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Arata / Leather

arata / kaku
Arata / Leather Scroll

革 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for: Animal hide, leather, tanned animal hide, skins, hides, or pelts.

This can also mean: To reform, to remove, strip, to expel (from office), or to cut off.

革 is also a Japanese given name Arata, and can refer to the anime character of the same name.


gé xīn
Innovation Scroll

革新 is innovate or innovation in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

The literal meaning is, "new leather" but you need to first understand that colloquially, this leather character also means renewal, reform, change, or transform.

The while the first character is leather or reform, the second character strictly means "new".

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
arata / kakugé / ge2 / geko
Innovation革新kakushingé xīn / ge2 xin1 / ge xin / gexinko hsin / kohsin

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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles

Innovation Scroll
animal hide; leather; to reform; to remove; to expel (from office)
leather; (given name) Kaku
Skins, hides, pelts; strip, cut off; skin

see styles
to pare; to reduce; to remove; Taiwan pr. [xue4]
plane; sharpen; whittle; pare; shave (leather); scrape off; crossout; reduce; curtail

see styles
a plain; ping, unit of area equal to approx. 3.3058 square meters (used in Japan and Taiwan)
(1) tsubo; traditional unit of land area, approx. 3.31 square meters; (2) tsubo; traditional unit of fabric or paper area, approx. 9.18 square centimeters; (3) tsubo; traditional unit of leather or tile area, approx. 918 square centimeters; (4) (See 立坪) cubic tsubo (approx. 6 cubic metres); (surname) Hei

see styles
 kou / ko
first of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干[shi2 tian1 gan1]; (used for an unspecified person or thing); first (in a list, as a party to a contract etc); letter "A" or roman "I" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc; armor plating; shell or carapace; (of the fingers or toes) nail; bladed leather or metal armor (old); ranking system used in the Imperial examinations (old); civil administration unit in the baojia 保甲[bao3 jia3] system (old); ancient Chinese compass point: 75°
(1) carapace; shell; (2) 1st in rank; grade A; (3) instep; back of hand; (4) (See 乙・おつ・1) the A party (e.g. in a contract); the first party; plaintiff (label in legal documents); (surname) Yoroi
Scale, mail; the first of the ten 'celestial stems '; armor

see styles

leather; skin; fur; CL:張|张[zhang1]; pico- (one trillionth); naughty
(1) (See 革) skin; hide; pelt; fur; (2) rind; peel; husk; bark; (3) shell; sheath; wrapping; (4) (See 化けの皮・ばけのかわ,欲の皮が突っ張る・よくのかわがつっぱる) mask (hiding one's true nature); seeming; (personal name) Hi
皮革 Leather, skin, hide.

see styles
saltpeter; to tan (leather)
(male given name) Katsuyoshi

see styles
leather strap binding the plates of traditional Japanese armor (armour)

see styles

leather ball; Taiwan pr. [ju2]

see styles

leather top of a cart

see styles
leather shoes; leather belt; thin bamboo strips

see styles

(phonetic); dressed leather

see styles
 kaban(p); kaban
    かばん(P); カバン
to work hides; leather bag
(kana only) bag; satchel; briefcase; basket

see styles
martingale (leather strap in horse harness); discontented
(out-dated or obsolete kana usage) martingale

see styles
reins of leather

see styles
patch of leather

see styles
crupper; leather strap; (dialect) to draw back; to shrink

see styles

leather shoes

see styles

see styles
leather girth on horse

see styles
 uei / ue
soft leather
(personal name) Uei
A thong; translit. for vi, ve, vai sounds.


see styles
fǎng pí
    fang3 pi2
fang p`i
    fang pi
imitation leather


see styles
bā yīn
    ba1 yin1
pa yin
ancient classification system for musical instruments, based on the material of which the instrument is made (metal 金, stone 石, clay 土, leather 革, silk 絲|丝, wood 木, gourd 匏, bamboo 竹); the eight kinds of sound produced by instruments in these categories; music
The eight tones of a Buddha's voice―beautiful, flexible, harmonious, respect-producing, not effeminate (i.e. manly), unerring, deep and resonant; eight vocal attributes


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) to shave (wood, leather, etc.); to sharpen (e.g. pencil); to plane; to whittle; to pare; to scrape off; to erode; (transitive verb) (2) to cut down (budget, expenses, staff, time, etc.); to curtail; to reduce; (transitive verb) (3) to delete; to erase; to remove; to cross out; to strike out


see styles
leather stirrup


see styles
 gouhi / gohi
(abbreviation) (See 合成皮革) synthetic leather


see styles
jí mò
    ji2 mo4
chi mo
(old) name of a kind of leather



see styles
jun shī
    jun1 shi1
chün shih
to moisten evenly (e.g. in tanning leather)


see styles
leather-soled sandals (geta)


see styles
(1) leather belt; (2) cartridge or gun belt


see styles
(1) leather belt; (2) cartridge or gun belt

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