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Hao3 in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Hao

  2. Friendliness

  3. Good Intentions

  4. Hello / Ni Hao

  5. 100 Years of Happy Marriage

  6. Family and Friends

  7. God is Good

  8. Life is Good / Life is Beautiful

  9. Life is Good

10. The Good Life / Beautiful Life

11. Life is Good

12. Good Good Study, Day Day Up

13. No Place Like Home

14. Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice

Hao Scroll

郝 is an ancient place name in China and also a surname that romanizes as Hao.


yǒu hǎo
Friendliness Scroll

友好 is a Japanese, Chinese, and old Korean word that means friendliness.

友好 can also be defined as "amity", "friendly", and "outgoing".

This can be a Japanese given name Yuukou or Yuko. It can also be a Japanese surname that romanizes as Tomoyoshi.

See Also:  Friendship

Good Intentions

hǎo yì
kou i
Good Intentions Scroll

好意 is how to write good intentions in Chinese, Japanese, and old Korean Hanja.

This can also be translated as: kindness; good will; favor; favour; courtesy; good wishes; friendliness; amity.

Hello / Ni Hao

nǐ hǎo
Hello / Ni Hao Scroll

你好 is the day to day way to say hello in Chinese.

The characters literally mean, "You good?" It's sort of the equivalent of "What's up?" in English, where nobody expects an actual answer.

This explanation is here for educational purposes only. 你好 is an oral word which is not appropriate for a scroll (not a bad meaning, just very odd for a wall scroll).

100 Years of Happy Marriage

bǎi nián hǎo hé
100 Years of Happy Marriage Scroll

百年好合 is a wish or greeting, often heard at Chinese weddings, for a couple to have 100 good years together.

Some will translate this more naturally into English as: "May you live a long and happy life together".

The character breakdown:
百 = 100
年 = Years
好 = Good (Happy)
合 = Together

Family and Friends

qīn péng hǎo yǒu
Family and Friends Scroll

This Chinese title simply means "family and friends", or "kith and kin".

If you read each character more literally, it's like, "relatives, friends, [and] good/close friends".

God is Good

shén zhēn měi hǎo
God is Good Scroll

神真美好 means, "God is good", in Chinese.

You can also translate this as, "God is really good" or "God is so good".

The last two characters are a version of good that suggests a very strong goodness. The characters literally read, "beautifully good".

Life is Good / Life is Beautiful

shēng huó měi hǎo
Life is Good / Life is Beautiful Scroll

生活美好 means "life is good" in Chinese.

The first two characters mean "life" or "living".

The last two characters mean "good" or "beautiful".

Life is Good

rén shēng liáng hǎo
jin sei ryou kou
Life is Good Scroll

人生良好 means "life is good" in Japanese.

The first two characters mean "life" (as in your or a human lifespan).

The last two characters mean "good".

This also makes sense in Chinese but it reads more like, "life is all right".

The Good Life / Beautiful Life

měi hǎo de shēng huó
The Good Life / Beautiful Life Scroll

In Chinese, this means "Beautiful Life", or "The Good Life".

Life is Good

shēng huó shì měi hǎo de
Life is Good Scroll

This is "Life is Good" in Mandarin Chinese.

Good Good Study, Day Day Up

hǎo hǎo xué xí tiān tiān xiàng shàng
Good Good Study, Day Day Up Scroll

好好學習天天向上 is a famous proverb by Chairman Mao Zedong that sounds really strange when directly translated into English.

I include it in our database of phrases to illustrate how different the construction and grammar can be between Chinese and English. The direct translation is "Good Good Study, Day Day Up". In Chinese, a repeated character/word can often serve to reinforce the idea (like saying "very" or suggesting "a lot of"). So "good good" really means "a lot of good". While "day day" can be better translated as "day in day out". The idea of "up" has a meaning in China of "rising above" or "improving".

After understanding all of this, we come up with a slightly better translation of "With lot of good study, day in day out, we raise above".

The more natural translation of this proverb would be something like, "study hard, and keep improving".

No Place Like Home

zài jiā qiān rì hǎo chū mén yì shí nán
No Place Like Home Scroll

This Chinese proverb literally means, "At home, one can spend a thousand days in comfort but spending a day away from home can be challenging".

Figuratively, this means, "There's no place like home", or roughly a Chinese version of "Home sweet home".

Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice

Ability is more important than looks
bù guǎn hēi māo bái māo néng zhuō zhe lǎo shǔ de jiù shì hǎo mǎo
Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice Scroll

This literally translates as: It doesn't matter [if a] cat [is] black [or] white, [as long as it] can catch mice, it's a good cat.

This proverb was either composed or made famous by Deng XiaoPing in 1961 when he exclaimed, "I don't care if it's a white cat or a black cat. It's a good cat so long as it catches mice" when his critics pointed out that his ideas were Capitalistic (free market). The response was meant to say, "It does not matter if it's Communist or Capitalist, as long as it works".

This Chinese proverb can be used to suggest one should disregard looks or a person's race, as long as they can do the job. It can also be used as a metaphor for many other situations.

Deng XiaoPing probably saved China from collapse (as the Soviet Union experienced). He changed China’s economy from pure Communism to a hybrid where the free market (Capitalism) is encouraged. More about Deng XiaoPing

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Haohǎo / hao3 / hao
Friendliness友好yuukou / yukoyǒu hǎo / you3 hao3 / you hao / youhaoyu hao / yuhao
Good Intentions好意kou i / koui / ko i / koihǎo yì / hao3 yi4 / hao yi / haoyihao i / haoi
Ni Hao
你好nǐ hǎo / ni3 hao3 / ni hao / nihao
100 Years of Happy Marriage百年好合bǎi nián hǎo hé
bai3 nian2 hao3 he2
bai nian hao he
pai nien hao ho
Family and Friends親朋好友
qīn péng hǎo yǒu
qin1 peng2 hao3 you3
qin peng hao you
ch`in p`eng hao yu
chin peng hao yu
God is Good神真美好shén zhēn měi hǎo
shen2 zhen1 mei3 hao3
shen zhen mei hao
shen chen mei hao
Life is Good
Life is Beautiful
生活美好shēng huó měi hǎo
sheng1 huo2 mei3 hao3
sheng huo mei hao
Life is Good人生良好jin sei ryou kou
jin sei ryo ko
rén shēng liáng hǎo
ren2 sheng1 liang2 hao3
ren sheng liang hao
jen sheng liang hao
The Good Life
Beautiful Life
美好的生活měi hǎo de shēng huó
mei3 hao3 de sheng1 huo2
mei hao de sheng huo
mei hao te sheng huo
Life is Good生活是美好的shēng huó shì měi hǎo de
sheng1 huo2 shi4 mei3 hao3 de
sheng huo shi mei hao de
sheng huo shih mei hao te
Good Good Study, Day Day Up好好學習天天向上
hǎo hǎo xué xí tiān tiān xiàng shàng
hao3 hao3 xue2 xi2 tian1 tian1 xiang4 shang4
hao hao xue xi tian tian xiang shang
hao hao hsüeh hsi t`ien t`ien hsiang shang
hao hao hsüeh hsi tien tien hsiang shang
No Place Like Home在家千日好出門一時難
zài jiā qiān rì hǎo chū mén yì shí nán
zai4 jia1 qian1 ri4 hao3 chu1 men2 yi4 shi2 nan2
zai jia qian ri hao chu men yi shi nan
tsai chia ch`ien jih hao ch`u men i shih nan
tsai chia chien jih hao chu men i shih nan
Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice不管黑貓白貓能捉著老鼠的就是好貓
bù guǎn hēi māo bái māo néng zhuō zhe lǎo shǔ de jiù shì hǎo mǎo
bu4 guan3 hei1 mao1 bai2 mao1 neng2 zhuo1 zhe lao3 shu3 de jiu4 shi4 hao3 mao3
bu guan hei mao bai mao neng zhuo zhe lao shu de jiu shi hao mao
pu kuan hei mao pai mao neng cho che lao shu te chiu shih hao mao
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
hǎo / hao3
Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice Scroll
ancient place name; surname Hao


see styles
hǎo / ni3 hao3
ni hao
 niihao / nihao / ニーハオ
Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice Scroll
hello; hi
(interjection) (kana only) hello (chi: nǐ hǎo)


see styles
yǒu hǎo / you3 hao3
yu hao
 yuukou / yuko / ゆうこう
Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice Scroll
friendly; amicable; close friend
friendship; (given name) Yuukou


see styles
hǎo/ hao3 yi4
hao i
 koui / koi / こうい
Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice Scroll
good intention; kindness
(1) kindness; favor; favour; friendliness; (2) goodwill; affection; liking (for someone); love


see styles
shàng hǎo / shang4 hao3
shang hao
 ueyoshi / うえよし
first-rate; top-notch
(surname) Ueyoshi


see styles
hǎo / bu4 hao3
pu hao
no good
not good


see styles
hǎo / ye3 hao3
yeh hao
may as well; that's fine


see styles
xiū hǎo / xiu1 hao3
hsiu hao
 nobuyoshi / のぶよし
to repair (something broken); to restore (something damaged); to establish friendly relations with; (literary) to do meritorious deeds
(noun/participle) amity; friendship; (personal name) Nobuyoshi


see styles
chōng hǎo / chong1 hao3
ch`ung hao / chung hao
to substitute shoddy goods


see styles
zài hǎo / zai4 hao3
tsai hao
even better


see styles
hǎo / li4 hao3
li hao
 toshiyoshi / としよし
favorable; good; advantage
(personal name) Toshiyoshi



see styles
gāng hǎo / gang1 hao3
kang hao
 takeyoshi / たけよし
just; exactly; to happen to be
(personal name) Takeyoshi


see styles
zhǐ hǎo / zhi3 hao3
chih hao
without any better option; to have to; to be forced to


see styles
jiào hǎo / jiao4 hao3
chiao hao
to applaud; to cheer


see styles
hǎo / ke3 hao3
k`o hao / ko hao
good or not?; luckily; fortuitously


see styles
hǎo / he2 hao3
ho hao
 wakō / わずか
to become reconciled; on good terms with each other
(female given name) Wazuka
putting together again



see styles
wèn hǎo / wen4 hao3
wen hao
to say hello to; to send one's regards to



see styles
yán hǎo / yan2 hao3
yen hao
neat and nice


see styles
zuò hǎo / zuo4 hao3
tso hao
to sit properly; to sit up straight


see styles
hǎo/ hao3 bu4
hao pu
not at all ...; how very ...


see styles
hǎo jiǔ / hao3 jiu3
hao chiu
 yoshihisa / よしひさ
quite a while
(given name) Yoshihisa


see styles
hǎo xiē / hao3 xie1
hao hsieh
a good deal of; quite a lot


see styles
hǎo/ hao3 si4
hao ssu
 yorii / yori / よりい
to seem; to be like
(female given name) Yorii


see styles
hǎo shǐ / hao3 shi3
hao shih
easy to use; to function well; so that; in order to


see styles
hǎo xiàng / hao3 xiang4
hao hsiang
as if; to seem like


see styles
hǎo/ hao3 qu4
hao ch`ü / hao chü
bon voyage; Godspeed


see styles
hǎo yǒu / hao3 you3
hao yu
 yoshitomo / よしとも
close friend; pal; (social networking website) friend; CL:個|个[ge4]
(personal name) Yoshitomo


see styles
hǎo shòu / hao3 shou4
hao shou
feeling better; to be more at ease


see styles
hǎo mìng / hao3 ming4
hao ming
lucky; blessed with good fortune


see styles
hǎo/ hao3 wa1
hao wa
hurray!; hurrah!; yippee!

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Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice Scroll
Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice Scroll
Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice Scroll
Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice Scroll

And formats...

Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice Vertical Portrait
Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice Horizontal Wall Scroll
Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice Vertical Portrait

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