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Japan chie
Chie Vertical Wall Scroll

チエ is the name Chie written in Katakana (phonetic Japanese).

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana , it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.


China jī āi
Chie Vertical Wall Scroll

奇埃 is a common transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the name Chie.

Wisdom / Intelligence

Japan chie
Wisdom / Intelligence Vertical Wall Scroll

This Japanese word means wisdom; wit; sagacity; sense; intelligence.

In Buddhist context, this is prajna (insight leading to enlightenment).

This can also be the Japanese female given name Norie.

Choi / Cui

China cuī
Choi / Cui Vertical Wall Scroll

崔 is both a word and surname in Chinese and Korean.

In Korean, this romanizes as Choi. Occasionally, some have romanized it as Choe.

In Chinese, this is romanized as Cui in the mainland and Tsui in Taiwan.

The meaning of this characters is high mountain or precipitous.

崔 is also a rarely used Japanese surname or given name. From Japanese, this has the following possible romanizations: Chiyoi; Chioe; Chiejiyon; Chiei; Chie; Che; Takashi; Sun; Sa.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin cuī / cui1
Taiwan ts`ui / tsui
Japanese chiyoi / ちよい    chioe / ちおえ    chiejiyon / ちえじよん    chiei / chie / ちえい    chie / ちえ    chii / chi / ちぇ    takashi / たかし    sun / すん    sai / さい    sa / さ
Choi / Cui Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese high mountain; precipitous; surname Cui
Japanese (surname) Chiyoi; (surname) Chioe; (surname) Chiejiyon; (surname) Chiei; (surname) Chie; (surname) Che; (given name) Takashi; (surname) Sun; (surname) Sa

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Mandarin zhì / zhi4
Taiwan chih
Japanese chi / ち
Choi / Cui Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese wisdom; knowledge
Japanese (1) wisdom; (2) (Buddhist term) jnana (higher knowledge); (given name) Masaru; (given name) Makoto; (female given name) Hikaru; (surname) Hamachi; (female given name) Tomomi; (personal name) Tomotsugu; (given name) Tomoki; (personal name) Tomokatsu; (surname, female given name) Tomo; (given name) Toshi; (person) Zhiyi (538-597); (female given name) Chie; (surname, given name) Chi; (surname) Takachi; (given name) Satoru; (female given name) Satori; (personal name) Satoyuki; (personal name) Satomi
jñāna 若那; 闍那 Knowledge; wisdom; defined as 於事理決斷也 decision or judgment as to phenomena or affairs and their principles, of things and their fundamental laws. There are numerous categories, up to 20, 48, and 77, v. 一智; 二智 and others. It is also used as a tr. of prajñā, cf. 智度.

see styles
Mandarin què // qiāo / que4 // qiao1
Taiwan ch`üeh // ch`iao / chüeh // chiao
Japanese suzume(p);suzume / すずめ(P);スズメ
Choi / Cui Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese small bird; sparrow; also pr. [qiao3]; a freckle; lentigo
Japanese (1) tree sparrow (Passer montanus); (2) talkative person; knowledgeable person; (surname) Chie; (surname, female given name) Suzume; (surname) Jaku; (surname) Sasagi; (surname) Sasaki
a sparrow


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Japanese chie / ちえ
Choi / Cui Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (1) wisdom; wit; sagacity; sense; intelligence; (2) (Buddhist term) prajna (insight leading to enlightenment); (female given name) Norie; (female given name) Tomoe; (female given name) Toshie; (female given name) Chisato; (given name) Chikei; (female given name) Chie; (female given name) Satoe


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Mandarin zhì huì / zhi4 hui4
Taiwan chih hui
Japanese chie / ちえ
Choi / Cui Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese wisdom; knowledge; intelligent; intelligence
Japanese (1) wisdom; wit; sagacity; sense; intelligence; (2) (Buddhist term) prajna (insight leading to enlightenment); (female given name) Tomoe; (female given name) Chihe; (female given name) Chie
jñāna as 智 knowledge and prajñā as 慧 discernment, i.e. knowledge of things and realization of truth; in general knowledge and wisdom; but sometimes implying mental and moral wisdom.


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Japanese chie / ちえ
Choi / Cui Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (1) wisdom; wit; sagacity; sense; intelligence; (2) (Buddhist term) prajna (insight leading to enlightenment); (female given name) Tomoe; (female given name) Chisato; (surname, female given name) Chie; (female given name) Shiaya; (female given name) Satoe



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Mandarin dà zhì huì mén / da4 zhi4 hui4 men2
Taiwan ta chih hui men
Japanese dai chie mon
The Buddha-door of great wisdom, as contrasted with that of his 大悲 great compassion; entry of great compassion

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Mandarin cài / cai4
Taiwan ts`ai / tsai
Japanese hanako / はなこ    tsuai / つあい    chiyae / ちやえ    chie / ちえ    sachi / さち    sai / さい    kin / きん
Chinese surname Cai
Japanese (female given name) Hanako; (surname) Tsuai; (surname) Chiyae; (surname) Chie; (surname) Sachi; (surname) Sai; (surname) Kin
chāyā, a shadow, reflection; gnomon, dial; a tortoise used in divination


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Japanese chie / ちえ Japanese (female given name) Chie


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Japanese chie / ちゑ Japanese (female given name) Chie (Chiwe)


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Japanese chie / ちえ Japanese (female given name) Chie


see styles
Japanese chie / ちえ Japanese many layers; many piles; (female given name) Chie; (surname) Senshige


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Japanese chitoku / ちとく Japanese (noun/participle) comprehension; knowledge; (female given name) Tomoe; (given name) Chitoku; (female given name) Chie; (personal name) Kazuto


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Mandarin xiū zhì huì / xiu1 zhi4 hui4
Taiwan hsiu chih hui
Japanese shu chie
to practice (the perfection of) wisdom


see styles
Mandarin dà zhì huì / da4 zhi4 hui4
Taiwan ta chih hui
Japanese dai chie
Chinese great wisdom and knowledge (Buddhism)
great wisdom


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Mandarin shǎo zhì huì / shao3 zhi4 hui4
Taiwan shao chih hui
Japanese shō chie
limited wisdom


see styles
Mandarin dé zhì huì / de2 zhi4 hui4
Taiwan te chih hui
Japanese toku chie
to acquire wisdom



see styles
Mandarin zhì huì jiàn / zhi4 hui4 jian4
Taiwan chih hui chien
Japanese chie ken
(智劍) The sword of wisdom which cuts away passion and severs the link of transmigration.



see styles
Mandarin zhì huì shèng / zhi4 hui4 sheng4
Taiwan chih hui sheng
Japanese chie shō
excellence of wisdom


see styles
Mandarin zhì huì xīn / zhi4 hui4 xin1
Taiwan chih hui hsin
Japanese chie shin
mind of wisdom


see styles
Mandarin zhì huì hǎi / zhi4 hui4 hai3
Taiwan chih hui hai
Japanese chie kai
Buddha-wisdom deep and wide as the ocean; ocean of wisdom


see styles
Mandarin zhì huì yǎn / zhi4 hui4 yan3
Taiwan chih hui yen
Japanese chie gen


see styles
Mandarin zhì huì zhě / zhi4 hui4 zhe3
Taiwan chih hui che
Japanese chie sha
wise one


see styles
Mandarin zhì huì xíng / zhi4 hui4 xing2
Taiwan chih hui hsing
Japanese chie gyō
wise practice



see styles
Mandarin zhì huì guān / zhi4 hui4 guan1
Taiwan chih hui kuan
Japanese chie kan
One of the meditations of Guanyin, insight into reality; wisdom meditation



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Mandarin zhì huì mén / zhi4 hui4 men2
Taiwan chih hui men
Japanese chie mon
The gate of Buddha-wisdom which leads into all truth; wisdom gate


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Mandarin yǒu zhì huì / you3 zhi4 hui4
Taiwan yu chih hui
Japanese u chie
manuṣya, an intelligent being, possessing wisdom, cf. 有意.


see styles
Mandarin shēn zhì huì / shen1 zhi4 hui4
Taiwan shen chih hui
Japanese shin chie
profound insight



see styles
Mandarin wú zhì huì / wu2 zhi4 hui4
Taiwan wu chih hui
Japanese mu chie
lacking intelligence


see styles
Japanese chienoita / ちえのいた Japanese dissection puzzle (tangram, Sei Shonagon chie-no-ita, etc.)

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Chie奇埃jī āi / ji1 ai1 / ji ai / jiaichi ai / chiai
cuī / cui1 / cuits`ui / tsui
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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