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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
 hoshi(p); hoshi(sk)
    ほし(P); ホシ(sk)

More info & calligraphy:

star; heavenly body; satellite; small amount
(1) star (usu. excluding the Sun); planet (usu. excluding Earth); heavenly body; (2) star (glyph, symbol, shape); asterisk; (3) star (actor, player, etc.); (4) dot; spot; fleck; (5) bullseye; (6) (slang) (police slang; oft. written as ホシ) perp; perpetrator; culprit; offender; suspect; (7) (See 九星) one's star (that determines one's fate); one's fortune; (8) {sumo} point; score; (9) {go} star point (intersection marked with a dot); hoshi; (10) (pyrotechnic) star; (surname) Hotsu
Tara, a star; the 25th constellation consisting of stars in Hydra; a spark.



see styles
lǐ xiǎo lóng
    li3 xiao3 long2
li hsiao lung

More info & calligraphy:

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee (1940-1973), Hong Kong actor and martial arts expert

see styles
 rei / re
(old) actor; actress; (meaningless bound form)
(female given name) Rei

see styles
actor; supporting post (in a roof truss)

see styles
 yuu / yu
excellent; superior
(1) (on a 優, 良, 可 scale) Excellent (grade); A; (2) superiority; excellence; (adjectival noun) (3) gentle; graceful; elegant; (adjectival noun) (4) (archaism) skillful; (given name) Yutaka
Abundant, excessive; exceptional, extra; at ease; an actor; chiefly translit. u sounds, cf. 鬱, 憂, 烏, etc.

see styles
 kai; ingoto(ok)
    かい; いんごと(ok)
to guard against; to exhort; to admonish or warn; to give up or stop doing something; Buddhist monastic discipline; ring (for a finger)
(1) (かい only) {Buddh} admonition; commandment; (2) sila (precept)
śīla, 尸羅. Precept, command, prohibition, discipline, rule; morality. It is applied to the five, eight, ten, 250, and other commandments. The five are: (1) not to kill; (2 ) not to steal; (3) not to commit adultery; (4) not to speak falsely; (5) not to drink wine. These are the commands for lay disciples; those who observe them will be reborn in the human realm. The Sarvāstivādins did not sanction the observance of a limited selection from them as did the 成實宗 Satyasiddhi school. Each of the five precepts has five guardian spirits, in all twenty-five, 五戒二十五神. The eight for lay disciples are the above five together with Nos. 7, 8, and 9 of the following; the ten commands for the ordained, monks and nuns, are the above five with the following: (6) not to use adornments of flowers, nor perfumes; (7) not to perform as an actor, juggler, acrobat, or go to watch and hear them; (8) not to sit on elevated, broad, and large divans (or beds); (9) not to eat except in regulation hours; (10) not to possess money, gold or silver, or precious things. The 具足戒full commands for a monk number 250, those for a nun are 348, commonly called 500. Śīla is also the first of the 五分法身, i.e. a condition above all moral error. The Sutra of Brahma's Net has the following after the first five: (6) not to speak of the sins of those in orders; (7) not to vaunt self and depreciate others; (8) not to be avaricious; (9) not to be angry; (10) not to slander the triratna.

see styles
adornment; to adorn; dress; clothing; costume (of an actor in a play); to play a role; to pretend; to install; to fix; to wrap (something in a bag); to load; to pack
To dress, make up, pretend, pack, load, store; a fashion.


see styles
 shii bui; shiibui(sk) / shi bui; shibui(sk)
    シー・ブイ; シーブイ(sk)
(See キャラクターボイス) voice actor


see styles
(irregular okurigana usage) (noun/participle) (1) intermission during a performance (e.g. variety show, play, sumo, etc.); (2) temporary departure of an actor (between the first and second halves of a noh or kyogen performance, during which time they change costumes, etc.); (surname) Nakairi


see styles
(noun - becomes adjective with の) leading part; leading actor; leading actress


see styles
zhǔ yǎn
    zhu3 yan3
chu yen
to play the leading role; to star; lead actor
(n,vs,vi) starring (in a film, play, etc.); playing the leading part


see styles
qián dàn
    qian2 dan4
ch`ien tan
    chien tan
male actor playing the female role (Chinese opera)


see styles
substitute (actor); stand-in; fill-in; understudy; double



see styles
jì ér
    ji4 er2
chi erh
An actor.


see styles
líng rén
    ling2 ren2
ling jen
 reijin / rejin
(old) actor; actress
court musician; minstrel; (place-name) Reinin


see styles
 reiyuu / reyu



see styles
pái yōu
    pai2 you1
p`ai yu
    pai yu
 haiyuu / haiyu
(See 役者・1) actor; actress; player; performer



see styles
hòu chǎng
    hou4 chang3
hou ch`ang
    hou chang
(of an actor, athlete etc) to prepare to make one's entrance; to wait in the wings


see styles
(noun - becomes adjective with の) supporting role (actor); minor role



see styles
yōu líng
    you1 ling2
yu ling
(old) performing artist; actor; actress



see styles
rù xì
    ru4 xi4
ju hsi
(of an actor) to inhabit one's role; to become the character; (of an audience) to get involved in the drama


see styles
(noun, transitive verb) (1) another showing (of a play); (noun, transitive verb) (2) playing the same role again (i.e. of an actor); (noun, transitive verb) (3) {biol} recapitulation


see styles
 reihan / rehan
(1) cold rice; (2) (abbreviation) hanger-on; dependent; (3) disgraced former actor; cold rice



see styles
chū xì
    chu1 xi4
ch`u hsi
    chu hsi
(of an actor) to disengage from the performance (e.g. after the show ends); (of an audience) to lose interest in the performance


see styles
(1) chance of going out; opportunity (to succeed); (2) musical accompaniment for an actor going on stage; (surname) Debata



see styles
xiè zhuāng
    xie4 zhuang1
hsieh chuang
(of an actor) to remove makeup and costume; (computing) to uninstall; to unmount



see styles
tái cí
    tai2 ci2
t`ai tz`u
    tai tzu
an actor's lines; script
(kana only) speech; words; one's lines; remarks


see styles
míng líng
    ming2 ling2
ming ling
famous actor or actress (Chinese opera)



see styles
míng yōu
    ming2 you1
ming yu
 meiyuu / meyu
excellent quality; outstanding (product); abbr. for 名牌優質|名牌优质; (old) famous actor or actress
great actor; famous actor; star


see styles
míng jué
    ming2 jue2
ming chüeh
 meisumi / mesumi
famous actor
(surname) Meisumi

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There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may become a lost art in the coming years. Many art institutes in China are now promoting calligraphy programs in hopes of keeping this unique form of art alive.

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