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Great Scroll
Hi Gary, just to let you know the scroll I received are just what I wanted, even better! Great service.
-Christopher Handbury.

Exceptional quality and service.
Your efforts in helping me complete my projects have been above and beyond. I want to thank you, your translators and your master caligrapher for the exceptional work. Because of the great experience I even bought 3 paintings (it's costing me a fortune in framing but the result will be worth it). I look forward to doing business with you again.
-Dennis P Breene MD

Better than what I expected!
This is amazing. I got my two custom wall scrolls, inner peace and taichi chuan, yesterday. The hand writing is good and the materials are high quality. I had seen similar wall scrolls before but these are well worth the money and worth hanging on the wall.
Thank you for bringing these on the net,
-Kenny Kong.

Great product, great service
I've purchased four scrolls from Gary and his team over a few years, and they are always of the very highest quality. Orders are filled quickly, and they are packed very carefully. This is important with scrolls, because it is so easy to damage them in transit. I really appreciate the total care the art work receives before it gets to me.
-Quentin McAndrew.

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