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Cao3 in Chinese / Japanese...

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Cao / Kusa / Grass

sou / kusa
Cao / Kusa / Grass Scroll

草 means grass or straw in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

Depending on context, this can also mean manuscript, draft (of a document), or rough copy. In the botany context, it can also refer to weeds, herbs, thatch, or plants.

草 is also the first character of caoshu or sōsho, the Chinese and Japanese wild cursive script style of calligraphy.

Sometimes written in variant form 艸.

This can be the surname Sou/Sō, or the given name Kusa in Japanese (there are also other romanizations for this Kanji).

Savannah / Grasslands

cǎo yuán
sougen / kusahara
Savannah / Grasslands Scroll

草原 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for grassland, prairie, grass-covered plain, grasslands, meadows, Savannah, or steppe.

Sometimes also pronounced Soubaru in Japanese when used as a surname.


cǎo méi
Strawberry Scroll

草莓 is the Chinese word for strawberry.

Sometimes jokingly means "love bite" (in Taiwan more than mainland).


dào cǎo rén
Scarecrow Scroll

稻草人 is the Chinese title for a scarecrow.

The literal meaning of these characters is "rice straw person".

Appreciation and Love for Your Parents

shuí yán cùn cǎo xīn bào dé sān chūn huī
Appreciation and Love for Your Parents Scroll

This is the last line of a famous poem. It is perceived as a tribute or ode to your parent's or mother from a child or children that have left home.

The poem was written by Meng Jiao during the Tang Dynasty (about 1200 years ago). The Chinese title is "You Zi Yin" which means "The Traveler's Recite".

The last line as shown here speaks of the generous and warm spring sun light which gives the grass far beyond what the little grass can could ever give back (except perhaps by showing its lovely green leaves and flourishing). The metaphor is that the sun is your mother or parents, and you are the grass. Your parents raise you and give you all the love and care you need to prepare you for the world. A debt which you can never repay, nor is repayment expected.

The first part of the poem (not written in the characters to the left) suggests that the thread in a loving mother's hands is the shirt of her traveling offspring. Vigorously sewing while wishing them to come back sooner than they left.
...This part is really hard to translate into English that makes any sense but maybe you get the idea. We are talking about a poem that is so old that many Chinese people would have trouble reading it (as if it was the King James Version of Chinese).

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
sou / kusa / so / kusa / so / kusacǎo / cao3 / caots`ao / tsao
草原sougen / kusahara
sogen / kusahara
sogen / kusahara
cǎo yuán / cao3 yuan2 / cao yuan / caoyuants`ao yüan / tsaoyüan / tsao yüan
Strawberry草莓cǎo méi / cao3 mei2 / cao mei / caomeits`ao mei / tsaomei / tsao mei
Scarecrow稻草人dào cǎo rén
dao4 cao3 ren2
dao cao ren
tao ts`ao jen
tao tsao jen
Appreciation and Love for Your Parents誰言寸草心報得三春暉
shuí yán cùn cǎo xīn bào dé sān chūn huī
shui2 yan2 cun4 cao3 xin1 bao4 de2 san1 chun1 hui1
shui yan cun cao xin bao de san chun hui
shui yen ts`un ts`ao hsin pao te san ch`un hui
shui yen tsun tsao hsin pao te san chun hui
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
cǎo yuán
    cao3 yuan2
ts`ao yüan
    tsao yüan
 sougen(p); kusahara; kusawara / sogen(p); kusahara; kusawara
    そうげん(P); くさはら; くさわら
Appreciation and Love for Your Parents Scroll
grassland; prairie; CL:片[pian4]
(1) grassy field; grassland; meadow; (2) (そうげん only) grass-covered plain; savannah; prairie; steppe; (surname) Soubaru


see styles
cǎo méi
    cao3 mei2
ts`ao mei
    tsao mei
Appreciation and Love for Your Parents Scroll
strawberry; CL:顆|颗[ke1]; (Tw) hickey; love bite


see styles
dào cǎo rén
    dao4 cao3 ren2
tao ts`ao jen
    tao tsao jen
Appreciation and Love for Your Parents Scroll

see styles
anxious; sad

see styles
variant of 草[cao3]
(1) kanji "grass radical" (radical 140); (2) grass crown; (out-dated kanji) (1) grass; weed; herb; thatch; (2) (archaism) ninja; (prefix) (3) not genuine; substandard; (surname) Takakusa

see styles
grass radical 草字頭兒|草字头儿[cao3 zi4 tou2 r5]


see styles
sān cǎo
    san1 cao3
san ts`ao
    san tsao
 san sō
(surname) Mitsukusa
three grasses


see styles
zhōng cǎo
    zhong1 cao3
chung ts`ao
    chung tsao
Medium-sized herbs, medium capacity, v. 三草; medium-sized vegetation


see styles
    ru3 cao3
ju ts`ao
    ju tsao
 chichikusa; chichikusa
    ちちくさ; チチクサ
milkweeds (genus Asclepias)
(See 蘿芋) Metaplexis japonica



see styles
gān cǎo
    gan1 cao3
kan ts`ao
    kan tsao
    kansou / kanso
hay; dry grass


see styles
xiān cǎo
    xian1 cao3
hsien ts`ao
    hsien tsao
 sensou / senso
medicinal herb (genus Mesona); grass jelly
(given name) Sensou


see styles
chū cǎo
    chu1 cao3
ch`u ts`ao
    chu tsao
(of Taiwan aborigines) to go on a headhunting expedition


see styles
    ge1 cao3
ko ts`ao
    ko tsao
mow grass



see styles
jìng cǎo
    jing4 cao3
ching ts`ao
    ching tsao
 keisou / keso
tough upright grass; fig. a staunch character able to withstand tough test
wind-resistant blade of grass; resistant idea (metaphorically); (personal name) Keisou


see styles
    ru2 cao3
ju ts`ao
    ju tsao


see styles
    su4 cao3
su ts`ao
    su tsao
grass that has grown on a grave since last year; (fig.) grave; to have died long ago; fodder provided to animals for the night


see styles
xiǎo cǎo
    xiao3 cao3
hsiao ts`ao
    hsiao tsao
(surname) Ogusa
Smaller herbs, those who keep the five commandments and do the ten good deeds, thereby attaining to rebirth as men or devas, v. 三草二木; smaller herbs


see styles
    da3 cao3
ta ts`ao
    ta tsao
to mow grass; haymaking; to write a rough draft (of an essay etc)


see styles
běn cǎo
    ben3 cao3
pen ts`ao
    pen tsao
 honzou / honzo
a book on Chinese (herbal) medicine; Chinese materia medica
plants; medicinal herbs


see styles
    ku1 cao3
k`u ts`ao
    ku tsao
 kosou / koso
withered grass; dry grass
dry grass; dead grass; hay; withered grass


see styles
chái cǎo
    chai2 cao3
ch`ai ts`ao
    chai tsao
(surname) Shibakusa


see styles
xiào cǎo
    xiao4 cao3
hsiao ts`ao
    hsiao tsao
the most handsome boy in the school (see also 校花[xiao4 hua1])


see styles
shuǐ cǎo
    shui3 cao3
shui ts`ao
    shui tsao
 mizukusa; suisou / mizukusa; suiso
    みずくさ; すいそう
water plants; habitat with water source and grass
water plant; aquatic plant; waterweed; hydrophyte; (surname) Mizugusa


see styles
hǎi cǎo
    hai3 cao3
hai ts`ao
    hai tsao
 kaisou; umikusa; umigusa / kaiso; umikusa; umigusa
    かいそう; うみくさ; うみぐさ
(1) marine plant; seagrass; (2) (colloquialism) (See 海藻) seaweed; (place-name) Kaisou



see styles
qiǎn cǎo
    qian3 cao3
ch`ien ts`ao
    chien tsao
Asakusa, district of Tokyo with an atmosphere of old Japan, famous for the 7th century Buddhist temple, Sensō-ji
(surname) Asakusa


see styles
liáo cǎo
    liao2 cao3
liao ts`ao
    liao tsao
careless; slovenly; illegible (of handwriting)



see styles
yān cǎo
    yan1 cao3
yen ts`ao
    yen tsao
(1) (kana only) tobacco (por: tabaco); cigarette; cigaret; cigar; (2) (kana only) tobacco plant (Nicotiana tabacum); (surname) Tabako



see styles
dēng cǎo
    deng1 cao3
teng ts`ao
    teng tsao
the spongy, white pulp inside the stem of rush plants, used as a wick for oil lamps


see styles
    mu4 cao3
mu ts`ao
    mu tsao
 bokusou / bokuso
pasture; forage grass; pasturage
pasture; grass; (surname) Makigusa


see styles
bān cǎo
    ban1 cao3
pan ts`ao
    pan tsao
the most handsome boy in the class

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Appreciation and Love for Your Parents Scroll
Appreciation and Love for Your Parents Scroll
Appreciation and Love for Your Parents Scroll

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A professional Chinese Calligrapher

Professional calligraphers are getting to be hard to find these days.
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There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may become a lost art in the coming years. Many art institutes in China are now promoting calligraphy programs in hopes of keeping this unique form of art alive.

Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

Even with the teachings of a top-ranked calligrapher in China, my calligraphy will never be good enough to sell. I will leave that to the experts.

A high-ranked Chinese master calligrapher that I met in Zhongwei

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