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True Heart in Chinese / Japanese...

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True Heart

China zhēn xīn
Japan mago koro
True Heart Vertical Wall Scroll

While these two characters literally read as "true heart" or "genuine heart," the understood meaning is sincerity, devotion, sincere, or heartfelt. Some will extend the meaning to be like, "true love." Basically, it's the idea of doing something or treating someone with genuine feelings.

真心 is valid and has the same meaning in both Chinese characters and Japanese Kanji.

Note: While not too common, this can be the female given name "Mami" in Japanese.

Sincerity and Devotion

China zhì chéng
Japan shisei
Sincerity and Devotion Vertical Wall Scroll

至誠 is the idea that you enter into something with the utmost sincerity and fidelity. Ideas such as devotion, honesty, and "one's true heart" are also contained in this word.

至誠 is a universal word as the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and Korean Hanja are all identical.

My True Love

China wǒ xīn zhēn ài
My True Love Vertical Wall Scroll

我心真愛 is a slightly poetic way to express this sentiment to someone.

The meaning is "My True Love" but the characters directly translate as "I/Me/My Heart/Mind True/Real Love."

Note that Chinese grammar and construction are different, so this sounds very eloquent and artsy in Chinese.
In Korean Hanja, the third character should be written differently, just let me know when you place your order if you want that version - it will still make sense in Chinese. This phrase makes sense in Korean but not commonly used.

Lingering Mind

China cán xīn
Japan zan shin
Lingering Mind Vertical Wall Scroll

First off, this should only be used in context of Japanese martial arts. In Chinese, it's a rather sad title (like a broken heart). In Chinese, the first character alone means destroyed, spoiled, ruined, injured, cruel, oppressive, savage, incomplete, disabled. However, in Japanese, it's remainder, leftover, balance, or lingering.
The second character means heart, mind, soul, or essence in both languages.

殘心 is one of the five spirits of the warrior (budo), and is often used as a Japanese martial arts tenet. Under that context, places such as the Budo Dojo define it this way: The spirit of zanshin is the state of the remaining or lingering spirit. It is often described as a sustained and heightened state of awareness and mental follow-through. However, true zanshin is a state of focus or concentration before, during, and after the execution of a technique, where a link or connection between uke and nage is preserved. Zanshin is the state of mind that allows us to stay spiritually connected, not only to a single attacker but to multiple attackers and even an entire context; a space, a time, an event.

残In modern Japan (and Simplified Chinese), they use a different version of the first character, as seen to the right. Click on this character to the right instead of the button above if you want this modern Japanese version of lingering mind / zanshin.


Japan shou shin ryuu
Shoshin-Ryu Vertical Wall Scroll

This Japanese title means "right heart style" or "true mind method."

The first character means right, correct, greater, or true.

The second character means heart, mind, soul, or essence.

The third character means style, method, or some will translate it as school.

Please note, there is more than one martial arts school that romanizes as Shoshin-Ryu.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your true heart search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Mandarin zhēn xīn / zhen1 xin1
Taiwan chen hsin
Japanese magokoro(p);makokoro(ok) / まごころ(P);まこころ(ok)
Shoshin-Ryu Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese sincere; heartfelt; CL:片[pian4]
Japanese sincerity; true heart; devotion; (female given name) Mami; (female given name) Manami; (female given name) Manaka; (personal name) Masami; (female given name) Magokoro; (female given name) Makoro; (female given name) Makoko; (female given name) Mako; (female given name) Kokoro



see styles
Mandarin liù nán / liu4 nan2
Taiwan liu nan
Japanese rokunan
The six difficult things— to be born in a Buddha-age, to hear the true Buddha-law, to beget a good heart, to be born in the central kingdom (India), to be born in human form, and to be perfect; see, Nirvana Sutra 23; six difficult attainments



see styles
Mandarin yuán jué / yuan2 jue2
Taiwan yüan chüeh
Japanese engaku
Complete enlightenment potentially present in each being, for all have 本覺 primal awareness, or 眞心 the true heart (e. g. conscience), which has always remained pure and shining; considered as essence it is the 一心 one mind, considered causally it is the Tathāgata-garbha, considered it is|| perfect enlightenment, cf. 圓覺經.


see styles
Mandarin xīn zhōng / xin1 zhong1
Taiwan hsin chung
Japanese shinchuu / shinchu / しんちゅう    shinjuu(p);shinjuu / shinju(p);shinju / しんじゅう(P);しんぢゅう
Chinese central point; in one's thoughts; in one's heart
Japanese one's heart; the mind; inner feelings; inmost thoughts; true motives; (noun/participle) double suicide; lovers' suicide
in the mind


see styles
Mandarin běn xīn / ben3 xin1
Taiwan pen hsin
Japanese honshin / ほんしん
Japanese true feelings
The original heart, or mind; one's own heart; fundamental mind


see styles
Mandarin zhèng yì / zheng4 yi4
Taiwan cheng i
Japanese seii / se / せいい
Chinese sense (in DNA)
Japanese true heart; correct meaning; (given name) Masaomi; (given name) Masaoki; (surname, given name) Masai; (given name) Seii
correct intention


see styles
Japanese seiki / seki / せいき    shouki / shoki / しょうき Japanese true character; true heart; true spirit; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (See 狂気) sanity; consciousness; soberness; (given name) Masaki; (surname, given name) Seiki; (given name) Shouki


see styles
Japanese ugatsu / うがつ Japanese (transitive verb) (1) to drill; to bore; to pierce; to pass through; (v5t,vt,vi) (2) to hit the mark; to get to the heart of (the matter); to be true to (nature); (transitive verb) (3) (archaism) to put on; to wear


see styles
Japanese chuujou / chujo / ちゅうじょう Japanese true heart; inner feelings


see styles
Mandarin jīn sù / jin1 su4
Taiwan chin su
Chinese one's true heart



see styles
Mandarin wǔ zhǒng guàn dǐng / wu3 zhong3 guan4 ding3
Taiwan wu chung kuan ting
Japanese goshu kanjō
The five abhiṣecanī baptisms of the esoteric school— for ordaining ācāryas, teachers, or preachers of the Law: for admitting disciples: for putting an end to calamities or suffering for sins; for advancement, or success; and for controlling (evil spirits ) or getting rid of difficulties, cf. 五種修法. Also, baptism of light: of sweet dew (i. e. perfume): of the 'germ-word' as seed; of the five baptismal signs of wisdom made on the forehead, shoulders, heart, and throat, indicating the five Dhyāni-Buddhas; and of the ' true word' on the breast; five kinds of consecration



see styles
Mandarin gē lì tuó yé / ge1 li4 tuo2 ye2
Taiwan ko li t`o yeh / ko li to yeh
Japanese kiridaya
紇利倶; 紇哩陀耶 (or紇哩乃耶or 紇哩娜耶); 訖利駄耶; 釳陀陀; 汗栗駄; 肝栗大 hṛdaya, the heart, the mind; some forms are applied to the physical heart, others somewhat indiscriminately to the Tathāgata-heart, or the true, natural, innocent heart.



see styles
Mandarin lù yáo zhī mǎ lì , rì jiǔ jiàn rén xīn / lu4 yao2 zhi1 ma3 li4 , ri4 jiu3 jian4 ren2 xin1
Taiwan lu yao chih ma li , jih chiu chien jen hsin
Chinese just as distance determines the stamina of a horse, so does time reveal a person's true heart (proverb)

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
True Heart真心mago koro / magokorozhēn xīn / zhen1 xin1 / zhen xin / zhenxinchen hsin / chenhsin
Sincerity and Devotion至誠
shiseizhì chéng
zhi4 cheng2
zhi cheng
chih ch`eng
chih cheng
My True Love我心真愛
wǒ xīn zhēn ài
wo3 xin1 zhen1 ai4
wo xin zhen ai
wo hsin chen ai
Lingering Mind殘心
zan shin / zanshincán xīn / can2 xin1 / can xin / canxints`an hsin / tsanhsin / tsan hsin
Shoshin-Ryu正心流shou shin ryuu
sho shin ryu
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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