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WARRIOR SPIRIT Chinese Character / Japanese Kanji Painting

WARRIOR SPIRIT Chinese Character / Japanese Kanji Painting
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For the best possible display, this portrait should be professionally framed.

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Approximate Measurements

Artwork Panel: 31.8cm x 31.8cm  ≈  12½" x 12½"

Silk/Brocade Border: 41.2cm x 41.2cm  ≈  16¼" x 16¼"

Information about how this Asian painting is mounted

"Warrior Spirit"

Chinese Calligraphy Portrait

This Chinese character is "wu" (it's "bu" in Japanese, with the same meaning) which means warrior spirit or military, and it closely identified with Kung Fu (Gong Fu).

In fact, many will argue that a word made by combining "wu" with the character "shu" means Kung Fu. You may have heard of "wu shu" competitions.

If you go to your Chinese/English dictionary, "wu shu" is usually translated as "martial arts".

If you are looking for a gift for a friend who practices Kung Fu, this is it.

I have also seen this character painted on the walls of Kung Fu studios around the world, so if you practice Kung Fu, this can also make a great gift of honor to your master.

Link: Options for custom Warrior-related Chinese/Japanese/Korean calligraphy are available here!

About the materials and construction of this painting:

The calligraphy was done using black Chinese ink on xuan paper (known incorrectly in the west as "rice paper"). The raw artwork was then taken to our Wall Scroll Workshop where it was laminated to more sheets of xuan paper, and built into a beautiful portrait with silk brocade border.

About the artist:

This calligraphy was created by Li Dan-Qing of Beijing. He's an older gentleman who has been involved with the art community of China, all of his life. Now in retirement, he creates calligraphy for us for sort of "hobby income".

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Typical Gallery Price: $40.00