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Great Sea

dà yáng
tai you
Great Sea Vertical Wall Scroll

大洋 is a rarely-used word for ocean in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. 大洋 is here mostly for reference - please order a different ocean for your custom calligraphy wall scroll.

The first character means "big" or "great".
The second means "ocean" or "body of water" (it can sometimes mean "foreign" but not in this case).
The first character designates that you are talking about a great or huge body of water (certainly a major ocean and not a smaller sea).


dà yáng zhōu
Oceania Vertical Wall Scroll

大洋洲 is the Chinese name for Oceania (sometimes called Oceanica).

The geographical, often geopolitical, region consisting of numerous lands - mostly islands and usually including Australia. Basically, Oceania includes the Pacific Ocean and surrounding area.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Great Sea大洋tai you / taiyou / tai yo / taiyodà yáng / da4 yang2 / da yang / dayangta yang / tayang
Oceania大洋洲dà yáng zhōu
da4 yang2 zhou1
da yang zhou
ta yang chou

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
dà yáng / da4 yang2
ta yang
 taiyou / taiyo / たいよう
Oceania Vertical Wall Scroll
ocean; (old) silver dollar
(noun - becomes adjective with の) ocean; (personal name) Motohiro


see styles
dà yáng zhōu / da4 yang2 zhou1
ta yang chou
Oceania Vertical Wall Scroll


see styles
 santaiyou / santaiyo / さんたいよう (obscure) (See 五大洋) three great oceans (Pacific, Atlantic and Indian)


see styles
 gotaiyou;godaiyou(ik) / gotaiyo;godaiyo(ik) / ごたいよう;ごだいよう(ik) the five oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, and Arctic)


see styles
nán dà yáng / nan2 da4 yang2
nan ta yang
Southern Ocean


see styles
 taiyoushuu / taiyoshu / たいようしゅう (See オセアニア) Oceania


see styles
 taiyoumura / taiyomura / たいようむら (place-name) Taiyoumura


see styles
 taiyoueki / taiyoeki / たいようえき (st) Taiyou Station



see styles
dà yáng lóng / da4 yang2 long2
ta yang lung


see styles
fàn dà yáng / fan4 da4 yang2
fan ta yang
Panthalassis (geology)


see styles
 tsuchiyamotohiro / つちやもとひろ (person) Tsuchiya Motohiro


see styles
dà yáng zhōng jǐ / da4 yang2 zhong1 ji3
ta yang chung chi
mid-ocean ridge (geology)


see styles
 arashinotaiyou / arashinotaiyo / あらしのたいよう Oceanus Procellarum (lunar mare); Ocean of Storms


see styles
 kawashitataiyou / kawashitataiyo / かわしたたいよう (person) Kawashita Taiyou (1958.7.3-)


see styles
 matsumototaiyou / matsumototaiyo / まつもとたいよう (person) Matsumoto Taiyou


see styles
 oohiroayumu / おおひろあゆむ (person) Oohiro Ayumu



see styles
dà yáng xíng dì qiào / da4 yang2 xing2 di4 qiao4
ta yang hsing ti ch`iao / ta yang hsing ti chiao
oceanic crust (geology)


see styles
 taiyouseikoukoujou / taiyosekokojo / たいようせいこうこうじょう (place-name) Taiyouseikou Factory


see styles
 kashimaguntaiyoumura / kashimaguntaiyomura / かしまぐんたいようむら (place-name) Kashimaguntaiyoumura


see styles
 kujitaiyougorufujou / kujitaiyogorufujo / くじたいようゴルフじょう (place-name) Kujitaiyou golf links

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Oceania Vertical Wall Scroll
Oceania Vertical Wall Scroll
Oceania Vertical Wall Scroll

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Oceania Vertical Portrait

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