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Bo Staff in Chinese / Japanese...

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Bojutsu / Bojitsu

The art of using a stick as a weapon
bàng shù
bou jutsu
Bojutsu / Bojitsu Scroll

棒術 is the title Bōjutsu (though some use the romanization Bojitsu).

棒術 is a martial art centered around the use of a "bō" or staff as a weapon.

This title is a combination of the Japanese word "bō" (which means staff, stick, club, rod, pole, or cudgel) with the Japanese word "jutsu" (which means art, or technique).

While this word can be pronounced in Chinese (bang shu), it's not a common term in China. Please consider this title to be "Japanese only".

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
bou jutsu / boujutsu / bo jutsu / bojutsubàng shù / bang4 shu4 / bang shu / bangshupang shu / pangshu
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
 joudou / jodo
Bojutsu / Bojitsu Scroll
(See 杖術) jōdō; form of martial art using a cane staff



see styles
zé rèn
    ze2 ren4
tse jen
Bojutsu / Bojitsu Scroll
responsibility; blame; duty; CL:個|个[ge4]
(1) duty; responsibility (incl. supervision of staff); (2) liability; onus

see styles
a staff; a rod; cane; walking stick; to flog with a stick (old)
cane; walking stick; staff; wand; (surname) Tsuesaki

see styles
cane; walking stick; crutch; old man's staff

see styles
 bou / bo
stick; club; cudgel; smart; capable; strong; wonderful; classifier for legs of a relay race
(1) pole; rod; stick; baton; (2) line; dash; (expression) (3) (net-sl) (See 棒読み・1) spoken monotonously; (surname) Bou
A stick, cudgel; staff


see styles
(suf,ctr) counter for poles, rods, etc.; (surname) Saosaki

see styles
(in ancient texts) type of bamboo sometimes used as a staff

see styles
to cut out (as a dress); to cut; to trim; to reduce; to diminish; to cut back (e.g. on staff); decision; judgment
(suffix noun) judge; (surname) Tachi

see styles

 suzu(p); suzu
    すず(P); スズ
tin (chemistry); to bestow; to confer; to grant; Taiwan pr. [xi2]
(kana only) tin (Sn); (given name) Tamau
Pewter, tin; to bestow; a monk's staff; pewter


see styles
 gohei / gohe
(Shinto) (honorific or respectful language) staff with plaited paper streamers


see styles
qī sēng
    qi1 seng1
ch`i seng
    chi seng
A monastery is supposed to possess the following seven monks: 咒願師 invoker; 導師 leader; 唄師 intoner, or leader of the chanting; 散花師 flower-scatterer; 梵音師 master of sacred words, or Sanskrit; 錫杖師 shaker of the rings on the metal staff, or crozier; 堂達 distributor of missals, etc. Another division is 講師 expounder; 讀師 reader; 咒願師; 三禮師 director of the three ceremonies; 唄師; 散花師; and 堂達.


see styles
xià bàng
    xia4 bang4
hsia pang
To lay on the cudgel, beat; syn. for the 德山 Te Shan monastery, whose Chan sect abbot instilled intelligence with his staff; hitting novices with a stick


see styles
zhǔ rèn
    zhu3 ren4
chu jen
director; head; CL:個|个[ge4]
person in charge; senior staff; manager; chief; head; (personal name) Shunin


see styles
{music} staff; stave; (given name) Gosen



see styles
rén yuán
    ren2 yuan2
jen yüan
staff; crew; personnel; CL:個|个[ge4]
number of persons; personnel


see styles
rén shǒu
    ren2 shou3
jen shou
manpower; staff; human hand
(1) someone else's hands; someone else's possession; (2) hand (worker); aide; (3) labor; labour; work; manpower; effort; (4) help; assistance; (5) (human) hand; human act
a person's hand



see styles
rén mǎ
    ren2 ma3
jen ma
men and horses; troops; group of people; troop; staff; centaur
(1) (See 人馬一体・じんばいったい) man and horse; rider and horse; (2) (See ケンタウロス) centaur


see styles
dàn tú
    dan4 tu2
tan t`u
    tan tu
單拏 daṇḍa, a staff, club; (Skt. daṇḍa)



see styles
rǒng yuán
    rong3 yuan2
jung yüan
 jouin / join
excess personnel; superfluous staff
(1) supernumerary; superfluous staff; excess personnel; (2) useless staff


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) to shave (wood, leather, etc.); to sharpen (e.g. pencil); to plane; to whittle; to pare; to scrape off; to erode; (transitive verb) (2) to cut down (budget, expenses, staff, time, etc.); to curtail; to reduce; (transitive verb) (3) to delete; to erase; to remove; to cross out; to strike out


see styles
 jouin / join
(1) supernumerary; superfluous staff; excess personnel; (2) useless staff


see styles
 iin / in
medical staff; doctor


see styles
bàn qí
    ban4 qi2
pan ch`i
    pan chi
half-mast; half-staff
flag at half-mast


see styles
 sanbou / sanbo
(1) staff officer; military staff; (2) adviser; counselor; counsellor



see styles
cān móu
    can1 mou2
ts`an mou
    tsan mou
staff officer; to give advice



see styles
yuán gōng
    yuan2 gong1
yüan kung
staff; personnel; employee



see styles
zài biān
    zai4 bian1
tsai pien
to be on the regular payroll; to be on the permanent staff


see styles
dì zàng
    di4 zang4
ti tsang
Kṣitigarbha, the Bodhisattva of the Great Vow (to save all souls before accepting Bodhi); also translated Earth Treasury, Earth Womb, or Earth Store Bodhisattva
(surname) Jizou
Ti-tsang, J. Jizō, Kṣitigarbha, 乞叉底蘗沙; Earth-store, Earth-treasury, or Earthwomb. One of the group of eight Dhvani- Bodhisattvas. With hints of a feminine origin, he is now the guardian of the earth. Though associated with Yama as overlord, and with the dead and the hells, his role is that of saviour. Depicted with the alarum staff with its six rings, he is accredited with power over the hells and is devoted to the saving of all creatures between the nirvana of Śākyamuni and the advent of Maitreya the fifth century he has been especially considered as the deliverer from the hells. His central place in China is at Chiu-hua-shan, forty li south-west of Ch'ing-yang in Anhui. In Japan he is also the protector of travellers by land and his image accordingly appears on the roads; bereaved parents put stones by his images to seek his aid in relieving the labours of their dead in the task of piling stones on the banks of the Buddhist Styx; he also helps women in labour. He is described as holding a place between the gods and men on the one hand and the hells on the other for saving all in distress; some say he is an incarnation of Yama. At dawn he sits immobile on the earth 地 and meditates on the myriads of its beings 藏. When represented as a monk, it may be through the influence of a Korean monk who is considered to be his incarnation, and who came to China in 653 and died in 728 at the age of 99 after residing at Chiu-hua-shan for seventy-five years: his body, not decaying, is said to have been gilded over and became an object of worship. Many have confused 眞羅 part of Korea with 暹羅 Siam. There are other developments of Ti-tsang, such as the 六地藏 Six Ti-tsang, i. e. severally converting or transforming those in the hells, pretas, animals, asuras, men, and the devas; these six Ti-tsang have different images and symbols. Ti-tsang has also six messengers 六使者: Yama for transforming those in hell; the pearl-holder for pretas; the strong one or animals; the devīof mercy for asuras; the devī of the treasure for human beings; one who has charge of the heavens for the devas. There is also the 延命地藏 Yanming Ti-tsang, who controls length of days and who is approached, as also may be P'u-hsien, for that Purpose; his two assistants are the Supervisors of good and evil 掌善 and 掌惡. Under another form, as 勝軍地藏 Ti-tsang is chiefly associated with the esoteric cult. The benefits derived from his worship are many, some say ten, others say twenty-eight. His vows are contained in the 地藏菩薩本願經. There is also the 大乘大集地藏十電經 tr. by Xuanzang in 10 juan in the seventh century, which probably influenced the spread of the Ti-tsang cult.


see styles
 zouin / zoin
(noun/participle) increasing the number of staff; hiring more people


see styles
 jouzume / jozume
(noun/participle) (1) (obscure) permanent staff; permanent employee; service for a fixed period of time; (2) (archaism) (Edo era) a daimyo or feudal retainer who lived and-or served in Edo for a fixed period of time; (surname) Jouzume

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