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Seishin in Chinese / Japanese...

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Indomitable Spirit / Indomitable Attitude

Fukutsu no Seishin
Japan fu kutsu no sei shin
Indomitable Spirit / Indomitable Attitude Vertical Wall Scroll

不屈の精神 is one of several versions or ways to write "Indomitable Spirit" in Japanese.

This one is the famous, "Fukutsu no Seishin" phrase.


China jīng shén
Japan sei shin
Spirit Vertical Wall Scroll

精神 is the kind of spirit that you have if you perform well in sports or competition. It is the idea of having a good attitude, and putting your all into something - so much so that others can see or feel your spirit. It is the essence of your being that can only be subjectively described because there are no words that can fully explain what "spirit" really is.

For your information:
My Japanese dictionary further tries to explain this word by comparing it to mind, soul, heart or intention.
My Chinese dictionary compares these characters to meanings like vigor, vitality, drive and mentality.
My Korean dictionary defines this as mind, spirit and soul.

See Also:  Vitality | Heart | Soul

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Mandarin jīng shen // jīng shén / jing1 shen5 // jing1 shen2
Taiwan ching shen // ching
Japanese seishin / seshin / せいしん
Spirit Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese vigor; vitality; drive; spiritual; spirit; mind; consciousness; thought; mental; psychological; essence; gist; CL:個|个[ge4]
Japanese (1) mind; spirit; soul; heart; ethos; (2) attitude; mentality; will; intention; (3) spirit (of a matter); essence; fundamental significance; (given name) Seishin
Vitality; also the pure and spiritual, the subtle, or recondite.


see styles
Japanese shizugokoro;shizukokoro / しずごころ;しずこころ Japanese calm mind; placid temperament; (given name) Seishin


see styles
Japanese seishin / seshin / せいしん Japanese (noun/participle) vibration control (in earthquake-resistant construction)


see styles
Japanese seishin / seshin / せいしん Japanese (noun/participle) vibration control (in earthquake-resistant construction)



see styles
Mandarin zhèng shěn / zheng4 shen3
Taiwan cheng shen
Japanese seishin / seshin / せいしん
Chinese examine sb's political record; political investigation
Japanese (abbreviation) (See 政策審議) policy deliberation


see styles
Mandarin xīng chén / xing1 chen2
Taiwan hsing ch`en / hsing chen
Japanese seishin / seshin / せいしん
Chinese stars
Japanese celestial bodies; stars


see styles
Mandarin zhèng xìn / zheng4 xin4
Taiwan cheng hsin
Japanese masanobu / まさのぶ    masatoshi / まさとし    seishin / seshin / せいしん    shoushin / shoshin / しょうしん
Japanese (surname, given name) Masanobu; (personal name) Masatoshi; (given name) Seishin; (given name) Shoushin
correct faith


see styles
Mandarin qīng xīn / qing1 xin1
Taiwan ch`ing hsin / ching hsin
Japanese seishin / seshin / せいしん
Chinese fresh and clean; Qingxin county in Qingyuan 清远, Guangdong
Japanese (adj-na,adj-no,n) fresh; new; (place-name) Seishin


see styles
Japanese seishin / seshin / せいしん Japanese (adj-na,adj-no,n) fresh; new



see styles
Mandarin shèng xīn / sheng4 xin1
Taiwan sheng hsin
Japanese mimiko / みみこ    masami / まさみ    seishin / seshin / せいしん    satomi / さとみ
Chinese Sacred Heart (Christian)
Japanese (female given name) Mimiko; (female given name) Masami; (place-name) Seishin; (female given name) Satomi
The holy mind, that of Buddha.


see styles
Japanese seishin / seshin / せいしん Japanese (See 晋) Western Jin (dynasty of China, 265-317 CE)


see styles
Japanese seishin / seshin / せいしん Japanese (n,n-suf) (in the) Kobe area; (surname) Nishigami; (surname) Nishikami


see styles
Japanese seishin / seshin / せいしん Japanese (noun/participle) (See 東進) proceeding west


see styles
Mandarin shì xīn / shi4 xin1
Taiwan shih hsin
Japanese seishin
mental attitude of vowing



see styles
Mandarin chéng xìn / cheng2 xin4
Taiwan ch`eng hsin / cheng hsin
Japanese masanobu / まさのぶ    tomonobu / とものぶ    seishin / seshin / せいしん
Chinese genuine; honest; in good faith; honesty; integrity
Japanese (personal name) Masanobu; (personal name) Tomonobu; (given name) Seishin
True and trustworthy, true, reliable.



see styles
Mandarin chéng xīn / cheng2 xin1
Taiwan ch`eng hsin / cheng hsin
Japanese seishin / seshin / せいしん
Chinese sincerity
Japanese sincerity; (female given name) Mako
sincere mind


see styles
Mandarin shì xīn / shi4 xin1
Taiwan shih hsin
Japanese seishin
(Skt. brāhmaṇa)


see styles
Japanese seishin / seshin / せいしん Japanese seiche


see styles
Mandarin qīng xìn shì / qing1 xin4 shi4
Taiwan ch`ing hsin shih / ching hsin shih
Japanese seishin ji
or淸信男 and淸信女 upāsaka and upāsikā, male and female lay devotees; male lay disciple


see styles
Mandarin qīng xìn nǚ / qing1 xin4 nv3
Taiwan ch`ing hsin nü / ching hsin nü
Japanese seishin nyo
a woman of pure faith


see styles
Mandarin qīng xìn nán / qing1 xin4 nan2
Taiwan ch`ing hsin nan / ching hsin nan
Japanese seishin nan
male lay disciple


see styles
Japanese seishin / seshin / せいしん Japanese (noun/participle) vibration control (in earthquake-resistant construction)


see styles
Japanese seishin / seshin / せいしん Japanese (adj-na,adj-no,n) fresh; new

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Indomitable Spirit
Indomitable Attitude
不屈の精神fu kutsu no sei shin
Spirit精神sei shin / seishinjīng shén
jing1 shen2
jing shen
ching shen

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