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マレーシア is the Japanese name for the country of Malaysia.

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

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mǎ lái xī yà
Malaysia Scroll

馬來西亞 is the Chinese name for the country of Malaysia.

See Also:  China | Thailand | Asia

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


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yí bǎo
    yi2 bao3
i pao
Malaysia Scroll
Ipoh city in Malaysia, capital of Sultanate of Perak on Malayan peninsula


see styles
shā bā
    sha1 ba1
sha pa
Malaysia Scroll
Sabah, state of Malaysia in north Borneo 婆羅洲|婆罗洲


see styles
Malaysia Scroll
(place-name) Ipoh (Malaysia)



see styles
mǎ lái xī yà
    ma3 lai2 xi1 ya4
ma lai hsi ya
Malaysia Scroll


see styles
Malaysia Scroll
(place-name) Weston (Malaysia)


see styles
Malaysia Scroll
(place-name) Malaysia

see styles
catty; (PRC) weight equal to 500 g; (Tw) weight equal to 600 g; (HK, Malaysia, Singapore) slightly over 604 g
(1) kin; catty; traditional unit of weight, 600g; (2) (obsolete) (See 英斤・えいきん) pound (unit of weight); (n,ctr) (3) loaf (of bread); (personal name) Kinji
An adze; to chop; a catty, 1 and 1; 3 lb.: penetrating, minute; axe


see styles
(place-name) Sibu (Malaysia)


see styles
(place-name) Paloh (Malaysia); Paro (Bhutan)



see styles
yà bì
    ya4 bi4
ya pi
Kota Kinabalu (capital of Sabah state, Malaysia)


see styles
jiā yāng
    jia1 yang1
chia yang
Kangar city, capital of Perlis state 玻璃市[Bo1 li2 shi4], Malaysia
(personal name) Kao



see styles
gǔ jìn
    gu3 jin4
ku chin
Kuching (city in Malaysia)


see styles
jí dǎ
    ji2 da3
chi ta
Kedah, state of northwest Malaysia, capital Alor Star 亞羅士打|亚罗士打[Ya4 luo2 shi4 da3]


see styles
bǐ lè
    bi3 le4
pi le
Perak (state of Malaysia)



see styles
dà mǎ
    da4 ma3
ta ma
(given name) Taima


see styles
bā lí
    ba1 li2
pa li
Bali (island province of Indonesia) (Singapore, Malaysia)



see styles
wū tǒng
    wu1 tong3
wu t`ung
    wu tung
UMNO (United Malays National Organisation), Malaysia's largest political party


see styles
bā shēng
    ba1 sheng1
pa sheng
Klang (city in Malaysia)


see styles
bù chéng
    bu4 cheng2
pu ch`eng
    pu cheng
Putrajaya, federal administrative territory of Malaysia, south of Kuala Lumpur city 吉隆坡市
(place-name) Nunoshiro


see styles
péng hēng
    peng2 heng1
p`eng heng
    peng heng
Pahang province of Malaysia


see styles
dé shì
    de2 shi4
te shih
(Singapore, Malaysia) taxi (loanword)
Virtuous scholar, a term for a monk in the Tang dynasty; virtuous scholar


see styles
xīn shān
    xin1 shan1
hsin shan
Johor Bahru (city in Malaysia)
(place-name) Niyama



see styles
xīn mǎ
    xin1 ma3
hsin ma
abbr. for Singapore 新加坡 and Malaysia 馬來西亞|马来西亚
{horse} new horse; unbroken horse; remount



see styles
bǎn miàn
    ban3 mian4
pan mien
pan mee, aka banmian, a Hakka noodle soup dish, popular in Malaysia


see styles
róu fó
    rou2 fo2
jou fo
Johor (state of Malaysia at south of Malayan peninsula)


see styles
zhuō qiú
    zhuo1 qiu2
cho ch`iu
    cho chiu
table tennis; table tennis ball (Tw); billiards; pool; snooker (HK, Singapore, Malaysia)



see styles
bīng chéng
    bing1 cheng2
ping ch`eng
    ping cheng
Penang (state in Malaysia)



see styles
bīng zhōu
    bing1 zhou1
ping chou
Penang Pulau (Island), Malaysia; also written 檳榔嶼|槟榔屿



see styles
nà mǐn
    na4 min3
na min
Labuan, island territory of Malaysia off Sabah coast, north Borneo 婆羅洲|婆罗洲



see styles
zǔ wū
    zu3 wu1
tsu wu
HDB flats; public apartment flats (in Singapore and Malaysia)
(surname) Kumiya

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Malaysiaマレーシアmareeshia / mareshia
mǎ lái xī yà
ma3 lai2 xi1 ya4
ma lai xi ya
ma lai hsi ya
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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