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Simple Dictionary Definition

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 oshi; a; oushi(ok) / oshi; a; oshi(ok)
    おし; あ; おうし(ok)
(1) muteness; speech impairment; (2) (おし, おうし only) (sensitive word) mute; deaf-mute

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dumb; mute; hoarse; husky; unexploded (of artillery shell etc)
eḍa, dumb; eḍamūka, deaf and dumb, unable to express oneself; translit. a, v. 阿.

see styles
born deaf; deaf; obtuse

see styles
 rou / ro
deafness; (personal name) Hasumoto



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bān án
    ban1 an2
pan an
The eight conditions in which it is difficult to see a Buddha or hear his dharma: in the hells: as hungry ghosts; as animals; in Uttarakuru (the northern continent where all is pleasant); in the long-life heavens (where life is long and easy); as deaf, blind, and dumb; as a worldly philosopher; in the intermediate period between a Buddha and his successor. Also 八無暇; eight difficulties



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shí lái
    shi2 lai2
shih lai
(female given name) Torai
(十來偈) The ten rhymes in "lai", a verse which expresses the Buddhist doctrine of moral determinism, i.e. that the position anyone now occupies is solely the result of his character in past lives; heredity and environment having nothing to do with his present condition, for, whether in prince or beggar, it is the reward of past deeds. The upright from the forbearing come,
The poor from the mean and greedy come,
Those of high rank from worshippers come,
The low and common from the Prideful come,
Those who are dumb from slanderers come,
The blind and deaf from unbelievers come,
The long-lived from the merciful come,
The short-lived from life, takers come,
The deficient in faculties from command-breakers come,
The complete in faculties from command-keepers come.



see styles
yǎ fǎ
    ya3 fa3
ya fa
The doctrine of a deaf and dumb person, which he cannot proclaim; the (ascetic) practice of silence



see styles
shī cōng
    shi1 cong1
shih ts`ung
    shih tsung
to go deaf; to lose hearing



see styles
gēn què
    gen1 que4
ken ch`üeh
    ken chüeh
根缺 Defective in any organ of sense, e.g. blind or deaf; defective in religious faculties



see styles
máng lóng
    mang2 long2
mang lung
blind and deaf; blind and deaf



see styles
ěr lóng
    er3 long2
erh lung


see styles
 chousha / chosha
(1) listener; (2) person with normal hearing (i.e. not deaf); hearing person



see styles
lóng rén
    long2 ren2
lung jen
 roujin / rojin
deaf person; hearing-impaired person
(given name) Roujin


see styles
 roua / roa
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) deafness; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (2) deaf-mute



see styles
lóng yǎ
    long2 ya3
lung ya
deaf and dumb



see styles
lóng zi
    long2 zi5
lung tzu
deaf person



see styles
lóng máng
    long2 mang2
lung mang
 rō mō
deaf and blind; deaf and blind


see styles
 rousha / rosha
deaf person



see styles
lóng kuì
    long2 kui4
lung k`uei
    lung kuei
deaf; fig. stupid and ignorant


see styles
(See 読唇術) lip reading (esp. in context of deaf people); lipreading; speech reading; speechreading


see styles
completely deaf


see styles
completely deaf


see styles
yīn chī
    yin1 chi1
yin ch`ih
    yin chih
tone deaf
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) tone-deafness; amusia; having no ear for music; (adjectival noun) (2) tone-deaf; off-key; (suffix) (3) having no sense (of something); being hopeless (when it comes to something)


see styles
(noun/participle) ignoring; disregarding; taking no notice of; refusing to comment on; turning a deaf ear to


see styles
 rousha / rosha
deaf person


see styles
 kenchousha / kenchosha
person with normal hearing (i.e. not deaf); hearing person


see styles
 shimonji; yubimoji
    しもんじ; ゆびもじ
fingerspelling (in sign language for the deaf); finger alphabet


see styles
(See 点字・てんじ) finger Braille; system of communicating with the deaf-blind in which the receiver's fingers are tapped like a Braille typewriter


see styles
 rouasha / roasha
deaf and mute person


see styles
 rougakkou / rogakko
(See 聾唖学校) school for the deaf; (place-name) Rougakkou

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