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Archer in Chinese / Japanese...

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Modern Chinese Version
China gōng jiàn shǒu
Archer Vertical Wall Scroll

弓箭手 is how to write "archer" in modern Chinese.

弓箭手 mean "bow arrow hand."

There are other ways to write "archer" in Chinese, but this is probably the most common title for modern China. The other, less-common version of archer, is also more universal, in that it has the same meaning in Japanese (this one is not used in Japan).


Ancient title for Archer
China yì rén
Japan yokujin
Archer Vertical Wall Scroll

弋人 is the ancient way to write archer in both Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

If you carried a bow into battle in an army of ancient Asia, this would be your title.

Note: 弋人 is an antiquated term that is rarely used in modern Chinese, Korean or Japanese. Beyond archer, this can also mean a ceremonial hunter in Japanese.

Note: This title is so old, that most Asian people will not recognize this as a normal word. It has not been in regular use for many generations.


China shè shǒu
Japan i te / sha shu
Archer Vertical Wall Scroll

射手 means archer, shooter, or marksman in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

Depending on context, it can also mean "goal getter" in Chinese. This would also be the word for bowman.

射手 is kind of modern in Asia, meaning that it's only been in use for a few hundred years. However, the more ancient version of archer is often not even recognized by the current generation of Chinese and Japanese people.

The first character means "shoot" or "fire" (in the context of a gun or bow). It's also a suffix for radioactive things (in the context of chemistry) - radioactive things "fire off" electrons. In Japanese, that first Kanji is a short name and suffix for archery.

The second character means "hand" but hand can also mean a person, in the same way, that "farmhand" is a person in English.


China ā chè
Archer Vertical Wall Scroll

阿徹 is a common transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the name Archer.

However, I suggest you use a word that means archer rather than this transliteration that only sounds like Archer.

Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol / Sign

China shè shǒu zuò
Japan ite-za
Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol / Sign Vertical Wall Scroll

射手座 is the Chinese and Japanese way to write Sagittarius (archer) of western astrology.

See Also:  Chinese Zodiac

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Mandarin shè shǒu / she4 shou3
Taiwan she shou
Japanese ite;shashu / いて;しゃしゅ
Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol / Sign Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese archer; shooter; marksman; (football etc) striker
Japanese archer; shooter; bowman; (surname) Ide; (surname) Ite


see styles
Japanese yokujin / よくじん
Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol / Sign Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese hunter; archer


see styles
Mandarin shè shǒu zuò / she4 shou3 zuo4
Taiwan she shou tso
Japanese iteza / いてざ
Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol / Sign Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Sagittarius (constellation and sign of the zodiac); popular variant of 人馬座|人马座[Ren2 ma3 zuo4]
Japanese Sagittarius (constellation); the Archer


see styles
Mandarin gōng jiàn shǒu / gong1 jian4 shou3
Taiwan kung chien shou
Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol / Sign Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese archer


see styles
Mandarin/ yi4
Taiwan i
Chinese surname Yi; name of legendary archer; also written 后羿[Hou4 Yi4]

see styles
Japanese tomo / とも Japanese archer's left-wrist protector; (given name) Tomoe; (p,s,g) Tomo

see styles
Mandarin shè / she4
Taiwan she
Chinese archer's thumb ring

see styles
Mandarin gōu / gou1
Taiwan kou
Chinese archer's arm guard


see styles
Mandarin hòu yì / hou4 yi4
Taiwan hou i
Chinese Houyi, mythological Chinese archer whose wife was Chang'e


see styles
Japanese shajou;iba / shajo;iba / しゃじょう;いば Japanese (1) archery range; archery ground; (2) (しゃじょう only) (See 射撃場・しゃげきじょう) shooting range; firing range; shooting gallery; (3) (いば only) position where an archer is standing; (4) (See 発射場・はっしゃじょう) launch site (e.g. for rockets, missiles, etc.); (surname) Matoba; (surname) Sekiba; (surname) Shaba; (surname) Uchiba; (surname) Iba; (personal name) Iha; (surname) Itoba


see styles
Japanese yugake / ゆがけ Japanese archer's glove (with a groove for pulling the string)


see styles
Mandarin nǔ bīng / nu3 bing1
Taiwan nu ping
Chinese archer; infantry armed with crossbow


see styles
Japanese tamaki / たまき Japanese (1) (archaism) bracelet (made of stringed jewels or bells and worn at the elbow); (2) bracer (for the elbow of an archer)


see styles
Japanese iteza / いてざ Japanese Sagittarius (constellation); the Archer


see styles
Japanese jinbakyuu / jinbakyu / じんばきゅう Japanese Sagittarius (9th zodiacal sign); the Archer


see styles
Japanese igote / いごて Japanese (obscure) archer's bracer; archer's armguard


see styles
Japanese yugake / ゆがけ Japanese archer's glove (with a groove for pulling the string)


see styles
Japanese yugake / ゆがけ Japanese archer's glove (with a groove for pulling the string)


see styles
Japanese yugote / ゆごて Japanese (obscure) archer's bracer; archer's armguard



see styles
Mandarin kē ěr qìn / ke1 er3 qin4
Taiwan k`o erh ch`in / ko erh chin
Chinese Horqin or Xorchin, famous Mongolian archer; Horqin district or Xorchin raion of Tongliao city 通遼市|通辽市[Tong1 liao2 shi4], Inner Mongolia


see styles
Japanese kishakyuu / kishakyu / きしゃきゅう Japanese (obscure) (See 人馬宮) Sagittarius (9th zodiacal sign); the Archer


see styles
Japanese aacha / acha / アーチャ Japanese archer


see styles
Japanese aachaa / acha / アーチャー Japanese archer; (surname) Archer


see styles
Japanese tamaki / たまき Japanese (1) (archaism) bracelet (made of stringed jewels or bells and worn at the elbow); (2) bracer (for the elbow of an archer)


see styles
Japanese iteza / いてざ Japanese Sagittarius (constellation); the Archer


see styles
Japanese aachaa;aacha / acha;acha / アーチャー;アーチャ Japanese archer


see styles
Japanese yugake / ゆがけ Japanese archer's glove (with a groove for pulling the string)

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Archer弓箭手gōng jiàn shǒu
gong1 jian4 shou3
gong jian shou
kung chien shou
Archer弋人yokujinyì rén / yi4 ren2 / yi ren / yireni jen / ijen
Archer射手i te / sha shu
ite / shashu
shè shǒu / she4 shou3 / she shou / sheshou
ā chè / a1 che4 / a che / achea ch`e / ache / a che
Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol
射手座ite-zashè shǒu zuò
she4 shou3 zuo4
she shou zuo
she shou tso
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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