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sai fa
Saifa Scroll

砕破 is the title "Saifa" written in Japanese Kanji. This literally means "smash and tear". Like most styles of martial arts, Saifa has origins in China. It was Higashionna that brought Saifa to Okinawa.

Saifa is generally associated with Gōjū-ryū as a title for a kata.

Notes: While Saifa is often written as 砕破, it can also be written 碎破 (just a variation on the first Kanji). Sometimes written in Japanese Katakana as サイハ.

sài yì dé
Saeed Scroll

賽義德 is a common transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the name Saeed.

This can also be Sa‘id, Sa'eid, Said, Sid, or Sayid. Original Arabic: سعيد‎.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Saifa砕破sai fa / saifa
sài yì dé
sai4 yi4 de2
sai yi de
sai i te
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
sài pǎo / sai4 pao3
sai p`ao / sai pao
Saeed Scroll
race (running); to race (running)



see styles
ào sài luó / ao4 sai4 luo2
ao sai lo
Saeed Scroll
Othello (play by Shakespeare)

see styles
sài / sai4
small, minute; lacking sincerity

see styles
sāi / sai1
to waste (Cantonese)

see styles
sāi / sai1
used in transliteration

see styles
sāi / sai1
to shake

see styles
sāi / sai1
 era / えら    ago / あご    agito / あぎと
(out-dated kanji) (1) (kana only) gills; branchia; (2) (kana only) angle of the mandible; gonial angle; (out-dated kanji) (noun - becomes adjective with の) (kana only) chin; jaw; (1) (archaism) chin; jaw; (2) (archaism) gills; branchia

see styles
sài / sai4
 sai / さえ
to compete; competition; match; to surpass; better than; superior to; to excel
(abbreviation) dice; die; (1) (abbreviation) dice; die; (2) baton (of command)
Money offerings; monetary offerings

see styles
sāi / sai1
 era / えら    ago / あご
variant of 腮[sai1]
(out-dated kanji) (1) (kana only) gills; branchia; (2) (kana only) angle of the mandible; gonial angle; (out-dated kanji) (noun - becomes adjective with の) (kana only) chin; jaw

see styles
sāi / sai1
 era / えら    agito / あぎと
gills of fish
(1) (kana only) gills; branchia; (2) (kana only) angle of the mandible; gonial angle; (1) (archaism) chin; jaw; (2) (archaism) gills; branchia



see styles
zài sài / zai4 sai4
tsai sai
a replay (of sports match); a play-off


see styles
bīng sāi / bing1 sai1
ping sai
ice blockage; freezing of waterway



see styles
chū sài / chu1 sai4
ch`u sai / chu sai
to compete; to take part (in a sports event)



see styles
chū sài / chu1 sai4
ch`u sai / chu sai
preliminary contest; initial heats of a competition



see styles
jiā sài / jia1 sai4
chia sai
a play-off; replay



see styles
cān sài / can1 sai4
ts`an sai / tsan sai
to compete; to take part in a competition


see styles
sài / ke3 sai4
k`o sai / ko sai
xi or ksi (Greek letter Ξξ)


see styles
sāi / wa1 sai1
wa sai
see 哇塞[wa1 sai1]


see styles
sāi / wa1 sai1
wa sai
(slang) wow!; also pr. [wa1 sei1]


see styles
sāi fēn / sai1 fen1
sai fen
thiophene (chemistry) (loanword)


see styles
sāi zuò / sai1 zuo4
sai tso
thiazole (chemistry)


see styles
sāi qín / sai1 qin2
sai ch`in / sai chin
thiazine (chemistry) (loanword)


see styles
sài wài / sai4 wai4
sai wai
beyond the Great Wall


see styles
sāi zi / sai1 zi5
sai tzu
cork; plug


see styles
sāi chǐ / sai1 chi3
sai ch`ih / sai chih
feeler gauge


see styles
sāi/ sai1 zu2
sai tsu
Serb nationality; ethnic Serb; Serbs



see styles
sāi yuān / sai1 yuan1
sai yüan
honest and far-seeing



see styles
sāi mǎn / sai1 man3
sai man
to stuff full; to cram in; packed tight; chock full


see styles
sāi/ sai1 ya2
sai ya
to get food stuck between one's teeth



see styles
sāi gei / sai1 gei3
sai kei
to slip sb something; to press sb to accept something; to insert surreptitiously; to foist something off on sb

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