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Imagine Imagination in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Imagine / Imagination

  2. Imagination

  3. Meditation

  4. Creativity

  5. Illusion

  6. Create / Creation

  7. Creative / Creativity

  8. Unbridled Creativity

  9. Dream / Dreams

10. Idea / Thought

11. Thought / Thinking / Idea

Imagine / Imagination

China xiǎng xiàng
Japan souzou
Imagine / Imagination Vertical Wall Scroll

想像 is the shortest word for imagine, visualize, or imagination.

It can also mean "to guess" (which is why I favor the 3-character version of imagination (just a third character is added to the end, which clarifies it).


China xiǎng xiàng lì
Japan souzouryoku
Imagination Vertical Wall Scroll

想像力 is probably the best way to express "imagination" in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

It literally means "your strength to imagine." As the last character means strength or ability, while the first two mean imagine or conceptualize. My Japanese dictionary defines this as, "The power of imagination." While my Korean dictionary says, "imaginative power."


China míng xiǎng
Japan mei sou
Meditation Vertical Wall Scroll

This encompasses the idea of meditation.

It's also a term used to describe a deep form of day-dreaming, exploring one's imagination, the act of contemplating, or the idea of contemplation. 冥想 is often associated with Buddhism, however, the word "Zen" in Japanese (or "Chan" in Chinese) is probably more commonly used (or better known in the west).

See Also:  Zen


China chuàng zào lì
Japan souzouryoku
Creativity Vertical Wall Scroll

Creativity is the power of imagination. It is discovering your own special talents. Daring to see things in new ways and find different ways to solve problems. With your creativity, you can bring something new into the world.

The first character means "to create" the second means "to make or build." Together they mean "creative." The third character means "strength." So altogether, these three characters are a word that means "strength of creativity" or sort of "creativity (is your) strength." This can also be translated as "ingenuity."


China huàn xiàng
Japan gen zou
Illusion Vertical Wall Scroll

幻像 is a universal word for Illusion in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

The first character means phantasm, vision, dream, illusion, apparition, or fantasy.

The second character means statue, picture, image, figure, portrait, shape, form, appearance, to be like, to resemble, to take after, to seem, or in rare/ancient context: an elephant.

象Note that the first character can be written without the left-side radical in Chinese. This form is shown to the right. Both forms are acceptable in Chinese but the character shown to the right is more likely to be read as "elephant."

See Also:  Reality

Create / Creation

China chuàng zào
Japan sou zou
Create / Creation Vertical Wall Scroll

創造 means to create, to bring about, to produce or simply creative or creation.

The first character here means to create, Genesis, or origin.
The second means to make or build.

Creative / Creativity

China chuàng yì
Japan sou i
Creative /  Creativity Vertical Wall Scroll

創意 is creative or creativity in Chinese characters, old Korean Hanja, and Japanese Kanji.

It can also refer to an original idea or originality.

Unbridled Creativity

China bù jū yī gé
Unbridled Creativity Vertical Wall Scroll

This Chinese proverb speaks of exploring different styles and not being stuck in conventional thinking. It can also be translated as "not sticking to one pattern" or "not limited to one type (or style)." The most simple translation is "being creative," or "unbridled creativity." Some may also say this means, "not being stuck in a rut," in the context of a designer or artist.

If you literally translate this, the first two characters mean, "not stick to," or "not confine oneself to."
The second two characters mean, "one mode," "one pattern," "one form," "one style," or "one rule."

Dream / Dreams

China mèng
Japan yume
Dream / Dreams Vertical Wall Scroll

夢 is the very simple word for dreams in Chinese and Japanese.

It can also mean having a vision or simply an illusion.

Idea / Thought

China yì jiàn
Japan i ken
Idea / Thought Vertical Wall Scroll

意見 means idea, thought, opinion, or view in Japanese.

意見 also has a similar meaning in Chinese, just often used in China.

Idea / Thought

China yì niàn
Idea / Thought Vertical Wall Scroll

意念 / 意唸 means idea or thought in Chinese.

Thought / Thinking / Idea

China sī xiǎng
Japan shisou
Thought / Thinking / Idea Vertical Wall Scroll

思想 means thought, thinking, or idea in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja. Sometimes it can mean ideology, depending on context.

This can refer to someone's personality - like saying, "he is a thinker."

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Thought / Thinking / Idea Vertical Wall Scroll
Thought / Thinking / Idea Vertical Wall Scroll
Thought / Thinking / Idea Vertical Wall Scroll
Thought / Thinking / Idea Vertical Wall Scroll

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Thought / Thinking / Idea Vertical Portrait
Thought / Thinking / Idea Horizontal Wall Scroll
Thought / Thinking / Idea Vertical Portrait

Lookup Imagine Imagination in my Japanese & Chinese Dictionary

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
想像souzou / sozoxiǎng xiàng
xiang3 xiang4
xiang xiang
hsiang hsiang
xiǎng xiàng lì
xiang3 xiang4 li4
xiang xiang li
hsiang hsiang li
Meditation冥想mei sou / meisou / mei so / meisomíng xiǎng
ming2 xiang3
ming xiang
ming hsiang
chuàng zào lì
chuang4 zao4 li4
chuang zao li
ch`uang tsao li
chuang tsao li
幻像 / 幻象
gen zou / genzou / gen zo / genzohuàn xiàng
huan4 xiang4
huan xiang
huan hsiang
sou zou / souzou / so zo / sozochuàng zào
chuang4 zao4
chuang zao
ch`uang tsao
chuang tsao
sou i / soui / so i / soichuàng yì
chuang4 yi4
chuang yi
ch`uang i
chuang i
Unbridled Creativity不拘一格bù jū yī gé
bu4 ju1 yi1 ge2
bu ju yi ge
pu chü i ko

yumemèng / meng4 / meng
意見i ken / ikenyì jiàn / yi4 jian4 / yi jian / yijiani chien / ichien
意念 / 意唸
yì niàn / yi4 nian4 / yi nian / yiniani nien / inien
思想shisou / shisosī xiǎng / si1 xiang3 / si xiang / sixiangssu hsiang / ssuhsiang
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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