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Chan-Art in Chinese / Japanese...

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chéng lóng
sing lung
jakkii chiin
Jackie Chan Scroll

Jackie Chan 成龍 is the Chinese and Japanese stage name of Jackie Chan, Kung Fu film, and Cantonese pop star icon.

His birth name was 陳港生 (romanized as Chan Kong-sang or Can Gong-sang in Cantonese, or Chén Gǎng-shēng in Mandarin.

Zendo / The Zen Way

chán dào
zen dou
Zendo / The Zen Way Scroll

This title is used in certain contexts but is not widely-known by the general population of China or Japan.

From Japanese, you will see this title romanized as "zendo", which is the brand name of a board game, and also a title used by some martial arts studios and karate dojos. Oddly, many translate this as "zen fist" although there is no "fist" in the title. If you literally translated this title, it would be "meditation way" or "meditation method".

In Chinese, this would be "chan dao" with the same literal meaning as the Japanese title. It's used in China by just a handful of martial arts styles/studios.

You should only order this title if you really understand the meaning, and it has some personal connection to you (such as practicing a martial art style that uses this title, or if you love the board game Zendo). Many who see your wall scroll will not be familiar with this title, and you'll have some explaining to do.

禪The first character can also be written in a more complex traditional way as shown to the right. Let us know in the special instructions for your calligraphy project if you want this style.

禅If you order this from the Japanese master calligrapher, the first character will automatically be written with an extra dot on top. This is the variant form of the original Chinese character which is commonly used in modern Japan Kanji. See sample to the right.

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Chinese Modern Art Painting

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Chinese Modern Art Painting

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Chinese Modern Art Painting

Chinese Modern Art Painting

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Jackie Chan成龍
jakkii chiin
jaki chin
chéng lóng
cheng2 long2
cheng long
ch`eng lung
cheng lung
The Zen Way
禅道 / 禪道
zen dou / zendou / zen do / zendochán dào / chan2 dao4 / chan dao / chandaoch`an tao / chantao / chan tao
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
cān chán
    can1 chan2
ts`an ch`an
    tsan chan
 noshi wo ri
Zendo / The Zen Way Scroll
to practice Chan Buddhist meditation; to practice Zen meditation; to sit in meditation
To inquire, discuss, seek religious instruction; to thoroughly penetrate with meditative insight



see styles
bǎo lín
    bao3 lin2
pao lin
Zendo / The Zen Way Scroll
Po Lam (area in Hong Kong)
The groves, or avenues of precious trees (in the Pure Land). The monastery of Huineng, sixth patriarch of the Chan sect, in 韶州典江縣 Dianjiang Xian, Shaozhou, Guangdong, cf. 慧 15. The 寶林傳 and supplement contain the teachings of this school; Jeweled Groves


see styles
huì néng
    hui4 neng2
hui neng
Zendo / The Zen Way Scroll
Huineng (638-713), the Sixth Patriarch of Chan Buddhism
(person) Huineng (638-713)
The power of wisdom. Huineng, name of a noted monk, sixth patriarch of the Intuitional or Meditation sect; died 713.



see styles
chán zōng
    chan2 zong1
ch`an tsung
    chan tsung
Zendo / The Zen Way Scroll
Zen Buddhism
The Chan, meditative or intuitional, sect usually said to have been established in China by Bodhidharma, v. 達, the twenty-eighth patriarch, who brought the tradition of the Buddha-mind from India. Cf. 楞 13 Laṅkāvatāra sūtra. This sect, believing in direct enlightenment, disregarded ritual and sūtras and depended upon the inner light and personal influence for the propagation of its tenets, founding itself on the esoteric tradition supposed to have been imparted to Kāśyapa by the Buddha, who indicated his meaning by plucking a flower without further explanation. Kāśyapa smiled in apprehension and is supposed to have passed on this mystic method to the patriarchs. The successor of Bodhidharma was 慧可 Huike, and he was succeeded by 僧璨 Sengcan; 道信 Daoxin; 弘忍 Hongren; 慧能 Huineng, and 神秀 Shenxiu, the sect dividing under the two latter into the southern and northern schools: the southern school became prominent, producing 南嶽 Nanyue and 靑原 Qingyuan, the former succeeded by 馬祖 Mazu, the latter by 石頭 Shitou. From Mazu's school arose the five later schools, v. 禪門; meditation school



see styles
jiàn xìng
    jian4 xing4
chien hsing
 kenshou / kensho
Zendo / The Zen Way Scroll
self-awareness; consciousness of one's own character
To behold the Buddha-nature within oneself, a common saying of the Chan (Zen) or Intuitive School; to see the (buddha-)nature



see styles
pú tí dá mó
    pu2 ti2 da2 mo2
p`u t`i ta mo
    pu ti ta mo
Zendo / The Zen Way Scroll
{Buddh} (See 達磨・2) Bodhidharma
Bodhidharma, commonly known as Damo, v. 達; reputed as the founder of the Chan (Zen) or Intuitional or Mystic School. His original name is given as 菩提多羅 Bodhitara.

see styles

 chichi(p); toto; chan; tete(ok); kazo(ok); kaso(ok); shishi(ok); ate(ok)
    ちち(P); とと; ちゃん; てて(ok); かぞ(ok); かそ(ok); しし(ok); あて(ok)
(humble language) (とと and ちゃん are used by children) (See 母・はは) father; (surname) Chichi
pitṛ, 比多 Father; father

see styles
Japanese variant of 莊|庄
(suf,ctr) {mahj} counter for games of mahjong (chi: zhuāng); (surname) Teien

see styles
to express; to disclose; to enlighten; to open
To open, spread, enlarge, expand, expound; translit. chan; to open


see styles
yī zā
    yi1 za1
i tsa
A sudden remark, or question, by a monk or master to test a disciple, a Chan (Zen) method; one question to check


see styles
sān fó
    san1 fo2
san fo
(surname) Sanbutsu
Trikāya, v. 三身. Also the三岐 or founders of the 楊岐 branch of the Chan (Zen) School, i.e. Huiqin 慧勤, Qingyuan 淸遠, and Keqin 克勤; three buddhas


see styles
sān jù
    san1 ju4
san chü
Three cryptic questions of 雲門 Yunmen, founder of the Yunmen Chan School. They are: (1) 截斷衆流 What is it that stops all flow (of reincarnation) ? The reply from the 起信論 is 一心, i. e. the realization of the oneness of mind, or that all is mind. (2) 函蓋乾坤 What contains and includes the universe? The 眞如. (3) 隨波逐浪 One wave following another— what is this? Birth and death 生死, or transmigration, phenomenal existence; three phrases


see styles
xià bàng
    xia4 bang4
hsia pang
To lay on the cudgel, beat; syn. for the 德山 Te Shan monastery, whose Chan sect abbot instilled intelligence with his staff; hitting novices with a stick


see styles
jiǔ zōng
    jiu3 zong1
chiu tsung
 ku shū
The eight sects 八宗 (q.v.) plus the 禪宗 Chan or Zen, or the Pure-land or Jōdo sect; nine schools


see styles
èr zǔ
    er4 zu3
erh tsu
The second patriarch of the Chan school, Huike 慧可.


see styles
zuò jiā
    zuo4 jia1
tso chia
author; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
author; writer; novelist; artist; (surname) Sakuka
Leader, founder, head of sect, a term used by the 禪 Chan (Zen) or Intuitive school; maker


see styles
yuán zhào
    yuan2 zhao4
yüan chao
(given name) Mototeru
Name of 湛然 Chan-jan, the seventh head of the Tiantai School; he died 1116; Yuanzhao



see styles
bié zhuàn
    bie2 zhuan4
pieh chuan
supplementary biography
Separately handed down; oral tradition; to pass on the teaching from mind to mind without writing, as in the Chan (Zen) or Intuitional school. Also 單傳; to separate transmission



see styles
liú chán
    liu2 chan2
liu ch`an
    liu chan
Liu Chan 劉禪|刘禅 (207-271), son of Liu Bei, reigned as Shu Han emperor 233-263


see styles
běi zōng
    bei3 zong1
pei tsung
 Hoku shū
(surname) Kitamune
The northern school of the Chan (Zen) sect; from Bodhidharma 達磨 to the fifth patriarch 弘忍 Hongren the school was undivided; from 慧能 Huineng began the division of the southern school, 神秀 Shenxiu maintaining the northern; it was the southern school which prevailed.



see styles
cān xué
    can1 xue2
ts`an hsüeh
    tsan hsüeh
practice and study [of Chan]



see styles
bì guān
    bi4 guan1
pi kuan
The wall-gazer, applied to Bodhidharma, who is said to have gazed at a wall for nine years. Also a name for the meditation of the Chan school; wall-meditation


see styles
dà huì
    da4 hui4
ta hui
(personal name) Daie
Mahāmati 摩訶摩底 (1) Great wisdom, the leading bodhisattva of the Laṅkāvatāra-sūtra. (2) Name of a Hangchow master of the Chan school, Zonggao 宗杲 of the Song dynasty, whose works are the 大慧書. (3) Posthumous title of 一行Yixing, a master of the Chan school in the Tang dynasty; great wisdom



see styles
zǐ chǎn
    zi3 chan3
tzu ch`an
    tzu chan
Zi Chan (?-522 BC), statesman and philosopher during the Spring and Autumn period



see styles
zōng mén
    zong1 men2
tsung men
 shuumon / shumon
(religious) denomination; sect; (given name) Muneto
Originally the general name for sects. Later appropriated to itself by the 禪 Chan (Zen) or Intuitional school, which refers to the other schools as 教門 teaching sects, i. e. those who rely on the written word rather than on the 'inner light'; a school



see styles
zōng fēng
    zong1 feng1
tsung feng
The customs or traditions of a sect. In the Chan sect it means the regulations of the founder; style of a school


see styles
yǐn zuò
    yin3 zuo4
yin tso
 in zo
A phrase used by one who ushers a preacher into the 'pulpit' to expound the Law; to ask a Chan; Seon master to give a sermon


see styles
xìng xīn
    xing4 xin1
hsing hsin
The perfectly clear and unsullied mind, i. e. the Buddha mind or heart. The Chan (Zen) school use 性心 or 心性 indifferently; mind [of pure] nature



see styles
yì xué
    yi4 xue2
i hsüeh
Mental learning, learning by meditation rather than from books, the special cult of the Chan or Intuitional school, which is also called the School of the Buddha-mind; mental cultivation



see styles
chàn huǐ
    chan4 hui3
ch`an hui
    chan hui
 sange; zange
    さんげ; ざんげ
to confess; to repent; remorse; repentance; penitent; confession (Buddhism)
(noun/participle) (さんげ is usu. used in Buddhism and ざんげ in other religions) repentance; confession; penitence
chan is the translit. of kṣamā, 悔 its translation, i.e. repentance; but also the first is intp. as confession, cf. 提 deśanā, the second as repentance and reform.

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Zendo / The Zen Way Scroll
Zendo / The Zen Way Scroll
Zendo / The Zen Way Scroll

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