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Infinity / Infinite / Endless / Boundless

(Chinese / Korean)
wú qióng
mu kyuu
Infinity / Infinite / Endless / Boundless Scroll

無窮 is the Chinese and Korean word meaning infinity, eternity, infinitude, infinite or endless.

無窮 literally translates as "without [ever becoming] exhausted/poor", and in that context, can mean "inexhaustible" or "boundless" but this is usually read as "without end". Some extended definitions include eternity, infinitude, or immortality.

In certain context, it can mean "immortality".

The first character means "never" or "not". The second means "exhausted", "finished", or "ending".

Note: 無窮 is a Japanese word but rarely used in modern Japan.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
mu kyuu / mukyuu / mu kyu / mukyuwú qióng / wu2 qiong2 / wu qiong / wuqiongwu ch`iung / wuchiung / wu chiung
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
wú qióng
    wu2 qiong2
wu ch`iung
    wu chiung
 mukyuu / mukyu
endless; boundless; inexhaustible
(noun or adjectival noun) eternity; infinitude; immortality


see styles
 mukyuutei / mukyute
(given name) Mukyuutei


see styles
 mukyuudou / mukyudo
{music} (See 常動曲) moto perpetuo; perpetual motion



see styles
wú qióng xiǎo
    wu2 qiong2 xiao3
wu ch`iung hsiao
    wu chiung hsiao
infinitesimal (in calculus); infinitely small



see styles
wú qióng jìn
    wu2 qiong2 jin4
wu ch`iung chin
    wu chiung chin
 mu gūjin


see styles
 mugunfa; mukyuuka / mugunfa; mukyuka
    ムグンファ; むきゅうか
(kana only) (See ムクゲ) rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) (kor: mugunghwa); Korean rose



see styles
wú qióng jí
    wu2 qiong2 ji2
wu ch`iung chi
    wu chiung chi
infinite set (math.)



see styles
qí lè wú qióng
    qi2 le4 wu2 qiong2
ch`i le wu ch`iung
    chi le wu chiung
boundless joy



see styles
lì dà wú qióng
    li4 da4 wu2 qiong2
li ta wu ch`iung
    li ta wu chiung
extraordinary strength; super strong; strong as an ox



see styles
huí wèi wú qióng
    hui2 wei4 wu2 qiong2
hui wei wu ch`iung
    hui wei wu chiung
leaving a rich aftertaste; (fig.) memorable; lingering in memory


see styles
 tenjoumukyuu / tenjomukyu
(yoji) as eternal as heaven and earth



see styles
hòu huàn wú qióng
    hou4 huan4 wu2 qiong2
hou huan wu ch`iung
    hou huan wu chiung
it will cause no end of trouble (idiom)



see styles
wú qióng xù liè
    wu2 qiong2 xu4 lie4
wu ch`iung hsü lieh
    wu chiung hsü lieh
infinite sequence



see styles
wú qióng wú jìn
    wu2 qiong2 wu2 jin4
wu ch`iung wu chin
    wu chiung wu chin
endless; boundless; infinite



see styles
wú qióng yuǎn diǎn
    wu2 qiong2 yuan3 dian3
wu ch`iung yüan tien
    wu chiung yüan tien
point at infinity (math.); infinitely distant point



see styles
yí hài wú qióng
    yi2 hai4 wu2 qiong2
i hai wu ch`iung
    i hai wu chiung
to have disastrous consequences



see styles
yí hài wú qióng
    yi2 hai4 wu2 qiong2
i hai wu ch`iung
    i hai wu chiung
to have disastrous consequences; also written 貽害無窮|贻害无穷[yi2 hai4 wu2 qiong2]



see styles
dǎ shé bù sǐ , hòu huàn wú qióng
    da3 she2 bu4 si3 , hou4 huan4 wu2 qiong2
ta she pu ssu , hou huan wu ch`iung
    ta she pu ssu , hou huan wu chiung
if you beat the snake without killing it, endless evils will ensue (idiom)

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