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Self Respect in Chinese / Japanese...

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Self-Respect / Self-Esteem

China zì zūn
Japan jison
Self-Respect / Self-Esteem Vertical Wall Scroll

自尊 means self-respect or self-esteem in Chinese, Korean and Japanese. It can also mean "pride in oneself."

Note: Japanese sometimes put the character for heart after these two. However, this two-character word is universal between all three languages (which is often better since more than a third of the world's population can read this version as a native word).

Prideful Mind / Self-Respecting Heart

China zì zūn xīn
Japan ji son shin
Prideful Mind / Self-Respecting Heart Vertical Wall Scroll

This Japanese and Korean word means "pride" or "self-respect."

The first Kanji/Hanja means oneself. The second can mean revered, valuable, precious, noble or exalted. And the last Kanji/Hanja means heart, mind and/or spirit.

While these characters make sense and hold the same general meaning in Chinese, this is not a normal Chinese word. This selection should only be used if your audience is Japanese or Korean.

See Also:  Respect | Pride | Self-Reliance | Self-Control | Self-Discipline


China zì zūn
HK chi juen
Japan jison
Pride Vertical Wall Scroll

自尊 can mean "pride," "self-respect" or "self-esteem." The first character means "oneself" and the second can mean revered, valuable, precious, noble, exalted, honorable or simply "pride."

I have also seen this two-character word translated as "amour propre," self-regard, and self-pride.

自尊 is universal between Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and Korean Hanja written languages. It may also be understood in old Vietnamese (they once used Chinese characters as well).

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Mandarin zì zūn / zi4 zun1
Taiwan tzu tsun
Japanese jison / じそん
Pride Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese self-respect; self-esteem; ego; pride
Japanese self-respect; esteem; self-importance; pride



see styles
Mandarin zì ài / zi4 ai4
Taiwan tzu ai
Japanese jiai / じあい
Chinese self-respect; self-love; self-regard; regard for oneself; to cherish one's good name; to take good care of one's health
Japanese (noun/participle) (1) taking care of oneself (esp. used as an epistolary imperative); (2) self-love
Self-love, cause of all pursuit or seeking, which in turn causes all suffering. All Buddhas put away self-love and all pursuit, or seeking, such elimination being nirvāṇa.


see styles
Mandarin zì zūn xīn / zi4 zun1 xin1
Taiwan tzu tsun hsin
Japanese jisonshin / じそんしん
Chinese self-respect; self-esteem; ego
Japanese self-esteem; self-respect; self-importance; conceit; pride

see styles
Mandarin jià / jia4
Taiwan chia
Japanese ga / が
Chinese to harness; to draw (a cart etc); to drive; to pilot; to sail; to ride; your good self; prefixed word denoting respect (polite 敬辞); surname Jia
Japanese vehicle; horse-drawn carriage; (place-name) Kago


see styles
Japanese kinji / きんじ    kyouji / kyoji / きょうじ Japanese pride; dignity; self-respect


see styles
Mandarin jīn chí / jin1 chi2
Taiwan chin ch`ih / chin chih
Japanese kinji / きんじ    kyouji / kyoji / きょうじ
Chinese reserved; aloof
Japanese pride; dignity; self-respect



see styles
Mandarin lǎo liǎn / lao3 lian3
Taiwan lao lien
Chinese self-respect of old person; face; thick-skinned (i.e. impervious to criticism); brazen


see styles
Mandarin zì zhòng / zi4 zhong4
Taiwan tzu chung
Japanese jichou / jicho / じちょう    jijuu / jiju / じじゅう
Chinese to conduct oneself with dignity; to be dignified; deadweight
Japanese (noun/participle) (1) self-respect; (2) prudence; not acting rashly; restraining oneself; (3) taking care of oneself; being careful with one's health; weight of an (unloaded) vehicle



see styles
Mandarin jiàn shi / jian4 shi5
Taiwan chien shih
Japanese kenshiki / けんしき
Chinese to gain first-hand knowledge of something; to experience for oneself; knowledge; experience; insight
Japanese (1) views; opinion; discernment; (2) pride; self-respect



see styles
Mandarin shí jiàn / shi2 jian4
Taiwan shih chien
Japanese shikiken;shikken / しきけん;しっけん
Chinese knowledge and experience
Japanese views; opinion; discernment; pride; self-respect; insight


see styles
Mandarin miàn zi / mian4 zi5
Taiwan mien tzu
Japanese mentsu / メンツ    menko / めんこ
Chinese outer surface; outside; honor; reputation; face (as in "losing face"); self-respect; feelings; (medicinal) powder
Japanese (1) face (chi: miànzi); honour; honor; (2) {mahj} meld; (3) lineup (of players participating in a mahjong game); (kana only) menko; children's game in which thick circular or rectangular cards are slapped down on the ground to overturn other cards


see styles
Japanese ikuji(p);ikiji / いくじ(P);いきじ Japanese self-respect; self-confidence; guts; backbone; pride; drive; willpower


see styles
Japanese dokuritsujison / どくりつじそん Japanese (yoji) (spirit of) independence and self-respect


see styles
Japanese kyouji;kinji / kyoji;kinji / きょうじ;きんじ Japanese pride; dignity; self-respect

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
自尊jisonzì zūn / zi4 zun1 / zi zun / zizuntzu tsun / tzutsun
Prideful Mind
Self-Respecting Heart
自尊心ji son shin
zì zūn xīn
zi4 zun1 xin1
zi zun xin
tzu tsun hsin
Pride自尊jisonzì zūn / zi4 zun1 / zi zun / zizuntzu tsun / tzutsun

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