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17 Seventeen

 shí qī
 juunana / juushichi
17 Seventeen Scroll

十七 is the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean for the number seventeen (17).

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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shí qī
    shi2 qi1
shih ch`i
    shih chi

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17 Seventeen
seventeen; 17
17; seventeen; (surname) Tona



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jìng tǔ
    jing4 tu3
ching t`u
    ching tu

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Pure Land / Jodo
(Buddhism) Pure Land, usually refers to Amitabha Buddha's Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss (Sukhavati in Sanskrit)
Sukhāvatī. The Pure Land, or Paradise of the West, presided over by Amitābha. Other Buddhas have their Pure Lands; seventeen other kinds of pure land are also described, all of them of moral or spiritual conditions of development, e.g. the pure land of patience, zeal, wisdom, etc.


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miào yīn
    miao4 yin1
miao yin
 myouon / myoon
exquisite voice; exquisite music; (place-name) Myouon
Wonderful sound. (1) Gadgadasvara, 妙音菩薩 (or 妙音大士) a Bodhisattva, master of seventeen degrees of samādhi, residing in Vairocanaraśmi-pratimaṇḍita, whose name heads chap. 24 of the Lotus Sutra. (2) Sughoṣa, a sister of Guanyin; also a Buddha like Varuṇa controlling the waters 水天德佛, the 743rd Buddha of the present kalpa. (3) Ghoṣa, 瞿沙 an arhat, famous for exegesis, who "restored the eyesight of Dharmavivardhana by washing his eyes with the tears of people who were moved by his eloquence." Eitel; wonderful voice


see styles
 senryuu / senryu
senryū; comic haiku; humorous seventeen-mora poem; (given name) Senryū


see styles
sè jiè
    se4 jie4
se chieh
{Buddh} (See 三界・1) form realm
rūpadhātu, or rūpāvacara, or rūpaloka, any material world, or world of form; it especially refers to the second of the Trailokya 三界, the brahmalokas above the devalokas, comprising sixteen or seventeen or eighteen 'Heavens of Form', divided into four dhyānas, in which life lasts from one-fourth of a mahākalpa to 16,000 mahākalpas, and the average stature is from one-half a yojana to 16,000 yojanas. The inhabitants are above the desire for sex or food. The rūpadhātu, with variants, are given as— 初禪天 The first dhyāna heavens: 梵衆天 Brahmapāriṣadya, 梵輔天 Brahmapurohita or Brahmakāyika, 大梵天 Mahābrahmā. 二禪天 The second dhyāna heavens: 少光天 Parīttābha, 無量光天 Apramāṇābha, 光音天 Ābhāsvara. 三禪天 The third dhyāna heavens: 少淨天 Parīttaśubha, 無量淨天 Apramāṇaśubha, 徧淨天 Śubhakṛtsna. 四禪天 The fourth dhyāna heavens: 無雲天 Anabhraka, 福生天 Puṇyaprasava, 廣果天 Bṛhatphala, 無想天 Asañjñisattva, 無煩天 Avṛha, 無熱天 Atapa, 善現天 Sudṛśa, 善見天 Sudarśana, 色究竟天 Akaniṣṭha, 和音天 ? Aghaniṣṭha, 大自在天 Mahāmaheśvara; form realm


see styles
shí qī dì
    shi2 qi1 di4
shih ch`i ti
    shih chi ti
 jūshichi ji
seventeen stages; seventeen stages


see styles
shí qī tiān
    shi2 qi1 tian1
shih ch`i t`ien
    shih chi tien
seventeen dhyāna heavens of the form realm; seventeen dhyāna heavens of the form realm


see styles
 juunananichi / junananichi
    juushichinichi / jushichinichi
(1) seventeenth day of the month; (2) seventeen days


see styles
 juushichiden / jushichiden
(See 内裏・1) seventeen main pavilions of the imperial palace


see styles
èr shí bā tiān
    er4 shi2 ba1 tian1
erh shih pa t`ien
    erh shih pa tien
The twenty-eight heavens, or devalokas: six of the desire-world 欲界, eighteen of the form-world 色界, and four arūpa or formless heavens 無色界. The heavens of the world of form are sixteen according to the 薩婆多部 Sarvāstivāda School, seventeen according to 經部 Sūtra School, and eighteen according to the 上座 Sthavirāḥ.



see styles
wǔ shí zhǎn zhuǎn
    wu3 shi2 zhan3 zhuan3
wu shih chan chuan
 gojū tenden
The fiftieth turn, i. e. the great-ness of the bliss of one who hears the Lotus Sutra even at fiftieth hand: how much greater that of him who hears at first hamd ! 五十功德 idem 五十展轉 and 五十轉五十惡 The fifty evils produced by the five skandhas, i. e. 色 seventeen, 受 eight, 想 eight, 行 nine, 識 eight; fiftieth time around



see styles
shí qī dì lùn
    shi2 qi1 di4 lun4
shih ch`i ti lun
    shih chi ti lun
 Jūshichiji ron
Treatise on the Seventeen Stages; Treatise on the Seventeen Stages



see styles
shí qī kǒng qiáo
    shi2 qi1 kong3 qiao2
shih ch`i k`ung ch`iao
    shih chi kung chiao
Seventeen-Arch Bridge in the Summer Palace 頤和園|颐和园[Yi2 he2 yuan2], Beijing


see styles
 juushichijoukenpou / jushichijokenpo
The Seventeen-Article Constitution


see styles
 kenpoujuushichijou / kenpojushichijo
Seventeen-Article Constitution (of Asuka-period Japan)


see styles
sè jiè shí qī tiān
    se4 jie4 shi2 qi1 tian1
se chieh shih ch`i t`ien
    se chieh shih chi tien
 shikikai jūshichiten
seventeen dhyāna heavens of the form realm; seventeen dhyāna heavens of the form realm



see styles
wǔ mì mì màn tú luó
    wu3 mi4 mi4 man4 tu2 luo2
wu mi mi man t`u lo
    wu mi mi man tu lo
 go himitsu mandara
or 十七尊曼荼羅 The maṇḍala of this group contains seventeen figures representing the five above named, with their twelve subordinates; maṇḍala of the five vajrasattvas



see styles
shí qī zūn màn tú luó
    shi2 qi1 zun1 man4 tu2 luo2
shih ch`i tsun man t`u lo
    shih chi tsun man tu lo
 jūshichison mandara
maṇḍala of the seventeen sages; maṇḍala of the seventeen sages


see styles
 sesentiin / sesentin


see styles
 sebuntiin / sebuntin
seventeen; seventeen (years old)


see styles
 juushichi(p); juunana / jushichi(p); junana
    じゅうしち(P); じゅうなな
(numeric) 17; seventeen


see styles
 juushichi(p); juunana / jushichi(p); junana
    じゅうしち(P); じゅうなな
(numeric) 17; seventeen


see styles
 juushichinichi(p); juunananichi / jushichinichi(p); junananichi
    じゅうしちにち(P); じゅうななにち
(1) seventeenth day of the month; (2) seventeen days

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
17 Seventeen十七juunana / juushichi
junana / jushichi
shí qī / shi2 qi1 / shi qi / shiqishih ch`i / shihchi / shih chi

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