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The Name Robin in Chinese / Japanese...

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luō bīn
Robin Vertical Wall Scroll

羅賓 is the name Robin in Chinese (Mandarin).

Robin Vertical Wall Scroll

ロビン is the name Robin in Japanese.

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
luō bīn / luo1 bin1 / luo bin / luobinlo pin / lopin
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your robin search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
 robin / ロビン
Robin Vertical Wall Scroll
robin; (personal name) Robbin; Robin; Robyn; Rovin


see styles
 robin / ろびん (female given name) Robin


see styles
liú li / liu2 li5
liu li
 ruri / るり
colored glass; ceramic glaze
(1) lapis lazuli; (2) (abbreviation) lapis lazuli (color); (3) (abbreviation) beryl; (4) (abbreviation) mall blue passerine bird (esp. the blue-and-white flycatcher and the Siberian blue robin, but also the red-flanked bluetail); (5) (obscure) glass; (female given name) Ruri


see styles
liú lí / liu2 li2
liu li
 ruri / るり
(1) lapis lazuli; (2) (abbreviation) lapis lazuli (color); (3) (abbreviation) beryl; (4) (abbreviation) mall blue passerine bird (esp. the blue-and-white flycatcher and the Siberian blue robin, but also the red-flanked bluetail); (5) (obscure) glass; (surname, female given name) Ruri
beryl; lapis lazuli


see styles
 akahige / あかひげ (1) (kana only) red beard; person with a red beard; (2) (derogatory term) Westerner; (3) (kana only) Ryukyu robin (Erithacus komadori); (surname) Akahige


see styles
 akahige / あかひげ (1) (kana only) red beard; person with a red beard; (2) (derogatory term) Westerner; (3) (kana only) Ryukyu robin (Erithacus komadori)


see styles
 komadori;komadori / こまどり;コマドリ (kana only) Japanese robin (Erithacus akahige)


see styles
 komatsugumi;komatsugumi / こまつぐみ;コマツグミ (kana only) (See ロビン) American robin (Turdus migratorius)



see styles
què qú / que4 qu2
ch`üeh ch`ü / chüeh chü
(bird species of China) oriental magpie-robin (Copsychus saularis)


see styles
 koruri / コルリ (kana only) Siberian blue robin (Luscinia cyane)


see styles
 koruri;koruri / こるり;コルリ (kana only) Siberian blue robin (Luscinia cyane); (female given name) Koruri



see styles
xún huán sài / xun2 huan2 sai4
hsün huan sai
round-robin tournament



see styles
lǐ yàn hóng / li3 yan4 hong2
li yen hung
Robin Li (1968-), founder and CEO of Baidu 百度, a PRC Internet company



see styles
zōng sǒu qú / zong1 sou3 qu2
tsung sou ch`ü / tsung sou chü
(bird species of China) rufous-tailed scrub robin (Erythropygia galactotes)



see styles
ōu yà qú / ou1 ya4 qu2
ou ya ch`ü / ou ya chü
(bird species of China) European robin (Erithacus rubecula)



see styles
zhī gēng niǎo / zhi1 geng1 niao3
chih keng niao
redbreast; robin


see styles
 houbou / hobo / ほうぼう (kana only) red gurnard (Chelidonichthys spinosus); gurnet; sea robin


see styles
 souatari / soatari / そうあたり (noun - becomes adjective with の) round-robin; using all combinations; brute force (e.g. in code-breaking)



see styles
luó bīn hàn / luo2 bin1 han4
lo pin han
Robin Hood (English 12th century folk hero)



see styles
lán gē qú / lan2 ge1 qu2
lan ko ch`ü / lan ko chü
(bird species of China) Siberian blue robin (Larvivora cyane)



see styles
qú yán liù / qu2 yan2 liu4
ch`ü yen liu / chü yen liu
(bird species of China) robin accentor (Prunella rubeculoides)


see styles
 akahige / アカヒゲ (kana only) Ryukyu robin (Erithacus komadori)


see styles
 komadori / コマドリ (kana only) Japanese robin (Erithacus akahige)


see styles
 houbou / hobo / ホウボウ (kana only) red gurnard (Chelidonichthys spinosus); gurnet; sea robin



see styles
rì běn gē qú / ri4 ben3 ge1 qu2
jih pen ko ch`ü / jih pen ko chü
(bird species of China) Japanese robin (Larvivora akahige)



see styles
lì fù gē qú / li4 fu4 ge1 qu2
li fu ko ch`ü / li fu ko chü
(bird species of China) Indian blue robin (Larvivora brunnea)



see styles
zōng fù lín qú / zong1 fu4 lin2 qu2
tsung fu lin ch`ü / tsung fu lin chü
(bird species of China) rufous-breasted bush robin (Tarsiger hyperythrus)



see styles
zōng tóu gē qú / zong1 tou2 ge1 qu2
tsung t`ou ko ch`ü / tsung tou ko chü
(bird species of China) rufous-headed robin (Larvivora ruficeps)



see styles
liú qiú gē qú / liu2 qiu2 ge1 qu2
liu ch`iu ko ch`ü / liu chiu ko chü
(bird species of China) Ryukyu robin (Larvivora komadori)



see styles
bái méi lín qú / bai2 mei2 lin2 qu2
pai mei lin ch`ü / pai mei lin chü
(bird species of China) white-browed bush robin (Tarsiger indicus)

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