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see styles
pú sà
    pu2 sa4
p`u sa
    pu sa
 bosatsu(p); bosachi(ok)
    ぼさつ(P); ぼさち(ok)
Bodhisattva (Buddhism)
(n,n-suf) (1) {Buddh} bodhisattva; one who has reached enlightenment but vows to save all beings before becoming a buddha; (n,n-suf) (2) High Monk (title bestowed by the imperial court); (n,n-suf) (3) (See 本地垂迹説) title bestowed to Shinto kami in manifestation theory; (surname) Mizoro
bodhisattva, cf. 菩提薩埵. While the idea is not foreign to Hīnayāna, its extension of meaning is one of the chief marks of Mahāyāna. 'The Bodhisattva is indeed the characteristic feature of the Mahāyāna.' Keith. According to Mahāyāna the Hinayanists, i.e. the śrāvaka and pratyekabuddha, seek their own salvation, while the bodhisattva's aim is the salvation of others and of all. The earlier intp. of bodhisattva was 大道心衆生 all beings with mind for the truth; later it became 大覺有情 conscious beings of or for the great intelligence, or enlightenment. It is also intp. in terms of leadership, heroism, etc. In general it is a Mahayanist seeking Buddhahood, but seeking it altruistically; whether monk or layman, he seeks enlightenment to enlighten others, and he will sacrifice himself to save others; he is devoid of egoism and devoted to helping others. All conscious beings having the Buddha-nature are natural bodhisattvas, but require to undergo development. The mahāsattva is sufficiently advanced to become a Buddha and enter nirvāṇa, but according to his vow he remains in the realm of incarnation to save all conscious beings. A monk should enter on the arduous course of discipline which leads to Bodhisattvahood and Buddhahood.


see styles
 bousatsu / bosatsu
(noun/participle) being extremely busy; being swamped with work



see styles
bù cè
    bu4 ce4
pu ts`e
    pu tse
a register; land register; account book; ledger
(bound) book; notebook



see styles
móu shā
    mou2 sha1
mou sha
 bousatsu / bosatsu
to murder; to assassinate; intentional homicide
(noun/participle) premeditated murder; deliberate murder; willful murder; wilful murder



see styles
fó pú sà
    fo2 pu2 sa4
fo p`u sa
    fo pu sa
 butsu bosatsu
buddhas and bodhisattvas



see styles
bā pú sà
    ba1 pu2 sa4
pa p`u sa
    pa pu sa
 hachi bosatsu
idem 八大菩薩; eight bodhisattvas



see styles
huà pú sà
    hua4 pu2 sa4
hua p`u sa
    hua pu sa
 ke bosatsu
A Buddha or bodhisattva transformed: into a (human) bodhisattva; or a bodhisattva in various metamorphoses; transformed bodhisattva



see styles
sì pú sà
    si4 pu2 sa4
ssu p`u sa
    ssu pu sa
 shi bosatsu
The four bodhisattvas— Avalokiteśvara, Maitreya, Samantabhadra, and Mañjuśrī. Also, the four chief bodhisattvas in the Garbhadhātu. There are also the 本化四菩薩 of the Lotus Sutra, named 上行, 無邊行, 淨行, and 安立行.



see styles
dà pú sà
    da4 pu2 sa4
ta p`u sa
    ta pu sa
 dai bosatsu
bodhisattva-mahāsattva, a great Bodhisattva; great bodhisattva



see styles
xiǎo pú sà
    xiao3 pu2 sa4
hsiao p`u sa
    hsiao pu sa
 shō bosatsu
lesser bodhisattvas



see styles
chéng pú sà
    cheng2 pu2 sa4
ch`eng p`u sa
    cheng pu sa
 jō bosatsu
become a bodhisattva



see styles
yá pú sà
    ya2 pu2 sa4
ya p`u sa
    ya pu sa
 Ga bosatsu
The bodhisattva fiercely showing his teeth in defence of the Buddha, also styled 金剛藥叉; he is east of the Buddha in the Vajradhātu; teeth-bearing bodhisattva



see styles
pí pú sà
    pi2 pu2 sa4
p`i p`u sa
    pi pu sa
 hi bosatsu
The bodhisattva who appeared as a bear and saved a dying man by providing him with food; he told hunters of its lair; they killed it, gave him of its flesh, and he died; bear bodhisattva



see styles
ròu pú sà
    rou4 pu2 sa4
jou p`u sa
    jou pu sa
 niku bosatsu
One who becomes a bodhisattva in the physical body, in the present life; physical bodhisattva



see styles
pú sà shèng
    pu2 sa4 sheng4
p`u sa sheng
    pu sa sheng
One of the 'five vehicles', which teaches the observance of the six pāramitās, the perfecting of the two 利, i.e. 自利利他 the perfecting of self for perfecting others, and the attaining of Buddhahood; bodhisattva vehicle



see styles
pú sà wèi
    pu2 sa4 wei4
p`u sa wei
    pu sa wei
 bosatsu i
bodhisattva stage



see styles
pú sà zhù
    pu2 sa4 zhu4
p`u sa chu
    pu sa chu
bodhisattva's abodes



see styles
pú sà xiàng
    pu2 sa4 xiang4
p`u sa hsiang
    pu sa hsiang
bodhisattva image



see styles
pú sà sēng
    pu2 sa4 seng1
p`u sa seng
    pu sa seng
The bodhisattvasaṅgha, or monks, i.e. Mahāyāna, though there has been dispute whether Hīnayāna monks may be included; bodhisattva saṃgha



see styles
pú sà yí
    pu2 sa4 yi2
p`u sa i
    pu sa i
 bosatsu gi
bodhisattva's conduct



see styles
pú sà shòu
    pu2 sa4 shou4
p`u sa shou
    pu sa shou
 bosatsu ju
bodhisattvas reception [of the precepts]



see styles
pú sà dì
    pu2 sa4 di4
p`u sa ti
    pu sa ti
 bosatsu ji
bodhisattva ground



see styles
pú sà jìng
    pu2 sa4 jing4
p`u sa ching
    pu sa ching
 bosatsu kyō
bodhisattvahood as an object (of contemplation)



see styles
pú sà xué
    pu2 sa4 xue2
p`u sa hsüeh
    pu sa hsüeh
 bosatsu gaku
bodhisattva's training



see styles
pú sà xīn
    pu2 sa4 xin1
p`u sa hsin
    pu sa hsin
 bosatsu shin
to mind of a bodhisattva



see styles
pú sà rěn
    pu2 sa4 ren3
p`u sa jen
    pu sa jen
 bosatsu nin
forbearance of the bodhisattvas



see styles
pú sà xìng
    pu2 sa4 xing4
p`u sa hsing
    pu sa hsing
 bosatsu shō
bodhisattva nature, or character.



see styles
pú sà yì
    pu2 sa4 yi4
p`u sa i
    pu sa i
 bosatsu i



see styles
pú sà huì
    pu2 sa4 hui4
p`u sa hui
    pu sa hui
 bosatsu e
bodhisattva's wisdom



see styles
pú sà jiè
    pu2 sa4 jie4
p`u sa chieh
    pu sa chieh
 bosatsu kai
The rules are found in the sūtra of this name, taken from the 梵網經; bodhisattva precepts

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