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Man of Character

dà zhàng fu
dai jou bu
Man of Character Vertical Wall Scroll

大丈夫 is a Chinese, Korean, and Japanese title that means, a manly man, a man of character, a great man, or fine figure of a man.

In Japanese, this can also be used to mean safe, all right, alright, OK, sure, or "no problem". Basically, used in Japanese for something of that is undoubted or very acceptable.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Man of Character大丈夫dai jou bu / daijoubu / dai jo bu / daijobudà zhàng fu
da4 zhang4 fu5
da zhang fu
ta chang fu

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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dà zhàng fu / da4 zhang4 fu5
ta chang fu
 daijoubu(p);daijobu / daijobu(p);daijobu / だいじょうぶ(P);だいじょぶ
Man of Character Vertical Wall Scroll
a manly man; a man of character
(adjectival noun) (1) safe; secure; sound; problem-free; without fear; all right; alright; OK; okay; (adverb) (2) certainly; surely; undoubtedly; (int,adj-na) (3) (colloquialism) no thanks; I'm good; that's alright; (4) (だいじょうぶ only) (archaism) (See 大丈夫・だいじょうふ) great man; fine figure of a man; (given name) Masurao
a great man


see styles
dà zhàng fū xiàng / da4 zhang4 fu1 xiang4
ta chang fu hsiang
 daijōbu sō
the signs of a great man


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dà zhàng fū shēn / da4 zhang4 fu1 shen1
ta chang fu shen
 daijōbu shin
the body of a great sage



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nán zǐ hàn dà zhàng fu / nan2 zi3 han4 da4 zhang4 fu5
nan tzu han ta chang fu
(coll.) he-man


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sān shí èr dà zhàng fū xiàng / san1 shi2 er4 da4 zhang4 fu1 xiang4
san shih erh ta chang fu hsiang
 sanjūni no daijōbusō
the thirty-two signs of a great being


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dà zhàng fu néng qū néng shēn / da4 zhang4 fu5 neng2 qu1 neng2 shen1
ta chang fu neng ch`ü neng shen / ta chang fu neng chü neng shen
A leader can submit or can stand tall as required.; ready to give and take; flexible



see styles
sān shí èr zhǒng dà zhàng fū xiàng / san1 shi2 er4 zhong3 da4 zhang4 fu1 xiang4
san shih erh chung ta chang fu hsiang
 sanjūni shu daijō fusō
thirty two marks of a great personage

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