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Heaven in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Heaven / Sky
  2. Grace from Heaven / Grace from God
  3. Voice of Heaven / Voices from Heaven
  4. Oneness of Heaven and Humanity
  5. Kingdom of Heaven
  6. Blessed by Heaven
  7. Destiny Determined by Heaven
  8. Heaven and Earth
  9. Warrior of Heaven
10. Warrior of the Heavenly Realm
11. One Family Under Heaven
12. Heaven Sent
13. Angel / Messenger of Heaven
14. Heaven Rewards Hard Work
15. Heaven Blesses the Diligent
16. God in the glorious center of Heaven
17. Grace from Heaven...
18. Archangel / Arch Angel
19. Blue Sky

Heaven / Sky

China tiān
Japan ten
ribbon top
Heaven / Sky

This is the character which means "heaven" or "sky" in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

Context of how this character is used determines if you are talking about heaven or the sky above (often they are the same concept anyway).

When combined with other characters, words like "today" and "tomorrow" are created. While sometimes the character for "sun" is used to mean "day", often "sky" represents "day" in Asian languages.
Example: "this sky" = "today", "next sky" = "tomorrow" in modern Chinese and Japanese (they also use "sun" in the same way - but the use of the "sun" character in words like today and tomorrow feels more ancient).

In Chinese culture, regardless of which religion, it's almost always assumed that God (and any other deities) live up above in the sky. This is probably how the idea of heaven being associated with this character began.
The equation goes something like this: God's domain is the sky, thus, the sky is heaven.

Note: As a single character, this is a little ambiguous, so you might want to choose our Kingdom of Heaven selection instead.

See Also...  God | Today | Sun

Grace from Heaven / Grace from God

China tiān ēn
ribbon top
Grace from Heaven / Grace from God

This is the deepest way to say "Heaven's Grace" or "God's Grace" in Chinese.

The first character means Heaven or sky (referring in this case to the domain of God).
The second character means grace, blessings, benevolence, favor / favour, acts of kindness, merits, or beneficial influence.

This title can also be defined as:
Blessings of Heaven, Favor of the Emperor, Divination's luckiest day, or blessings of nature. Note: When you see "Emperor" above, keep in mind that the Emperor, like the Pope is theoretically chosen by God, or seen as an emissary or conduit of God in ancient Asian culture. It would only be read that way in certain context such as, "The Emperor, in his mercy, bestowed upon him Heaven's Grace and the prisoner was set free".

Note: Technically, this is a Japanese word too (pronounced "ten-on"), but it's rarely-used in Japan anymore. Therefore this title is best if your audience is Chinese.

Voice of Heaven / Voices from Heaven

China tiān táng zhī yīn
ribbon top
Voice of Heaven / Voices from Heaven

This title can be translated as either "voice of heaven" or "voices from heaven".

The first two characters mean heaven.
The third character is a possessive article (kind of like making heaven into heaven's).
The last character means voice, but can also mean sound.

Note: This can be pronounced in Korean, but it's not a commonly-used term.

Oneness of Heaven and Humanity

China tiān rén hé yī
ribbon top
Oneness of Heaven and Humanity

This title represents the oneness of heaven and humanity. It conveys the idea that man is an integral part of nature.

You can also read this as "heaven and man in unity", or "nature and man in unity". The "man" is really "people" or "humans" and is not gender-specific in Chinese.

Kingdom of Heaven

Traditional Chinese and Ancient Japanese
China tiān guó
Japan tengoku
ribbon top
Kingdom of Heaven

This is the very Christian way to refer to the "Kingdom of Heaven" in Chinese, old Korean and Japanese. This is also the translation for "paradise".

The first character means "Heaven". The second character means "kingdom", but in modern times has been extended to mean "country" (but no one will translate this particular character combination as "Heaven Country"). This is the ancient version of this word, as in modern times (after WWII) the second character was simplified in mainland China and Japan.

Kingdom of Heaven

Japanese and Simplified Chinese
China tiān guó
Japan tengoku
ribbon top
Kingdom of Heaven

This is the same meaning and pronunciation as our other entry for "Kingdom of Heaven" but the second character was simplified in Japan and mainland China to this version. Choose the appearance that you like best (they will be somewhat universally understood - as most people are aware of this simplification in places where they still use all traditional characters - such as Taiwan and Hong Kong). You can consider the other version to be the "ancient version".

Blessed by Heaven

Japan ten kei
ribbon top
Blessed by Heaven

This means "Heaven's Blessing", "Blessings from Heaven", or "Blessed by Heaven" in Japanese Kanji.

Depending on the context in which this is used, it can also mean, "gift of nature", or even, "natural resources" (as in Heaven or God bestowed things like oil, iron, gold, and other natural resources upon mankind).

Destiny Determined by Heaven

China tiān yì
Japan teni
ribbon top
Destiny Determined by Heaven

This is a way to express destiny in a slightly religious way. Literally this means "Heaven's Wish" or "Heaven's Desire" with the idea of fate and destiny being derived as well. It suggests that your destiny comes from God / Heaven and that your path has already been chosen by a higher power.

My Japanese dictionary defines this word as "divine will" or "providence" but it also holds the meaning of "the will of the emperor". Therefore I don't suggest this phrase if your audience is Japanese - it feels a little strange in Japanese anyway.

Heaven and Earth

China tiān dì
Japan tenchi
ribbon top
Heaven and Earth

This is "Heaven and Earth" in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja. This title is used for many different contexts. It can be a general term, but also used by Buddhists and in other religions.

This can also be used to refer to the universe, all of nature, the top and bottom, realm of life, or sphere of existence.

Warrior of Heaven

China tiān lì shì
Japan ten riki shi
ribbon top
Warrior of Heaven

This means "Heavenly Warrior", or "Hero of Heaven", in Chinese, old Korean, and Japanese.

Often used in Buddhist context.

Warrior of the Heavenly Realm

China tiān jiè lì shì
Japan ten kai riki shi
ribbon top
Warrior of the Heavenly Realm

This means "warrior of the heavenly realm" in Chinese, old Korean Hanja, and Japanese Kanji.

This is also known as Narayana in Buddhism.

One Family Under Heaven

China tiān xià yī jiā
Japan tenka ikka
ribbon top
One Family Under Heaven

This proverb can also be translated as "The whole world is one family". It is used to mean that all humans are related under heaven.

The first two characters can be translated as "the world", "whole country", "descended from heaven", "earth under heaven", "the public" or "the ruling power".

The second two characters can mean "one family", "a household", "one's folks", "a house" or "a home". Usually this is read as "a family".

Note: This proverb can be understood in Japanese, though not commonly used.

Heaven Sent

Japan tenrai / takara / sora
ribbon top
Heaven Sent

This Chinese and Japanese title means: heavenly; divine; inspired; heaven sent.

This can also be the Japanese surname Tenrai or Japanese female given names Takara or Sora.

Angel / Messenger of Heaven

China tiān shǐ
Japan ten shi
ribbon top
Angel / Messenger of Heaven

This is the meaning of Angel in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

The first character means heaven. The second means messenger. Together it makes sense that we are talking about angels as Heaven's Messengers.

If you are an "Angel Junkie", this may be the wall scroll for you.
I also think it's a great choice if your name happens to be Angel.

See Also...  Angel

Heaven Rewards Hard Work

China huáng tiān bù fù kǔ xīn rén
ribbon top
Heaven Rewards Hard Work

This inspirational Chinese proverb can be translated a few ways:

Heaven will not disappoint the person who tries.

If you try hard, you're bound to succeed eventually.

Heaven rewards diligent work.

Sincere/heartful effort reaps the grace of Heaven.

Heaven Blesses the Diligent

China tiān dào chóu qín
ribbon top
Heaven Blesses the Diligent

This can be interpreted a few different ways:
God blesses those who work hard.
It is the way of Heaven to smile on the diligent.
God will reward those that are worthy.
Heaven blesses those who are diligent.

Whichever translation you like, a scroll like this on your wall may serve as a reminder to work hard because your diligence will pay off both in this life and the next.

Note: This can be pronounced in Korean, but it's not a commonly-used term.

God in the glorious center of Heaven

China tiān zhī yù zhōng zhǔ shén
ribbon top
God in the glorious center of Heaven

This is a phrase that was submitted by a customer. I do not have information on the origin of this phrase.

Grace from Heaven
Grace from God

Japan kami no on kei
ribbon top
Grace from Heaven<br>Grace from God

The first two characters act to create a word that means "divine", "God's", or "The Spirit's".

The last two Kanji mean grace, favor, favour, blessing, or benefit.

Archangel / Arch Angel

China dà tiān shǐ
Japan dai ten shi
ribbon top
Archangel / Arch Angel

This is the title Archangel in Chinese characters, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

The first character means big or great (in this case, it means "arch").
The second means heaven (or sky).
The last means messenger.

The second and third characters together make the title for angel, which is literally "Heaven's Messenger".

This title would be understood as "The Chief of all Angels", or "The Great Angel". Some might even say it's the boss of Angels.

See Also...  Angel

Blue Sky

The Blue Dome of Heaven
China cāng qióng
Japan sou kyuu
ribbon top
Blue Sky

This is a poetic way to express "sky" in Chinese and Japanese Kanji.

It's like saying, "The blue dome of heaven", or a way to say "blue sky" within a poem.

Check dictionary for heaven

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Heaven / Sky tentiān / tian1 / tian t`ien / tien
Grace from Heaven / Grace from God 天恩tiān ēn / tian1 en1 / tian en / tianen t`ien en / tienen / tien en
Voice of Heaven / Voices from Heaven 天堂之音tiān táng zhī yīn
tian1 tang2 zhi1 yin1
tian tang zhi yin
t`ien t`ang chih yin
tien tang chih yin
Oneness of Heaven and Humanity 天人合一tiān rén hé yī
tian1 ren2 he2 yi1
tian ren he yi
t`ien jen ho i
tien jen ho i
Kingdom of Heaven 天國
tengokutiān guó / tian1 guo2 / tian guo / tianguo t`ien kuo / tienkuo / tien kuo
Kingdom of Heaven 天國
tengokutiān guó / tian1 guo2 / tian guo / tianguo t`ien kuo / tienkuo / tien kuo
Blessed by Heaven 天恵ten kei / tenkei
Destiny Determined by Heaven 天意tenitiān yì / tian1 yi4 / tian yi / tianyi t`ien i / tieni / tien i
Heaven and Earth 天地tenchitiān dì / tian1 di4 / tian di / tiandi t`ien ti / tienti / tien ti
Warrior of Heaven 天力士ten riki shi
tiān lì shì
tian1 li4 shi4
tian li shi
t`ien li shih
tien li shih
Warrior of the Heavenly Realm 天界力士ten kai riki shi
tiān jiè lì shì
tian1 jie4 li4 shi4
tian jie li shi
t`ien chieh li shih
tien chieh li shih
One Family Under Heaven 天下一家tenka ikka / tenkaikka / tenka ika / tenkaikatiān xià yī jiā
tian1 xia4 yi1 jia1
tian xia yi jia
t`ien hsia i chia
tien hsia i chia
Heaven Sent 天来tenrai / takara / sora
Angel / Messenger of Heaven 天使ten shi / tenshitiān shǐ / tian1 shi3 / tian shi / tianshi t`ien shih / tienshih / tien shih
Heaven Rewards Hard Work 皇天不負苦心人
huáng tiān bù fù kǔ xīn rén
huang2 tian1 bu4 fu4 ku3 xin1 ren2
huang tian bu fu ku xin ren
huang t`ien pu fu k`u hsin jen
huang tien pu fu ku hsin jen
Heaven Blesses the Diligent 天道酬勤tiān dào chóu qín
tian1 dao4 chou2 qin2
tian dao chou qin
t`ien tao ch`ou ch`in
tien tao chou chin
God in the glorious center of Heaven 天之御中主神tiān zhī yù zhōng zhǔ shén
tian1 zhi1 yu4 zhong1 zhu3 shen2
tian zhi yu zhong zhu shen
t`ien chih yü chung chu shen
tien chih yü chung chu shen
Grace from Heaven
Grace from God
神の恩恵kami no on kei
Archangel / Arch Angel 大天使dai ten shi
dà tiān shǐ
da4 tian1 shi3
da tian shi
ta t`ien shih
ta tien shih
Blue Sky 蒼穹
sou kyuu / soukyuu / so kyu / sokyucāng qióng
cang1 qiong2
cang qiong
ts`ang ch`iung
tsang chiung

In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line. In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

Some people may refer to this entry as Heaven Kanji, Heaven Characters, Heaven in Mandarin Chinese, Heaven Characters, Heaven in Chinese Writing, Heaven in Japanese Writing, Heaven in Asian Writing, Heaven Ideograms, Chinese Heaven symbols, Heaven Hieroglyphics, Heaven Glyphs, Heaven in Chinese Letters, Heaven Hanzi, Heaven in Japanese Kanji, Heaven Pictograms, Heaven in the Chinese Written-Language, or Heaven in the Japanese Written-Language.

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