials flow like water (idiom); fig. government officials come and go


see styles
(adv,exp) (as in 'spend money like water') (See 湯水・2) like water; like it grows on trees


see styles
 kaerunotsuranimizu(蛙no面ni水, kaeruno面ni水); kaerunotsuranimizu(kaeruno面ni水)
    かえるのつらにみず(蛙の面に水, かえるの面に水); カエルのつらにみず(カエルの面に水)
(expression) (idiom) like water off a duck's back; water on a frog's face


see styles
 kaerunotsuranishouben(蛙no面ni小便, kaeruno面ni小便); kaerunotsuranishouben(kaeruno面ni小便) / kaerunotsuranishoben(蛙no面ni小便, kaeruno面ni小便); kaerunotsuranishoben(kaeruno面ni小便)
    かえるのつらにしょうべん(蛙の面に小便, かえるの面に小便); カエルのつらにしょうべん(カエルの面に小便)
(expression) (idiom) (colloquialism) (See 蛙の面に水) like water off a duck's back; urine on a frog's face

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Be Like Water像水一樣xiàng shuǐ yí yàng
xiang4 shui3 yi2 yang4
xiang shui yi yang
hsiang shui i yang
Ultimate Goodness of Water上善若水shàng shàn ruò shuǐ
shang4 shan4 ruo4 shui3
shang shan ruo shui
shang shan jo shui
Be Like Water若水ruò shuǐ / ruo4 shui3 / ruo shui / ruoshuijo shui / joshui


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