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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles

crowded; framework for silkworms; gather foliage; bunch; classifier for bunched objects
(n-suf,n-pref,n) gathering; cocoon holders

see styles
cocoon; callus
cocoon; (female given name) Mayura
a cocoon; a cocoon

see styles

collect; frame for silk worm; nest
cocoon holders; (given name) Atsumu


see styles
shàng shān
    shang4 shan1
shang shan
 jouyama / joyama
to go uphill; to spin cocoon (silkworms); to pass away
(surname) Jouyama



see styles
zuò jiǎn
    zuo4 jian3
tso chien
to make a cocoon


see styles
 shuuken / shuken
cocoon crop


see styles
waste cocoon (silk); bad cocoon; damaged cocoon



see styles
ài jiǎn
    ai4 jian3
ai chien
The cocoon of desire spun about beings as a silkworm spins a cocoon about itself; cocoon of desire


see styles
spring cocoon crop


see styles
(See 玉繭・1) dupion silk; silk that comes from a double cocoon formed jointly by two or more silkworms


see styles
(1) dupion (double cocoon formed jointly by two or more silkworms); dupioni; (2) cocoon


see styles
(silkworm) cocoon production


see styles
 mayuka; kenka
    まゆか; けんか
(obscure) price of a cocoon


see styles
(See 餅花) New Year's decoration with cocoon-shaped cakes


see styles
yǔ huà
    yu3 hua4
yü hua
levitation (of Daoist immortal); to become as light as a feather and ascend to heaven; (in Daoism) to become immortal; to die; of winged insects, to emerge from the cocoon in adult form; eclosion
(noun/participle) {zool} emergence (of insects); eclosion; growing wings; (surname) Uka


see styles
cocoon holders


see styles
silkworm cocoon



see styles
cán jiǎn
    can2 jian3
ts`an chien
    tsan chien
silkworm cocoon
A silkworm's cocoon, simile of the self-binding effects of the passions, etc; a silkworm's cocoon


see styles
 kouken; kimayu / koken; kimayu
    こうけん; きまゆ
yellow cocoon


see styles
double cocoon


see styles
 noshiito / noshito
coarse silk from the outside of a cocoon (a type of waste thread)


see styles
taking silkworm cocoons out of the cocoon holder


see styles
 kokuun / kokun



see styles
zuò jiǎn zì fù
    zuo4 jian3 zi4 fu4
tso chien tzu fu
to spin a cocoon around oneself (idiom); enmeshed in a trap of one's own devising; hoist by his own petard



see styles
tǔ sī zì fù
    tu3 si1 zi4 fu4
t`u ssu tzu fu
    tu ssu tzu fu
to spin a cocoon around oneself (idiom); enmeshed in a trap of one's own devising; hoist with his own petard



see styles
rú cán chù jiǎn
    ru2 can2 chu4 jian3
ju ts`an ch`u chien
    ju tsan chu chien
 nyo san sho ken
like a silkworm wrapped (in its own) cocoon; like a silkworm wrapped (in its own) cocoon



see styles
pò jiǎn chéng dié
    po4 jian3 cheng2 die2
p`o chien ch`eng tieh
    po chien cheng tieh
lit. to break through a cocoon and turn into a butterfly (idiom); fig. to emerge strong after a period of struggle; to get to a better place after going through difficult period



see styles
zào jiǎn zì fù
    zao4 jian3 zi4 fu4
tsao chien tzu fu
to spin a cocoon around oneself (idiom); enmeshed in a trap of one's own devising; hoist with his own petard


see styles
(exp,v1) to spin a cocoon


see styles
(exp,v1) to spin a cocoon

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