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  1. Spirit

  2. Warrior Soul / Heroic Spirit

  3. Warrior Soul / Spirit of a Fighter

  4. Mind Body Spirit

  5. Spirit / Spiritual Essence

  6. Indomitable Spirit

  7. Fighting Spirit

  8. Soul / Spirit

  9. Independent Spirit

10. Free Spirit

11. Divine Spirit

12. Free Spirit

13. Inugami / Dog Spirit

14. Fighting Spirit

15. Fruit of the Spirit

16. Beautiful Spirit

17. Body Mind Spirit

18. Fighting Spirit

19. Courageous Spirit

20. Dragon Spirit

21. Heroic Spirit

22. The Spirit of Dragon and Tiger

23. Dragon Spirit

24. Fighting Spirit

25. Spirit / Soul

26. Heart / Mind / Spirit

27. Heroic Spirit / Heroism

28. Goddess of Beauty / Beautiful Spirit

29. Indomitable Spirit

30. Purified Spirit / Enlightened Attitude

31. Heroic Spirit / Great Ambition

32. Ghost / Soul / Spirit

33. Esprit de Corps / Team Spirit

34. Advance Bravely / Indomitable Spirit

35. The Spirit of the Dragon Horse

36. Spirit Of The Dragon Martial Arts

37. Old, But More Vigorous in Spirit

38. The Spirit of the Dragon Horse and Power of a Tiger

39. Warrior Essence / Warrior Spirit / Martial

40. Holy Spirit / Holy Ghost

41. Spiritual Strength / Strength of Spirit

42. Independent Spirit / Independent Heart

43. Beautiful Heart / Beautiful Spirit

44. Indomitable Spirit / Indomitable Attitude

45. Inner Beauty / Beauty of Spirit

46. Wolf Spirit / Soul of a Wolf

 jīng shén
 sei shin
Spirit Scroll

精神 is the kind of spirit you have if you perform well in sports or competitions. It is the idea of having a good attitude and putting your all into something - so much so that others can see or feel your spirit. It is the essence of your being that can only be subjectively described because there are no words that can fully explain what “spirit” really is.

For your information:
My Japanese dictionary further tries to explain this word by comparing it to mind, soul, heart, or intention.
My Chinese dictionary compares these characters to meanings like vigor, vitality, drive, and mentality.
My Korean dictionary defines this as mind, spirit, and soul.

See Also:  Vitality | Heart | Soul

Warrior Soul / Heroic Spirit

 yǒng shì jīng shén
Warrior Soul / Heroic Spirit Scroll

勇士精神 can be translated as the warrior's spirit or warrior's soul. The first two characters can be translated as “warrior” or literally “brave soldier/man,” although some will translate this word as “hero.” Therefore, this is also how to say “heroic spirit.”

The second two characters mean vigor, vitality, drive, spirit, mind, heart, mental essence, and psychological component. Basically “your soul.”

We have two versions of this phrase. The only difference is the first two and last two characters are swapped. The version here suggests that you admire or like the idea of the spirit of a warrior. The other version suggests that you are the warrior or hero.

Warrior Soul / Spirit of a Fighter

 senshi damashii
Warrior Soul / Spirit of a Fighter Scroll

戦士魂 is “warrior soul” or “warrior spirit” in Japanese.

Here's the breakdown of the Kanji:

戦士 (senshi) warrior; soldier; combatant; fighter.

魂 (damashii/tamashii) soul; spirit; can sometimes mean “ghost.”

Mind Body Spirit

 shēn xīn líng
 mi shin rei
Mind Body Spirit Scroll

身心靈 is probably the best way to express the idea of “Body, Mind, and Spirit” in Chinese and old Korean Hanja. We are actually using the word “heart” here because, for thousands of years, the heart was thought to be the place where your thoughts, feelings, and emotions came from. We do something similar in the west when we say “warm-hearted” or “I love you with all of my heart.” In this context, heart = mind in Asian language and culture.

The very literal translation of these three characters is “body, heart & spirit,” which could also be interpreted as “body, mind & soul.”

We have arranged these characters in this order because it simply “feels” like the proper order in the Chinese language. Word lists like this are not so common for calligraphy artwork, so we must be careful to put them in the most natural order. It should be noted that this is not a common title in Asia, nor is it considered an actual phrase (as it lacks a clear subject, verb, and object).

霊In Japanese Kanji, they use an alternate form of the character for soul or spirit. If you want this using the Japanese alternate, please click on the Kanji shown to the right instead of the button above.

Japanese disclaimer: This is not a natural phrase/list in Japanese. While not totally-natural in Chinese, this word list is best if your audience is Chinese.

Spirit / Spiritual Essence

 shin / kami
Spirit / Spiritual Essence Scroll

神 is the simplest way to write spirit in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean.

This single character alone will conjure up ideas of the spiritual world. 神 can also be translated as “vital awareness” as in the fact that one must know they exist to exist (I think, therefore, I am).

Other translations include:
God, deity, mysterious, divine essence, lively, spiritual being, divinity, supernatural, soul, mind, nerves, and energy. In some extended context, it can mean genius or unusual.

Japanese romanizations vary a lot when this character is combined into other words. However, shin is the original pronunciation taken from Chinese into Japanese. You'll also see it romanized as kami, gami, jin, and a few others, depending on context.

Indomitable Spirit

 ma ke ji damashii
Indomitable Spirit Scroll

負けじ魂 is a Japanese proverb that means “indomitable spirit” or “unyielding spirit.”

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

Fighting Spirit

 tou shi
Fighting Spirit Scroll

This literally means “fighting spirit” or “the will to fight.”

As in the spirit that a warrior, soldier, athlete, or fighter must possess.

Soul / Spirit

 tamashi / kon
Soul / Spirit Scroll

魂 means soul or spirit as in the immortal soul that can be detached from the body.

This can also refer to one's Yang energy or spirit.

In the Buddhist context, this can be the soul, conscious mind, or vijñāna.

Independent Spirit

 dú lì jīng shén
Independent Spirit Scroll

獨立精神 means independent spirit in Chinese.

The first two characters mean independent, independence, or to stand alone.

The last two characters mean spirit, spiritual, vigor, vitality, drive, mind, consciousness, thought, essence, heart, or soul.

With this information, you can make your translation combination such as “independent heart,” “stand-alone spirit,” or more creatively, “the drive to stand alone” in English. There are a lot of ways to interpret 獨立精神.

 zì yóu jīng shén
Free Spirit Scroll

The first two characters mean freedom or liberty.

The second two characters mean spirit, heart, mind, or soul.

Together, 自由精神 is a title that is very similar to the English term “free spirit.”

See Also:  Freedom | Independence

Divine Spirit

 yù yǐng
Divine Spirit Scroll

御影 is a Japanese word that means divine spirit or honorific language for “spirit of the dead.”

This can also refer to an image of a deity, buddha, royal, noble, etc.)

In the Buddhist context, it can mean (wooden) images of saints or deities.

御影 is also a Japanese name, Mikage.

Note: This is also a word in Chinese but not used very often in China (except perhaps by certain Buddhists).

 ji yuu na sei shin
Free Spirit Scroll

自由な精神 is very similar to the English term “free spirit.”

The first two characters mean freedom or liberty.

The middle character is a connecting Hiragana which is needed for Japanese grammar.

The last two characters mean spirit, heart, mind, or soul.

See Also:  Freedom | Independence

Inugami / Dog Spirit

Inugami / Dog Spirit Scroll

犬神 is the title Inugami, meaning dog spirit or dog god in Japanese.

In some cases, this is an evil spirit of a dog, but it depends on the context.

Fighting Spirit

The Will to Fight

 dòu zhì
Fighting Spirit Scroll

斗志 literally means fighting spirit in Chinese.

As in the spirit that a warrior, soldier, athlete, or fighter must possess.

斗Note: There is more than one way to write the first character of this word. It is sometimes written like the version shown to the right (yes, it's completely different but has the same meaning & pronunciation). If you have a preference, please let us know in the special instructions about your order.

Fruit of the Spirit

 jīng shén de guǒ shí
Fruit of the Spirit Scroll

精神的果實 means “Fruit of the Spirit” in Chinese.

Beautiful Spirit

 utsukushi seishin
Beautiful Spirit Scroll

美しい精神 is a common way to write “Beautiful Spirit” in Japanese.

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

Body Mind Spirit

 mi shin rei
Body Mind Spirit Scroll

身心霊 means “body mind spirit” in Japanese.

This refers to your physical, mental, and spiritual presence.

This can also be translated as “body heart spirit” as 心 can mean mind or heart.

Note that this is a "word list" and not a proper phrase (with a subject, verb, and object) nor a typical title in Japanese. So it's not too commonly seen in Japan. However, the term 身心霊整合性医療 that refers to holistic medicine is gaining popularity.

Fighting Spirit

Alternate Japanese version

 tou kon
Fighting Spirit Scroll

闘魂 is an alternate title with the meaning “fighting spirit” or “the will to fight.”

Courageous Spirit

 gǔ qì
Courageous Spirit Scroll

骨氣 is a Chinese title that means “unyielding character,” “courageous spirit,” “integrity,” or “moral backbone.”

Dragon Spirit

 lóng hún
Dragon Spirit Scroll

龍魂 means “Dragon Spirit” or “Dragon Ghost.”

Heroic Spirit

 yīng qì
Heroic Spirit Scroll

英氣 is a way to write heroic spirit in Chinese.

This may be an arrogant thing to hang on your wall.

The Spirit of Dragon and Tiger

 lóng hǔ jīng shén
 ryu ko sei shin
The Spirit of Dragon and Tiger Scroll

龍虎精神 means the spirit of the dragon and tiger.

It speaks to the vitality and vigor that is the nature of these two creatures.

Beyond “spirit,” the last two characters can also mean mind, soul, or heart. Therefore, you can also say this means “Heart of the Dragon and Tiger,” etc.

龍虎精神 is often titled “Ryukoseishin” in many Japanese martial arts.

Dragon Spirit

 lóng shén
 ryuu jin
Dragon Spirit Scroll

龍神 is a Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja title that can mean “dragon god,” “dragon king,” or “dragon spirit.”

In the context of Buddhism, this is one of eight kinds of spiritual beings found in Mahāyāna texts.

Fighting Spirit

 tou ki
Fighting Spirit Scroll

闘気 is an alternate Japanese title for “fighting spirit.”

This one is more like “fighting energy.” The second character is “ki,” the same “ki” in Aikido. This “ki” is the spiritual energy that all martial arts practitioners must master and focus on.

Spirit / Soul

Spirit / Soul Scroll

靈 is spirit or soul in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

If you look in the dictionary, you'll also find definitions for this character like:
quick; alert; efficacious; effective; departed soul; coffin; spiritual; energy; effective; clever.

霊There is a modern Japanese version of this character. The button above will get you the traditional/ancient form. But, if you want the modern Japanese, click on the Kanji to the right instead.

Heart / Mind / Spirit

Heart / Mind / Spirit Scroll

心 would often be translated as “heart.”

However, because it was believed in Chinese culture for thousands of years that your consciousness and thoughts came from the big red organ in the middle of your chest, it also means “mind” or “spirit” and sometimes even “soul.”

In Korean, beyond heart, mind, and spirit, this character can mean moral, nature, mind, affections, intentions, core, and center. In fact, it is used in Chinese to mean “center” as well but only with another character in front of it. For instance, “medical center” or even “shopping center.” Separately and alone, it will not be read with that “center” meaning unless thought of as “the center of your soul.”

Heroic Spirit / Heroism

 háo qì
Heroic Spirit / Heroism Scroll

豪氣 is heroic spirit or heroism in Chinese and old Korean Hanja.

This might come across as a bit arrogant to hang on your wall.

Goddess of Beauty / Beautiful Spirit

 měi shén
Goddess of Beauty / Beautiful Spirit Scroll

In Chinese, 美神 means Goddess of Beauty.

The first character means beauty or beautiful.
The second character means spirit (can also mean god, goddess, or soul).
Some will use this as a short way to say, “Beautiful Spirit.”

This has a similar meaning in Japanese but is used more often as a female given name in Japan. As a Japanese given name, it can be pronounced Mikami, Mikan, or Binasu.

Indomitable Spirit

Korean Only

 bǎi shé bù qū
Indomitable Spirit Scroll

百折不屈 is a Korean proverb that means “indomitable spirit,” at least, that is the way it is commonly translated in martial arts circles (Taekwondo, Hapkido, etc.).

The literal translation is “[one] hundred [times] broken [still] don't succumb.”
Or more naturally translated, “Even if attacked/beaten one hundred times, still be undaunted/indomitable.”

Some will say this is one long word rather than a proverb.
This is also a proverb/word in Chinese though rarely used in modern times.

Purified Spirit / Enlightened Attitude

A Japanese martial arts title/concept

 xǐ xīn
 sen shin
Purified Spirit / Enlightened Attitude Scroll

The first Kanji alone means to wash, bathe, primness, cleanse or purify.

The second Kanji means heart, mind, soul, or essence.

Together, these two Kanji create a word defined as “purified spirit” or “enlightened attitude” within Japanese martial arts.

洗心 is one of the five spirits of the warrior (budo) and is often used as a Japanese martial arts tenet. Under that context, it's often defined as a spirit that protects and harmonizes the universe. Senshin is a spirit of compassion that embraces and serves all humanity and whose function is to reconcile discord in the world. It holds all life to be sacred. It is the Buddha mind.

This title will only be familiar to Japanese who practice certain martial arts. Others may not recognize this word at all.

洗心 does not show up as a word in too many Chinese dictionaries, but it can be read and has the same meaning in Chinese.

先心 There is an issue with the first character. The original, and probably most correct version is shown above. However, many dojo documents and other sources have used a more simple first character. Arguments ensue about which version is correct. If you want to be correct in the Japanese language, use the "Select and Customize" button above. If you want to match the Kanji used by your dojo, click the Kanji shown to the right. There is a slightly different meaning with this first character which means before, ahead, previous, future, precedence.

Heroic Spirit / Great Ambition

 xióng xīn
Heroic Spirit / Great Ambition Scroll

雄心 are the Chinese characters and Japanese Kanji for great ambition, lofty aspiration, or heroic spirit.

Ghost / Soul / Spirit

 hún pò
 kon paku
Ghost / Soul / Spirit Scroll

魂魄 is a Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja term for ghost, soul, or spirit.

It's used in the context of Buddhism as:
Animus and anima; the spiritual nature or mind, and the animal soul; the two are defined as mind and body or mental and physical, the invisible soul inhabiting the visible body, the former being celestial, the latter terrestrial.

Esprit de Corps / Team Spirit

 tuán duì jīng shén
Esprit de Corps / Team Spirit Scroll

團隊精神 is a Chinese word that can mean “esprit de corps” or “team spirit.”

Other translations include collectivism, teamwork, or solidarity.

Advance Bravely / Indomitable Spirit

 yǒng wǎng zhí qián
Advance Bravely / Indomitable Spirit Scroll

This proverb creates an image of a warrior bravely advancing against an enemy regardless of the odds.

This proverb can also be translated as “indomitable spirit” or “march fearlessly onward.”

See Also:  Indomitable | Fortitude

The Spirit of the Dragon Horse

 lóng mǎ jīng shén
The Spirit of the Dragon Horse Scroll

龍馬精神 is an old proverb that is used to wish someone good health and success combined as a great compliment.

The meaning is “The vigor and spirit of the legendary dragon-horse.” These four characters are often accompanied by four more which mean “...and the power and prestige of the tiger.” Here we are just offering the first part which is considered the short version.

By giving a wall scroll like this to someone, you were either wishing or telling them that they have an amazing quality. There is also a suggestion of good health - at least anyone with the vigor of a dragon horse would seem to also be in good health.

Note: In Japanese, this would be read as the spirit of 坂本龍馬 (Sakamoto_Ryōma), a beloved rebel who help abolish the old Japanese feudal system. This can be confusing, so I am declaring this proverb to be Chinese only.

Spirit Of The Dragon Martial Arts

 lóng zhī hún wǔ shù
Spirit Of The Dragon Martial Arts Scroll

龍之魂武術 is the title Spirit Of The Dragon Martial Arts in Chinese.

This can also be translated as “Dragon Soul Martial Arts.”

Old, But More Vigorous in Spirit

Age is just a number

 lǎo dāng yì zhuàng
Old, But More Vigorous in Spirit Scroll

老當益壯 is a Chinese proverb that means “old but vigorous” or “hale and hearty despite the years.”

Said of someone who is more spirited when he/she grows older.

The story behind this Chinese proverb:

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a man named Ma Yuan. He had been planning to herd animals on the frontier since he was young. When he grew up, Ma became a minor official of a county.

Once, he was sending some prisoners to another location. He felt pity for them, so he set them free, and then he fled to another county in the north. He herded animals there, and thus his dream came true. He always said: “If you want to be a great man, the poorer you are, the firmer in spirit you have to be; the older you are, the more spirited you should be.”

Later, when he was even older, Ma Yuan became a famous general of the Eastern Han Dynasty and contributed to many battles.

The Spirit of the Dragon Horse and Power of a Tiger

 lóng mǎ jīng shén hǔ hǔ shēng wēi
The Spirit of the Dragon Horse and Power of a Tiger Scroll

龍馬精神虎虎生威 is an old proverb that is used to wish someone great health and success combined as a great compliment.

The meaning is “The vigor and spirit of the legendary dragon-horse and the power and prestige of the tiger.”

By giving a wall scroll like this to someone, you were either wishing or telling them that they have these qualities. There is also a suggestion of good health - at least anyone with the vigor of a dragon horse would seem to also be in good health.

Warrior Essence / Warrior Spirit / Martial

Warrior Essence / Warrior Spirit / Martial Scroll

武 is the essence or spirit of a warrior. 武 is part of the word “wu shu” which is sometimes translated as “martial arts” or “kung fu.”

In more modern speech and another context, this can mean military, martial, warlike, fierce, and perhaps violent but usually as a prefix for a longer word or phrase.

Holy Spirit / Holy Ghost

 shèng líng
 sei rei
Holy Spirit / Holy Ghost Scroll

聖靈 is the title for the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost as used by Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant (and other Christian) Chinese people.

And yes, Chinese Jews do exist, but there are not many of them.

The first character means Holy, Sacred, Saint, or Sage. The second means ghost, spirit, efficacious, or intelligence.

This is valid in Chinese characters and old Korean Hanja. This will be recognized in Japan but see the note below...

霊 In modern Japan, they now use a variant/simplified Kanji of the second character of Holy Spirit. If you want this Japanese version, click on the Kanji to the right instead of the button above.

Spiritual Strength / Strength of Spirit

 jīng shén lì liàng
 seishin rikiryou
Spiritual Strength / Strength of Spirit Scroll

精神力量 is a title that speaks of one's soul or spirit and the capacity or strength that soul possesses.

The first two characters mean mind, heart, spirit, and/or soul.

The last two characters mean strength, capacity, or ability.

Note: Separately, these are two words in Japanese and can be pronounced, but this does not make a natural title in Japanese (best if your audience is Chinese).

Independent Spirit / Independent Heart

Independent Spirit / Independent Heart Scroll

獨立心 means independent spirit or independent heart in Japanese.

The first two characters mean independent or independence. The third character means spirit, heart, or mind.

獨立心 is a Japanese term, although Chinese people could guess the meaning (the characters make sense individually in Chinese but are not often used this way). Also, the first character would be written 獨 in Traditional Chinese versus 独 which is the Simplified Chinese and modern Japanese version.

Beautiful Heart / Beautiful Spirit

 měi lì de xīn líng
Beautiful Heart / Beautiful Spirit Scroll

美麗的心靈 means a beautiful heart, a beautiful mind, or a beautiful spirit in Chinese.

Indomitable Spirit / Indomitable Attitude

Fukutsu no Seishin

 fu kutsu no sei shin
Indomitable Spirit / Indomitable Attitude Scroll

不屈の精神 is one of several versions or ways to write “Indomitable Spirit” in Japanese.

This one is the famous “Fukutsu no Seishin” phrase.

Inner Beauty / Beauty of Spirit

 nèi zài měi
Inner Beauty / Beauty of Spirit Scroll

內在美 is a title that speaks of beauty on the inside.

It's not about outward or physical beauty but rather the inner beauty possessed by someone. This can also be translated as “beauty of spirit.”

Inner Beauty / Beauty of Spirit

 nai men bi
Inner Beauty / Beauty of Spirit Scroll

内面美 is a three-character title that speaks of beauty on the inside.

It's not about outward or physical beauty but rather the inner beauty possessed by someone. This can also be translated as “beauty of spirit.”

Wolf Spirit / Soul of a Wolf

 láng hún
 routama / ookami tamashii
Wolf Spirit / Soul of a Wolf Scroll

狼魂 means wolf spirit, but is an unusual title in Chinese and Japanese.

Many people have searched for this title, so I added it. The wolf is not usually seen in a positive light in Asian culture, so this may not be the best title to label yourself.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Spirit精神sei shin / seishinjīng shén
jing1 shen2
jing shen
ching shen
Warrior Soul
Heroic Spirit
勇士精神yǒng shì jīng shén
yong3 shi4 jing1 shen2
yong shi jing shen
yung shih ching shen
Warrior Soul
Spirit of a Fighter
戦士魂senshi damashii
senshi damashi
Mind Body Spirit身心靈 / 身心霊
mi shin rei
shēn xīn líng
shen1 xin1 ling2
shen xin ling
shen hsin ling
Spiritual Essence
shin / kamishén / shen2 / shen
Indomitable Spirit負けじ魂ma ke ji damashii
ma ke ji damashi
Fighting Spirit闘誌
tou shi / toushi / to shi
tamashi / konhún / hun2 / hun
Independent Spirit獨立精神
dú lì jīng shén
du2 li4 jing1 shen2
du li jing shen
tu li ching shen
Free Spirit自由精神zì yóu jīng shén
zi4 you2 jing1 shen2
zi you jing shen
tzu yu ching shen
Divine Spirit御影goeiyù yǐng / yu4 ying3 / yu ying / yuyingyü ying / yüying
Free Spirit自由な精神ji yuu na sei shin
ji yu na sei shin
Dog Spirit
Fighting Spirit斗志dòu zhì / dou4 zhi4 / dou zhi / douzhitou chih / touchih
Fruit of the Spirit精神的果實
jīng shén de guǒ shí
jing1 shen2 de guo3 shi2
jing shen de guo shi
ching shen te kuo shih
Beautiful Spirit美しい精神utsukushi seishin
Body Mind Spirit身心霊mi shin rei
Fighting Spirit闘魂tou kon / toukon / to kon
Courageous Spirit骨氣
gǔ qì / gu3 qi4 / gu qi / guqiku ch`i / kuchi / ku chi
Dragon Spirit龍魂
lóng hún / long2 hun2 / long hun / longhunlung hun / lunghun
Heroic Spirit英氣
yīng qì / ying1 qi4 / ying qi / yingqiying ch`i / yingchi / ying chi
The Spirit of Dragon and Tiger龍虎精神
ryu ko sei shin
lóng hǔ jīng shén
long2 hu3 jing1 shen2
long hu jing shen
lung hu ching shen
Dragon Spirit龍神
ryuu jin / ryuujin / ryu jinlóng shén
long2 shen2
long shen
lung shen
Fighting Spirit闘氣
tou ki / touki / to ki

ryou / ryolíng / ling2 / ling
kokoroxīn / xin1 / xinhsin
Heroic Spirit
háo qì / hao2 qi4 / hao qi / haoqihao ch`i / haochi / hao chi
Goddess of Beauty
Beautiful Spirit
美神mikamiměi shén / mei3 shen2 / mei shen / meishen
Indomitable Spirit百折不屈bǎi shé bù qū
bai3 she2 bu4 qu1
bai she bu qu
pai she pu ch`ü
pai she pu chü
Purified Spirit
Enlightened Attitude
sen shin / senshinxǐ xīn / xi3 xin1 / xi xin / xixinhsi hsin / hsihsin
Heroic Spirit
Great Ambition
雄心yuushin / yushinxióng xīn
xiong2 xin1
xiong xin
hsiung hsin
魂魄kon paku / konpakuhún pò / hun2 po4 / hun po / hunpohun p`o / hunpo / hun po
Esprit de Corps
Team Spirit
tuán duì jīng shén
tuan2 dui4 jing1 shen2
tuan dui jing shen
t`uan tui ching shen
tuan tui ching shen
Advance Bravely
Indomitable Spirit
勇往直前yǒng wǎng zhí qián
yong3 wang3 zhi2 qian2
yong wang zhi qian
yung wang chih ch`ien
yung wang chih chien
The Spirit of the Dragon Horse龍馬精神
lóng mǎ jīng shén
long2 ma3 jing1 shen2
long ma jing shen
lung ma ching shen
Spirit Of The Dragon Martial Arts龍之魂武術
lóng zhī hún wǔ shù
long2 zhi1 hun2 wu3 shu4
long zhi hun wu shu
lung chih hun wu shu
Old, But More Vigorous in Spirit老當益壯
lǎo dāng yì zhuàng
lao3 dang1 yi4 zhuang4
lao dang yi zhuang
lao tang i chuang
The Spirit of the Dragon Horse and Power of a Tiger龍馬精神虎虎生威
lóng mǎ jīng shén hǔ hǔ shēng wēi
long2 ma3 jing1 shen2 hu3 hu3 sheng1 wei1
long ma jing shen hu hu sheng wei
lung ma ching shen hu hu sheng wei
Warrior Essence
Warrior Spirit
buwǔ / wu3 / wu
Holy Spirit
Holy Ghost
聖靈 / 聖霊
sei rei / seireishèng líng
sheng4 ling2
sheng ling
Spiritual Strength
Strength of Spirit
精神力量seishin rikiryou
seishin rikiryo
jīng shén lì liàng
jing1 shen2 li4 liang4
jing shen li liang
ching shen li liang
Independent Spirit
Independent Heart
Beautiful Heart
Beautiful Spirit
měi lì de xīn líng
mei3 li4 de xin1 ling2
mei li de xin ling
mei li te hsin ling
Indomitable Spirit
Indomitable Attitude
不屈の精神fu kutsu no sei shin
Inner Beauty
Beauty of Spirit
nèi zài měi
nei4 zai4 mei3
nei zai mei
nei tsai mei
Inner Beauty
Beauty of Spirit
内面美nai men bi / naimenbi
Wolf Spirit
Soul of a Wolf
狼魂routama / ookami tamashii
routama / ookamitamashii
rotama / okami tamashi
láng hún / lang2 hun2 / lang hun / langhun
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

Many custom options...

Wolf Spirit / Soul of a Wolf Scroll
Wolf Spirit / Soul of a Wolf Scroll
Wolf Spirit / Soul of a Wolf Scroll
Wolf Spirit / Soul of a Wolf Scroll

And formats...

Wolf Spirit / Soul of a Wolf Vertical Portrait
Wolf Spirit / Soul of a Wolf Horizontal Wall Scroll
Wolf Spirit / Soul of a Wolf Vertical Portrait

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When the calligrapher finishes creating your artwork, it is taken to my art mounting workshop in Beijing where a wall scroll is made by hand from a combination of silk, rice paper, and wood.
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A nice Chinese calligraphy wall scroll

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A professional Chinese Calligrapher

Professional calligraphers are getting to be hard to find these days.
Instead of drawing characters by hand, the new generation in China merely type roman letters into their computer keyboards and pick the character that they want from a list that pops up.

There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may become a lost art in the coming years. Many art institutes in China are now promoting calligraphy programs in hopes of keeping this unique form of art alive.

Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

Even with the teachings of a top-ranked calligrapher in China, my calligraphy will never be good enough to sell. I will leave that to the experts.

A high-ranked Chinese master calligrapher that I met in Zhongwei

The same calligrapher who gave me those lessons also attracted a crowd of thousands and a TV crew as he created characters over 6-feet high. He happens to be ranked as one of the top 100 calligraphers in all of China. He is also one of very few that would actually attempt such a feat.

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