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Ten perfect Mahayana rules

shí fǎ
Ten perfect Mahayana rules Vertical Wall Scroll

十法 is the title of the ten perfect or perfecting Mahāyāna rules.

The order of rules are as follows:
1. right belief.
2. right conduct.
3. right spirit.
4. joy of the bodhi mind.
5. joy in the dharma.
6. joy in meditation.
7. pursuing the correct dharma.
8. obedience to, or accordance with dharma.
9. departing from pride, desire, etc.
10. comprehending the inner teaching of Buddha and taking no pleasure attaining such knowledge or noting the ignorance of others.

This title is only used in the context of Buddhism. Japanese and Chinese people who are not familiar with Buddhism will not recognize this title.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Ten perfect Mahayana rules十法jippou / jiposhí fǎ / shi2 fa3 / shi fa / shifashih fa / shihfa

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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shí fǎ / shi2 fa3
shih fa
Ten perfect Mahayana rules Vertical Wall Scroll
The ten 成就 perfect or perfecting Mahāyāna rules; i.e. in (1) right belief; (2) conduct; (3) spirit; (4) the joy of the bodhi mind; (5) joy in the dharma; (6) joy in meditation in it; (7) pursuing the correct dharma; (8) obedience to, or accordance with it; (9) departing from pride, etc.; (10) comprehending the inner teaching of Buddha and taking no pleasure in that of the śrāvaka and pratyeka-buddha order; ten completions of the great vehicle standards


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wǔ shí fǎ / wu3 shi2 fa3
wu shih fa
 gojū hō
Fifty modes of meditation mentioned in the 大品般若; i. e. the 三十七品 bodhi paksika dharma, the 三三昧, four 禪, four 無量心, four 無色定, eight 背捨, eight 勝處, nine 次第定, and eleven 切處; fifty methods


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shí fǎ jiè / shi2 fa3 jie4
shih fa chieh
 jū hōkai
The ten dharma-worlds, or states of existence, i.e. the hells (or purgatories), pretas, animals, asmas, men, devas, śrāvakas, pratyekabuddhas, bodhisattvas, Buddhas. In the esoteric teaching there is a series of hells, pretas, animals, asuras, men, devas, śrāvakas, bodhisattvas, 權佛 relative Buddhas, 實佛 absolute Buddhas; ten realms


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shí fǎ xíng / shi2 fa3 xing2
shih fa hsing
 jippō gyō
Ten ways of devotion to the Buddhist sutras: to copy them; serve the places where they are kept, as if serving the Buddha's shrine; preach or give them to others; listen attentively to their exposition; read; maintain; discourse on them to others; intone them; ponder over them; observe their lessons; ten teaching practices


see styles
shí fǎ míng rù / shi2 fa3 ming2 ru4
shih fa ming ju
 jippō myōnyū
ten dharmas of luminous entry



see styles
shí fǎ zhǐ guān / shi2 fa3 zhi3 guan1
shih fa chih kuan
 jippō shikan
ten vehicles of meditation



see styles
shí fǎ chéng shèng guān / shi2 fa3 cheng2 sheng4 guan1
shih fa ch`eng sheng kuan / shih fa cheng sheng kuan
 jippō jōjō kan
ten vehicles of meditation



see styles
guān mén shí fǎ jiè / guan1 men2 shi2 fa3 jie4
kuan men shih fa chieh
 kanmon jippokkai
cf. 十 and 法; method of contemplating the ten reality realms


see styles
shàng gēn yī fǎ zhōng gēn qī fǎ xià gēn shí fǎ / shang4 gen1 yi1 fa3 zhong1 gen1 qi1 fa3 xia4 gen1 shi2 fa3
shang ken i fa chung ken ch`i fa hsia ken shih fa / shang ken i fa chung ken chi fa hsia ken shih fa
 jōkon ippō chūkon shichihō gekon jippō
one practice for the talented, seven for the middling, ten for the inferior

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Ten perfect Mahayana rules Vertical Wall Scroll
Ten perfect Mahayana rules Vertical Wall Scroll
Ten perfect Mahayana rules Vertical Wall Scroll
Ten perfect Mahayana rules Vertical Wall Scroll

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Ten perfect Mahayana rules Vertical Portrait

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