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Dragon / Emperor Symbol

China lóng
Japan ryuu / tatsu
Dragon / Emperor Symbol Vertical Wall Scroll

竜 is an alternate form of dragon. Still pronounced the same in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

This particular Kanji is often associated as an imperial symbol as well as representing the mythical Asian dragon. You may have seen it on the chest or flag of the emperor in old Japanese and Chinese movies.

Note: I would rate this as a non-universal alternate form. The other dragon character is by far more common, and universally understood.

We strongly recommend symbol of dragon if you are looking for the symbol of dragon.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin lóng / long2
Taiwan lung
Japanese ryou / ryo / りょう    ryuu / ryu / りゅう    tatsu / たつ
Dragon / Emperor Symbol Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Japanese variant of 龍|龙
Japanese (1) dragon (esp. a Chinese dragon); (2) naga; semi-divine human-cobra chimera in Hindu and Buddhist mythology; (surname, female given name) Ryou; (personal name) Riyuu; (personal name) Ryuuji; (surname) Ryuuzaki; (surname, female given name) Ryuu; (given name) Noboru; (given name) Tooru; (surname) Tatsuzaki; (surname) Tatsu; (given name) Shigemi


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Japanese kouryou / koryo / こうりょう Japanese dragon which has already ascended to the heavens


see styles
Japanese fukuryuu / fukuryu / ふくりゅう Japanese suicide divers (part of the Japanese Special Attack Units during WWII)


see styles
Japanese kenryuu / kenryu / けんりゅう Japanese (obscure) stegosaur (any dinosaur of infraorder Stegosauria); (given name) Kenryuu


see styles
Japanese moguramochi / もぐらもち    mogura / もぐら    muguramochi / むぐらもち    mugura / むぐら    doryuu / doryu / どりゅう Japanese (gikun reading) (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (kana only) mole (Talpidae spp., esp. the small Japanese mole, Mogera imaizumii); (gikun reading) (kana only) mole (Talpidae spp., esp. the small Japanese mole, Mogera imaizumii); (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (kana only) mole (Talpidae spp., esp. the small Japanese mole, Mogera imaizumii); (given name) Mogura


see styles
Japanese jiryuu / jiryu / じりゅう Japanese herbal medicine prepared from dried earthworms


see styles
Japanese tenryuu;tenryou / tenryu;tenryo / てんりゅう;てんりょう Japanese (1) {Buddh} deva and naga; (2) heavenly dragon; (place-name, surname) Tenryuu


see styles
Japanese meiron / meron / メイロン Japanese (kana only) mei long (dinosaur discovered in China)


see styles
Japanese toryou / toryo / とりょう Japanese (1) dragon-slaying; (2) Kawasaki Ki-45 (WWII heavy fighter aircraft)


see styles
Japanese ouryuu / oryu / おうりゅう Japanese Yinglong; dragon-like beast from Chinese mythology


see styles
Japanese kyouryuu / kyoryu / きょうりゅう Japanese dinosaur


see styles
Japanese shouryuu / shoryu / しょうりゅう Japanese (See 昇り竜・のぼりりゅう・1) rising dragon; great dash; (surname, given name) Shouryuu


see styles
Japanese karyou / karyo / かりょう Japanese firedrake


see styles
Japanese uuron / uron / ウーロン Japanese (abbreviation) (kana only) oolong (tea) (chi:)


see styles
Japanese haarii / hari / はありい Japanese (kana only) Okinawan dragon boat race


see styles
Japanese garyuu / garyu / がりゅう Japanese dragon's fang


see styles
Japanese garyou;garyuu / garyo;garyu / がりょう;がりゅう Japanese drawn dragon; painted dragon


see styles
Japanese hakuryou;hakuryuu / hakuryo;hakuryu / はくりょう;はくりゅう Japanese white dragon; (given name) Hakuryuu; (surname) Shirotatsu


see styles
Japanese sekiryuu / sekiryu / せきりゅう Japanese (See トカゲ・1) lizard; (surname, given name) Sekiryuu


see styles
Japanese kinryuu / kinryu / きんりゅう Japanese (See イグアノドン) iguanadon


see styles
Japanese ryuuguu / ryugu / りゅうぐう Japanese Palace of the Dragon King; palace from the story of Urashima Taro (said to be located at the bottom of the sea); (place-name) Ryuuguu; (surname) Tatsumiya


see styles
Japanese tatsumaki / たつまき Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) tornado; waterspout; (place-name) Tatsumaki


see styles
Japanese ryuuza / ryuza / りゅうざ Japanese (astron) Draco (constellation); the Dragon


see styles
Japanese ryuutou / ryuto / りゅうとう Japanese phosphorescent lights seen at sea at night; lights that can be seen on the altar of gods, intended as an offering


see styles
Japanese ryuuou / ryuo / りゅうおう Japanese (1) Dragon King; (2) (shogi) promoted rook; (surname) Ryouou; (place-name, surname) Ryuuou


see styles
Japanese ryuugan / ryugan / りゅうがん Japanese (kana only) longan (Euphoria longana)


see styles
Japanese ryuujin / ryujin / りゅうじん Japanese (1) dragon god; dragon king; (2) (Buddhist term) naga; (place-name, surname) Ryuujin


see styles
Japanese ryouteki / ryoteki / りょうてき    ryuuteki / ryuteki / りゅうてき Japanese dragon flute (medium-pitched bamboo transverse flute with seven-holes)


see styles
Japanese rindou;ryuutan;rindou / rindo;ryutan;rindo / りんどう;りゅうたん;リンドウ Japanese (kana only) gentian (Gentiana scabra var. buergeri); autumn bellflower


see styles
Japanese ryuunou / ryuno / りゅうのう Japanese borneol (crystalline turpenoid alcohol)

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Emperor Symbol
ryuu / tatsu
ryu / tatsu
lóng / long2 / longlung

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