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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
(noun/participle) (1) (See 自国) foreign country; other country; (noun/participle) (2) another province; (noun/participle) (3) strange land; alien land


see styles
wài xīng
    wai4 xing1
wai hsing
alien; extraterrestrial


see styles
 kyakudo; kakudo
    きゃくど; かくど
land which one visits; alien land; topsoil brought from another place to mix with the soil


see styles
fān kè
    fan1 ke4
fan k`o
    fan ko
(old) foreigner; alien; (dialect) overseas Chinese


see styles
fān bāng
    fan1 bang1
fan pang
(old) foreign land; alien nation



see styles
yì yù
    yi4 yu4
i yü
 iiki / iki
foreign country; alien land
foreign lands



see styles
yì jǐ
    yi4 ji3
i chi
dissident; alien; outsider



see styles
yì wù
    yi4 wu4
i wu
rarity; rare delicacy; foreign matter; alien body; the dead; ghost; monstrosity; alien life-form
(1) foreign substance; foreign body; foreign contamination; foreign material; (2) strange object; unusual object; (3) (archaism) dead body; corpse; remains


see styles
foreigner; alien; stranger


see styles
tōu dù zhě
    tou1 du4 zhe3
t`ou tu che
    tou tu che
smuggled illegal alien; stowaway


see styles
 nyuukokuzei / nyukokuze
alien tax; landing tax


see styles
(See 内国人) foreigner; foreign citizen; foreign national; alien; non-Japanese


see styles
wài xīng rén
    wai4 xing1 ren2
wai hsing jen
space alien; extraterrestrial


see styles
(See 在来種) introduced species; non-native species; alien species


see styles
 uchuujin / uchujin
space alien; alien; extraterrestrial being


see styles
alien (different) race


see styles
outsider; alien elements


see styles
foreigner; stranger; outsider; alien


see styles
 iseijin / isejin
alien (from another planet)


see styles
 inyuushu / inyushu
(See 外来種) introduced species; non-native species; alien species


see styles
(adjective) (1) unconnected; weakly related; alien; far beyond (one's means, ability); (adjective) (2) having little prospect of marriage



see styles
ā lián xiāng
    a1 lian2 xiang1
a lien hsiang
Alien township in Kaohsiung county 高雄縣|高雄县[Gao1 xiong2 xian4], southwest Taiwan


see styles
 furyougaijin / furyogaijin
undesirable alien


see styles
 gairaiseibutsu / gairaisebutsu
adventive species; non-native species; introduced species; alien species



see styles
hǎi xīng jī chǎng
    hai3 xing1 ji1 chang3
hai hsing chi ch`ang
    hai hsing chi chang
nickname of Beijing Daxing International Airport 北京大興國際機場|北京大兴国际机场[Bei3 jing1 Da4 xing1 Guo2 ji4 Ji1 chang3], whose terminal building looks like a giant alien starfish


see styles
 eirian / erian


see styles


see styles
 fuhoutaizaisha / fuhotaizaisha
illegal resident (in a country); illegal alien; illegal overstayer (person who has overstayed their visa)


see styles
 gaijintourokushou / gaijintorokusho
(See 外国人登録) alien registration card


see styles
 gaikokujintouroku / gaikokujintoroku
alien registration

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