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The name Cosmos in Chinese / Japanese...

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The rules of life, the universe, and everything.

Science Scroll

At its essence, 理 means science.

理 is a very ambiguous and open term; it speaks to the reason that all things exist, and how things work from the microscopic to the cosmic level.

There are many translations for this word, including inner essence; intrinsic order; reason; logic; truth; science; natural science (esp. physics); principle; the underlying principles of the cosmos; the way of things; ruling principle; fundamental law; intrinsicality; universal basis; or essential element(s).

If you are a scientist, or just searching for “the answer to life, the universe, and everything,” this could be the character for you.

The Universe in Balance / Balanced Universe

 yǔ zhòu píng héng
 u chuu hei kou
The Universe in Balance / Balanced Universe Scroll

宇宙平衡 is a proverb that is simply Universe Balanced (we might say “Balanced Universe” in English).

The first two characters mean the Universe. However, in some contexts, it can mean cosmic, cosmos, or outer space.
The second two characters mean balance or balanced (can also mean equilibrium).

Universe / Cosmos

 yǔ zhòu
Universe / Cosmos Scroll

宇宙 is a Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja word that means universe, cosmos, and space.

This can also be a given name, Hiroshi, in Japanese.

Universe / Space

 chuu / haruka
Universe / Space Scroll

宙 means universe, cosmos, or outer space in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

This can also mean air or midair depending on context.

In Korean, this can mean eternity in some contexts.

In Japanese, this can also be the female given name Haruka.

These search terms might be related to Cosmos:

Sky / Air / Ether / Space

The Universe in Balance / Balanced Universe

Universe / Cosmos

Universe / Space

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your cosmos search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles


More info & calligraphy:

texture; grain (of wood); inner essence; intrinsic order; reason; logic; truth; science; natural science (esp. physics); to manage; to pay attention to; to run (affairs); to handle; to put in order; to tidy up
(1) reason; principle; logic; (2) {Buddh} (See 事・じ) general principle (as opposed to individual concrete phenomenon); (3) the underlying principles of the cosmos (in neo-Confucianism); (given name) Wataru
siddhānta; hetu. Ruling principle, fundamental law, intrinsicality, universal basis, essential element; nidāna, reason; pramāṇa, to arrange, regulate, rule, rectify.


see styles
yǔ zhòu
    yu3 zhou4
yü chou
 uchuu / uchu

More info & calligraphy:

Universe / Cosmos
universe; cosmos
universe; cosmos; space; (given name) Hiroshi


see styles
yī rú
    yi1 ru2
i ju
to be just like
oneness; (personal name) Kazuyuki
The one ru, i.e. the bhūtatathatā, or absolute, as the norm and essence of life. The 眞如 true suchness, or true character, or reality; the 法性 nature of things or beings. The whole of things as they are, or seem; a cosmos; a species; things of the same order. Name of a celebrated monk, Yiru. V. 一眞; 一實.


see styles
liù hé
    liu4 he2
liu ho
 rikugou / rikugo
the six directions (north, south, east, west, up, down); the whole country; the universe; everything under the sun
the universe; the cosmos; (place-name) Rokugou
six combinations



see styles
tài xū
    tai4 xu1
t`ai hsü
    tai hsü
great emptiness; the void; heaven; the skies; universe; cosmos; original essence of the cosmos
great voidness


see styles
(See 理・り・3) li and qi; li and chi; the underlying principles and the material phenomena of the cosmos (in Song-period neo-Confucianism)


see styles
 akizakura; akizakura
    あきざくら; アキザクラ
(See コスモス・2) common cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus); (female given name) Shuo


see styles
cosmos; (personal name) Cosmo


see styles
yī hé xiàng
    yi1 he2 xiang4
i ho hsiang
 ichigō sō
An organism, a cosmos, or any combined form, e.g. a man, a world.


see styles
 daiuchuu / daiuchu
(See 小宇宙) macrocosmos; macrocosm; the universe; the cosmos



see styles
yǔ zhòu hào
    yu3 zhou4 hao4
yü chou hao
Cosmos, Russian spacecraft series


see styles
(1) cosmos; (2) garden cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus); Mexican aster; (place-name) Kosmos


see styles
yī fó shì jiè
    yi1 fo2 shi4 jie4
i fo shih chieh
 ichibutsu sekai
A Buddha-cosmos; a world undergoing transformation by a Buddha.


see styles
dà qiān shì jiè
    da4 qian1 shi4 jie4
ta ch`ien shih chieh
    ta chien shih chieh
 daisen sekai
great wide world; marvelously diverse world; (Buddhism) cosmos (abbr. for 三千大千世界[san1 qian1 da4 qian1 shi4 jie4])
A major chiliocosm, or universe, of 3,000 great chiliocosms, v. 三千大千.


see styles
dà bō sī jú
    da4 bo1 si1 ju2
ta po ssu chü
cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus), flowering herbaceous plant


see styles
sān qiān dà qiān shì jiè
    san1 qian1 da4 qian1 shi4 jie4
san ch`ien ta ch`ien shih chieh
    san chien ta chien shih chieh
cosmos (Buddhism)
{Buddh} the whole universe (of a billion worlds) that Buddha enlightened
tri-sahasra-mahā-sahasra-loka-dhātu, a great chiliocosm; 三千; 三千界, 三千世界. Mt. Sumeru and its seven surrounding continents, eight seas and ring of iron mountains form one small world; 1, 000 of these form a small chiliocosm 小千世界; 1, 000 of these small chiliocosms form a medium chiliocosm 中千世界; a thousand of these form a great chiliocosm 大千世界, which thus consists of 1, 000, 000, 000 small worlds. The 三千 indicates the above three kinds of thousands, therefore 三千大千世界 is the same as 大千世界, which is one Buddha-world.


see styles
 akizakura; akizakura
    あきざくら; アキザクラ
(See コスモス・2) garden cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus); Mexican aster

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Sciencekotowarilǐ / li3 / li
The Universe in Balance
Balanced Universe
宇宙平衡u chuu hei kou
u chu hei ko
yǔ zhòu píng héng
yu3 zhou4 ping2 heng2
yu zhou ping heng
yü chou p`ing heng
yü chou ping heng
宇宙uchuu / uchuyǔ zhòu / yu3 zhou4 / yu zhou / yuzhouyü chou / yüchou
chuu / haruka
chu / haruka
zhòu / zhou4 / zhouchou


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