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Vitality in Chinese / Japanese...

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shēng mìng lì
Vitality Scroll

生命力 can mean "vitality" or "libido".

The first two characters mean "life" or "life force". The last character is a common word that means "strength". So together you get the meaning "life strength" which is the essence of vitality.

Some will also translate this word as "good health".

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Vitality / Virility

jīng qì
Vitality / Virility Scroll

This two-character Chinese, Japanese, and Korean word means vitality or virility.

Depending on context, this can also mean, "mind and spirit", "life energy", or "essence".

This term is often used in Buddhism with the same meaning.

気Note: In modern Japanese, they have simplified the last Kanji to look like the version shown to the right. If you want this modern version, please click on this Kanji. Otherwise, if you click the button above, you’ll get the ancient or traditional version (which is also universal between Chinese, old Korean, and old Japanese).

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Vitality生命力seimeiryokushēng mìng lì
sheng1 ming4 li4
sheng ming li
seikijīng qì / jing1 qi4 / jing qi / jingqiching ch`i / chingchi / ching chi
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
xīn / xin1
 shin / しん
Vitality / Virility Scroll
heart; mind; intention; center; core; CL:顆|颗[ke1],個|个[ge4]
(1) (See 心・こころ・1) heart; mind; spirit; vitality; inner strength; (2) bottom of one's heart; core (of one's character); nature; (3) (usu. written as 芯) (See 芯・2) centre; center; core; heart; (4) (See 心臓・1) heart (organ); (5) {astron} (See 二十八宿) Chinese "Heart" constellation (one of the 28 mansions); (6) (archaism) (child. language) friend; (personal name) Moto
hṛd, hṛdaya 汗栗太 (or 汗栗馱); 紀哩馱 the heart, mind, soul; citta 質多 the heart as the seat of thought or intelligence. In both senses the heart is likened to a lotus. There are various definitions, of which the following are six instances: (1) 肉團心 hṛd, the physical heart of sentient or nonsentient living beings, e. g. men, trees, etc. (2) 集起心 citta, the ālayavijñāna, or totality of mind, and the source of all mental activity. (3) 思量心 manas, the thinking and calculating mind; (4) 緣慮心; 了別心; 慮知心; citta; the discriminating mind; (5) 堅實心 the bhūtatathatā mind, or the permanent mind; (6) 積聚精要心 the mind essence of the sutras.


see styles
huó lì / huo2 li4
huo li
 katsuryoku / かつりょく
Vitality / Virility Scroll
energy; vitality; vigor; vital force
vitality; energy; dynamism



see styles
jīng qì / jing1 qi4
ching ch`i / ching chi
Vitality / Virility Scroll
Vitality, virility; vitality


see styles
jīng shen / jing1 shen5
ching shen
 seishin / seshin / せいしん
Vitality / Virility Scroll
vigor; vitality; drive; spiritual
(1) mind; spirit; soul; heart; ethos; (2) attitude; mentality; will; intention; (3) spirit (of a matter); essence; fundamental significance; (given name) Seishin
Vitality; also the pure and spiritual, the subtle, or recondite.


see styles
shēng mìng lì / sheng1 ming4 li4
sheng ming li
 seimeiryoku / semeryoku / せいめいりょく
Vitality / Virility Scroll
vitality; (one's) life force



see styles
lóng mǎ jīng shén / long2 ma3 jing1 shen2
lung ma ching shen
Vitality / Virility Scroll
old but still full of vitality (idiom)

see styles
jīng / jing1
 sei / se / せい
essence; extract; vitality; energy; semen; sperm; mythical goblin spirit; highly perfected; elite; the pick of something; proficient (refined ability); extremely (fine); selected rice (archaic)
(1) spirit; sprite; nymph; (2) energy; vigor (vigour); strength; (3) fine details; (4) (See 精液) semen; (given name) Makoto
Cleaned rice, freed from the husk, pure; essential, essence, germinating principle, spirit; fine, best, finest.

see styles
shǎi / shai3
 shoku / しょく
color; dice
(counter) counter for colours; (female given name) Shiki
rūpa, outward appearance, form, colour, matter, thing; the desirable, especially feminine attraction. It is defined as that which has resistance; or which changes and disappears, i. e. the phenomenal; also as 顯, 形 and 表色 colour and quality, form or the measurable, and mode or action. There are divisions of two, i. e. inner and outer, as the organs and objects of sense; also colour and form; of three, i. e. the visible object, e. g. colour, the invisible object, e. g. sound, the invisible and immaterial; of eleven, i. e. the five organs and five objects of sense and the immaterial object; of fourteen, the five organs and five objects of sense and the four elements, earth, water, fire, air. rūpa is one of the six bāhya-āyatana, the 六塵; also one of the five skandhas, 五蘊, i. e. the 色身. Keith refers to rūpa as 'material form or matter which is underived (no-utpādā) and which is derived (utpādā)', the underived or independent being the tangible; the derived or dependent being the senses, e. g. of hearing; most of their objects, e. g. sound; the qualities or faculties of feminity, masculinity, vitality; intimation by act and speech, space; qualities of matter, e. g. buoyancy and physical nutriment.


see styles
 iki / イキ (1) living; being alive; (2) freshness; liveliness; vitality; (3) situation in which a group of stones cannot be captured because it contains contains two or more gaps (in go); (4) (kana only) stet; leave as-is (proofreading); (prefix) (5) damned; (female given name) Iki


see styles
bù zhèn / bu4 zhen4
pu chen
 fushin / ふしん
lacking in vitality; depressed (market, spirits etc)
(n,adj-no,adj-na) dullness; slump; stagnation; inactivity; depression



see styles
yuán qì / yuan2 qi4
yüan ch`i / yüan chi
 genki / げんき
strength; vigor; vitality; (TCM) vital energy
(given name) Genki



see styles
sàng jìn / sang4 jin4
sang chin
to completely lose (one's dignity, vitality etc)



see styles
zhāo qì / zhao1 qi4
chao ch`i / chao chi
vitality; dynamism


see styles
 kiryoku / きりょく willpower; energy; vitality


see styles
 iki / いき (1) living; being alive; (2) freshness; liveliness; vitality; (3) situation in which a group of stones cannot be captured because it contains contains two or more gaps (in go); (4) (kana only) stet; leave as-is (proofreading); (prefix) (5) damned


see styles
 iki / いき (1) living; being alive; (2) freshness; liveliness; vitality; (3) situation in which a group of stones cannot be captured because it contains contains two or more gaps (in go); (4) (kana only) stet; leave as-is (proofreading); (prefix) (5) damned



see styles
shēng dòng / sheng1 dong4
sheng tung
 seidou / sedo / せいどう
vivid; lively
(noun/participle) vitality



see styles
shēng jī / sheng1 ji1
sheng chi
opportunity to live; to reprieve from death; life force; vitality


see styles
 seiki / seki / せいき life; vitality; verve; vigor; vigour; animation; spirit



see styles
shēng qì / sheng1 qi4
sheng ch`i / sheng chi
to get angry; to take offense; angry; vitality; liveliness


see styles
jīng lì / jing1 li4
ching li
 seiryoku / seryoku / せいりょく
energy; vigor; vigour; vitality


see styles
 seikon / sekon / せいこん energy; vitality; mental determination


see styles
 seiki / seki / せいき (mind and) spirit; life energy; vitality; essence


see styles
 wakage / わかげ youthful impetuosity; youthful vitality


see styles
péng bó / peng2 bo2
p`eng po / peng po
vigorous; flourishing; full of vitality



see styles
mǎ lì / ma3 li4
ma li
 bariki / ばりき
(1) horsepower; hp; (2) energy; vitality; vigour


see styles
 katsudouryoku / katsudoryoku / かつどうりょく energy; vitality


see styles
 seimeikan / semekan / せいめいかん feeling of vitality; sense of being alive


see styles
 seikatsuryoku / sekatsuryoku / せいかつりょく vitality; ability to earn a living


see styles
 takumashii / takumashi / たくましい (adjective) (1) (kana only) burly; strong; sturdy; (adjective) (2) (kana only) indomitable; indefatigable; strong-willed; resolute; bold; (adjective) (3) (kana only) robust (vitality, appetite, economic growth, etc.); strong

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