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see styles
tā shi
    ta1 shi5
t`a shih
    ta shih
firmly-based; steady; steadfast; to have peace of mind; free from anxiety; Taiwan pr. [ta4 shi2]

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anxiety; sympathy; to sympathize; to give relief; to compensate

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to block up (a road, pipe etc); to stop up (a hole); (fig.) (of a person) choked up with anxiety or stress; wall (literary); (classifier for walls)
(obscure) fence; wall; hedge

see styles

anxiety; sympathy; to sympathize; to give relief; to compensate

see styles

anxiety; worry

see styles


to think over; to consider; anxiety
to think

see styles
to worry; to concern oneself with; worried; anxiety; sorrow; (literary) to observe mourning
(female given name) Yuu
Sorrow, grief, melancholy, anxiety; to mourn, grieve; translit. u, yu; cf. 優, 烏; sorrow

see styles
to fight; fight; war; battle
War, hostilities, battle; alarm, anxiety, terrified; translit. can; war

see styles
disease caused by anxiety

see styles
variant of 掛|挂[gua4]
A snare; impediment; cause of anxiety, anxious.; See under Eleven Strokes; to obstruct

see styles

bitter; hardship; pain; to suffer; to bring suffering to; painstakingly
(1) pain; anguish; suffering; distress; anxiety; worry; trouble; difficulty; hardship; (2) {Buddh} (See 八苦) duhkha (suffering)
duḥkha, 豆佉 bitterness; unhappiness, suffering, pain, distress, misery; difficulty. There are lists of two, three, four, five, eight, and ten categories; the two are internal, i. e. physical and mental, and external, i. e. attacks from without. The four are birth, growing old, illness, and death. The eight are these four along with the pain of parting from the loved, of meeting with the hated, of failure in one's aims, and that caused by the five skandhas; cf. 四諦.

see styles


to expect; to anticipate; to worry; to cheat
fear; horror; anxiety; concern; uneasiness; (surname) Wa


see styles
qī qíng
    qi1 qing2
ch`i ch`ing
    chi ching
 shichijou / shichijo
seven emotional states; seven affects of traditional Chinese medical theory and therapy, namely: joy 喜[xi3], anger 怒[nu4], anxiety 憂|忧[you1], thought 思[si1], grief 悲[bei1], fear 恐[kong3], fright 驚|惊[jing1]; seven relations
(1) seven emotions (in The Book of Rites: joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hate, desire); seven emotions (in Buddhism: joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure, love, hate, desire); (2) seven effects (of a traditional Chinese medicine); (surname) Shichijou
The seven emotions : pleasure, anger, sorrow, joy, love, hate, desire.


see styles
bù ān
    bu4 an1
pu an
unpeaceful; unstable; uneasy; disturbed; restless; worried
(noun or adjectival noun) anxiety; uneasiness; worry; apprehension; fear; insecurity; suspense


see styles
wǔ shuāi
    wu3 shuai1
wu shuai
{Buddh} five signs of the impending death of a heavenly being
The five signs of decay or approaching death, of which descriptions vary. e. g. uncontrolled discharges, flowers on the head wither. unpleasant odor, sweating armpits, uneasiness (or anxiety); Nirvana Sutra 19.



see styles
shí jun
    shi2 jun1
shih chün
The ten armies of Māra, which the Buddha attacks and destroys; the armies are desire, anxiety, hunger and thirst, longing, torpidity, fear, doubt, poison, gain, haughtiness (i.e. disdaining monks).


see styles
(noun/participle) apprehensions; misgivings; uneasiness; anxiety; fear


see styles
(noun/participle) apprehensions; misgivings; uneasiness; anxiety; fear


see styles
(irregular kanji usage) (noun/participle) apprehensions; misgivings; uneasiness; anxiety; fear



see styles
yàn bù
    yan4 bu4
yen pu



see styles
duō lǜ
    duo1 lv4
to lü
great deal of anxiety; great deal of anxiety


see styles
 kouko / koko
looking back; worry; anxiety


see styles
 shinrou / shinro
(noun/participle) anxiety; worry; fear


see styles
xīn bìng
    xin1 bing4
hsin ping
anxiety; sore point; secret worry; mental disorder; heart disease (medicine)
mental disease


see styles
(n,vs,adj-na) (1) worry; concern; anxiety; uneasiness; fear; (noun/participle) (2) care; help; aid; assistance


see styles
fear; horror; anxiety; concern; uneasiness


see styles
jí huǒ
    ji2 huo3
chi huo
 kyuuka; kyuubi / kyuka; kyubi
    きゅうか; きゅうび
brisk heat (cooking); (TCM) internal heat generated by anxiety
sudden fire; nearby fire


see styles
chù xīn
    chu4 xin1
ch`u hsin
    chu hsin


see styles
fear; horror; anxiety; concern; uneasiness


see styles
    urei / ure
(1) worry; agony; vexation; (2) illness; sickness; (1) sorrow; grief; anguish; distress; (2) trouble; affliction; anxiety; fear; misgivings

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