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The Name Surya in Chinese / Japanese...

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sū lǐ yǎ
Surya Scroll

蘇里亞 is the most common transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the name Surya.

sū ěr yǎ
Surya Scroll

蘇爾雅 is a less-common transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the name Surya.

Surya Scroll

スーリヤ is the name Surya in Japanese.

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
sū lǐ yǎ
su1 li3 ya3
su li ya
sū ěr yǎ
su1 er3 ya3
su er ya
su erh ya
Suryaスーリヤsuuriya / suriya
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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/ ri4
 nichi / にち
Surya Scroll
sun; day; date, day of the month
(1) (abbreviation) (See 日曜) Sunday; (suffix) (2) (also んち or ち) day (of the month); (suf,ctr) (3) (also んち or ち) counter for days; (n,n-suf,n-pref) (4) (abbreviation) (See 日本) Japan; (surname) Hiru
sūrya; the sun; a day. 蘇利耶.


see styles
rì guāng / ri4 guang1
jih kuang
 nikkou / nikko / にっこう
Surya Scroll
sunlight; sunshine; sunbeams; (female given name) Himi
(日光菩薩); 蘇利也波羅皮遮那 Sūrya-prabhāsana. Sunlight, and 月光 (月光菩薩) Moonlight, name of two Bodhisattva assistants of 藥師 the Master of Healing; Sunlight is the ninth in the Dizang Court of the Garbhadhātu group; sunlight


see styles
xiū lì / xiu1 li4
hsiu li
Sūrya, 蘇利耶 the sun; also name of a yakṣa, the ruler of the sun.


see styles
rì tiān / ri4 tian1
jih t`ien / jih tien
 nitten / にってん
(1) {Buddh} (See 日天子・1) Surya (Hindu sun god also revered as one of the twelve devas in Shingon Buddhism); (2) (archaism) sun; (given name) Nitten
(日天子) sūrya, 蘇利耶; 修利; 修野天子 (or 修意天子) 天子; also 寳光天子. The sun-ruler; one of the metamorphoses of Guanyin, dwelling in the sun as palace, driving a quadriga.



see styles
rì zhǒng / ri4 zhong3
jih chung
 Nisshu / につしゆ
(surname) Nitsushiyu
Sūrya-vaṃśa, one of the five surnames of Śākyamuni, sun-seed or lineage, his first ancestors having been produced by the sun from. 'two stalks of sugar-cane'; v. Ikṣvāku.


see styles
yǒu yì / you3 yi4
yu i
 yuui / yui / ゆうい
to intend; intentionally; interested in
(adj-na,adj-no,n) (1) significant; meaningful; (adj-no,adj-na,n) (2) intentional; volitional
mati; matimant; possessing mind, intelligent; a tr. of manuṣya, man, a rational being. The name of the eldest son of Candra-sūrya-pradīpa.


see styles
èr shí tiān / er4 shi2 tian1
erh shih t`ien / erh shih tien
 nijū ten
The twenty devas. (1) 大梵天王 (Mahābrahman), (2) 帝釋尊天(Śakra devānām Indra), (3) 多聞天王 (Vaiśravana, 毘沙門, or Dhanada), (4) 持國天王(Dhṛtarāṣṭra), (5) 增長天王 (Virūḍhaka), (6) 廣目天王 (Virūpākṣa), (7) 金剛密迹(?Gunyapati), (8) 摩醯首羅 (Maheśvara), (9) 散脂 (迦) 大將 (Pañcika), (10) 大辯才天 (Sarasvatī), (11) 大功德天 (Lakṣmī), (12) 韋驛天神 (Skanda), (13) 堅牢地神 (Pṛthivī), (14) 善提樹神 (Bodhidruma, or Bodhi-vṛkṣa), (15) 鬼子母神 (Hāritī), (16) 摩利支天 (Marīci), (17) 日宮天子 (Sūrya), (18) 月宮天子 (Candra, etc. There are many different names), (19) 裟竭龍王(Sāgara), (20) 閣摩羅王 (Yama-rāja); twenty celestials


see styles
mó lì zhī / mo2 li4 zhi1
mo li chih
 marishi / まりし
{Buddh} Marici
(or 摩梨支, or 摩里支); 末利支 Marīci. Rays of light, the sun's rays, said to go before the sun; mirage; also intp. as a wreath. A goddess, independent and sovereign, protectress against all violence and peril. 'In Brahmanic mythology, the personification of light, offspring of Brahmā, parent of Sūrya.' 'Among Chinese Buddhists Maritchi is represented as a female with eight arms, two of which are holding aloft emblems of sun and moon, and worshipped as goddess of light and as the guardian of all nations, whom she protects from the fury of war. She is addressed as 天后 queen of heaven, or as 斗姥 lit. mother of the Southern measure (μλρστζ Sagittarī), and identified with Tchundi' and 'with Mahēśvarī, the wife of Maheśvara, and has therefore the attribute Mātrikā', mother of Buddhas. Eitel. Taoists address her as Queen of Heaven; Maricī


see styles
sī lī yá / si1 li1 ya2
ssu li ya
Sūrya, the sun, the sun-deva.


see styles
rì tiān zǐ / ri4 tian1 zi3
jih t`ien tzu / jih tien tzu
 nittenshi / にってんし
(1) {Buddh} (See 十二天) Surya (Hindu sun god also revered as one of the twelve devas in Shingon Buddhism); (2) (archaism) sun



see styles
sū lì yé / su1 li4 ye2
su li yeh
Sūrya, the sun, the sun god, v. 蘇.



see styles
sū lì yé / su1 li4 ye2
su li yeh
sūrya, the sun, also 蘇哩耶; 須梨耶.



see styles
xū lí yé / xu1 li2 ye2
hsü li yeh
Sūrya, the sun; sūrya


see styles
 shuriya / シュリヤ (personal name) Surya



see styles
bǎo guāng tiān zǐ / bao3 guang1 tian1 zi3
pao kuang t`ien tzu / pao kuang tien tzu
 Hōkō Tenshi
Precious light deva, Sūrya-deva, the sun-prince, a manifestation of Guanyin; Ratnaprabha



see styles
nà lián yé shè / na4 lian2 ye2 she4
na lien yeh she
(那連提黎耶舍) Narendrayaśas, a monk of Udyāna, north-west India; sixth century A. D.; tr. the Candra-garbha, Sūrya-garbha, and other sūtras.



see styles
rì yuè jìng míng dé / ri4 yue4 jing4 ming2 de2
jih yüeh ching ming te
 Nichigetsu jōmyō toku
Candra-vimala-sūrya-prabhāsa-śrī. A Buddha whose realm resembles Sukhāvatī.



see styles
rì yuè dēng míng fó / ri4 yue4 deng1 ming2 fo2
jih yüeh teng ming fo
 Nichigetsu tō myō butsu
Candra-sūrya-pradīpa, or Candrārkadīpa. The title of 20, 000 Buddhas who succeeded each other preaching the Lotus Sutra, v. 法華經, 序品; Candra-sūrya-pradīpa-buddha

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