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shī fàn
shi han
Shihan Vertical Wall Scroll

Shihan is a Japanese term, often used in Japanese martial arts.

In typical Japanese language, it can refer to a teacher or instructor. However, in martial arts, it's often an honorific title for an expert or master instructor.

Example: In Aikido the title can refer to someone with the rank of 7th dan. But other schools us it to mean a master who has earned the right to award black belts.

This term is also used in Chinese, where it refers to teacher-training or the art of teaching by example. It's used within the proper name of certain types of universities in China.


Grandmaster Vertical Wall Scroll

大師範 is a Japanese title for master, grandmaster, or senior instructor.

大師範 is a bit of an odd selection for a piece of calligraphy artwork, so proceed with caution. Better to find an appropriate phrase or title (such as the name of the martial art), and then add something like "Grandmaster Smith" as a smaller inscription down the side.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
shi han / shihanshī fàn / shi1 fan4 / shi fan / shifanshih fan / shihfan
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
shī fàn / shi1 fan4
shih fan
 shihan / しはん
Grandmaster Vertical Wall Scroll
teacher-training; pedagogical; normal (school, e.g. Beijing Normal University)
(noun or adjectival noun) instructor; (fencing) teacher; model


see styles
 daishihan / だいしはん
Grandmaster Vertical Wall Scroll
master; grandmaster; senior instructor


see styles
 shihandai / しはんだい assistant instructor


see styles
 shihanba / しはんば (place-name) Shihanba



see styles
shī fàn dà xué / shi1 fan4 da4 xue2
shih fan ta hsüeh
normal university; teacher training college


see styles
 shihangakkou / shihangakko / しはんがっこう normal school (pre-war Japan); teachers' training college



see styles
shī fàn xué yuàn / shi1 fan4 xue2 yuan4
shih fan hsüeh yüan
teacher's college; normal school



see styles
zhōng děng shī fàn xué xiào / zhong1 deng3 shi1 fan4 xue2 xiao4
chung teng shih fan hsüeh hsiao
secondary normal school (secondary school that trains kindergarten and elementary school teachers)


see styles
 pekinshihandaigaku / ぺきんしはんだいがく (place-name) Beijing Normal University



see styles
běi jīng shī fàn dà xué / bei3 jing1 shi1 fan4 da4 xue2
pei ching shih fan ta hsüeh
Beijing Normal University


see styles
 nankinshihandaigaku / なんきんしはんだいがく (place-name) Nanjing Normal University; NJNU


see styles
 hiroseshihandaigaku / ひろせしはんだいがく (place-name) Guangxi Normal University; GXNU


see styles
 touhokushihandaigaku / tohokushihandaigaku / とうほくしはんだいがく (place-name) Northeast Normal University


see styles
 kahokushihandaigaku / かほくしはんだいがく (place-name) Hebei Normal University



see styles
zhàn jiāng shī fàn xué yuàn / zhan4 jiang1 shi1 fan4 xue2 yuan4
chan chiang shih fan hsüeh yüan
Zhanjiang Normal University


see styles
 fukkenshihandaigaku / ふっけんしはんだいがく (place-name) Fujian Normal University


see styles
 kachuushihandaigaku / kachushihandaigaku / かちゅうしはんだいがく (place-name) Center China Normal University; CCNU


see styles
 kananshihandaigaku / かなんしはんだいがく (place-name) South China Normal University



see styles
huá dōng shī fàn dà xué / hua2 dong1 shi1 fan4 da4 xue2
hua tung shih fan ta hsüeh
East China Normal University (ECNU)


see styles
 nishikitashihandaigaku / にしきたしはんだいがく (place-name) Northwest Normal University


see styles
 senseishihandaigaku / senseshihandaigaku / せんせいしはんだいがく (place-name) Shaanxi Normal University; SNU



see styles
shǎn xī shī fàn dà xué / shan3 xi1 shi1 fan4 da4 xue2
shan hsi shih fan ta hsüeh
Shaanxi Normal University


see styles
 unnanshihandaigaku / うんなんしはんだいがく (place-name) Yunnan Normal University


see styles
 aomishihandaigaku / あおみしはんだいがく (place-name) Qinghai Normal University; QHNU



see styles
hán shān shī fàn xué yuàn / han2 shan1 shi1 fan4 xue2 yuan4
han shan shih fan hsüeh yüan
Hanshan Normal University, Shantou, Guangdong


see styles
 shutoshihandaigaku / しゅとしはんだいがく (place-name) Capital Normal University


see styles
 koutoushihangakkou / kotoshihangakko / こうとうしはんがっこう higher normal school; pre-war public school that trained male teachers


see styles
 kokuritsutaiwanshihandaigaku / こくりつたいわんしはんだいがく (place-name) National Taiwan Normal University


see styles
 kokuritsutakaoshihandaigaku / こくりつたかおしはんだいがく (place-name) National Kaohsiung Normal University; NKNU

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