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Navy in Chinese / Japanese...

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  2. Navy SEALS
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  4. Honor, Courage, Commitment
  5. Marine / Soldier of the Sea
  6. Honor Courage Commitment
  7. Army / Military
  8. United States Marine Corps
  9. Five Reflections / Gosei
10. Large River

China hǎi jūn
Japan kaigun
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This is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and Korean Hanja word for "Navy". This is not country-specific, so it is the title for "naval service" from any country with a navy.

These two characters literally mean "sea military".

A nice scroll for any sailor who likes Asian characters and has pride in their service.

China hǎi bào bù duì
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<mark>Navy</mark> SEALS

This is the title for United States Navy SEALs in Chinese. The U.S. part in implied, as few if any other nations claim to have sailors with the title "navy seals".

Sometimes the term 海豹突击队 (Simplified) or 海豹突擊隊 (Traditional) is also used in Chinese. It means "Seal Commando Team".

Japan neibii shiiruzu
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<mark>Navy</mark> SEALS

This is the title for Navy SEALs in Japanese Katakana (phonetic Japanese for western words). This is supposed to sound like "navy seals", but does not have any meaning unless the Japanese person who reads it knows what the title is supposed to be.


Amphibious Warrior (Chinese)
China hǎi jūn lù zhàn duì yuán
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This is the Chinese way to express "Marine". (as in a member of the Marine Corps). It is not country-specific, so it could be the Royal Marines, U.S. Marines, Chinese Marines, etc.
In Australian English, they would translate this as "Naval Infantryman".

Breaking down each character, this means:
"ocean/sea military/arms shore/land fighting/war/battle corps/team/group person/member". Note that the first two characters presented together, but outside of this phrase mean "navy" (sea military).

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Honor, Courage, Commitment

Japan meiyo yuuki ketsui
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Honor, Courage, Commitment

This means "Honor, Courage, Commitment" in Japanese.

This is a common military phrase in English used in the Navy and Marines.

This is a word list, which is not the most natural kind of composition in Japanese (usually there is a subject, object, and verb - or a single word).

Marine / Soldier of the Sea

Japanese / Korean
Japan kai hei
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Marine / Soldier of the Sea

This way to express "Marine" as in an individual "Soldier of the Sea" in Japanese Kanji and old Korean Hanja characters (not to be confused with Korean Hangul).

Breaking down each character, this means:
"ocean/sea soldier/army/warrior".

Please note that this Japanese/Korean version kind of means "sailor" or "navy" in Chinese.

See Also...  Military

Honor Courage Commitment

China róng yù yǒng qì zé rèn
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Honor Courage Commitment

This is a word list that reads, "榮譽 勇氣 責任" or "honor courage commitment".

If you are looking for this, it is likely that you are in the military (probably Navy or Marines).

We worked on this for a long time to find the right combination of words in Chinese. However, it should still be noted that word lists are not very natural in Chinese. Most of the time, there would be a subject, verb, and object for a phrase with this many words.

Army / Military

China jūn
Japan gun
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Army / Military

This character means army, military, or arms.

This is also a character used in the compound word that means "army general". It's the "gun" in the well-known Japanese title "Shogun" which means general.

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United States Marine Corps

Japan bei kai hei tai
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United States Marine Corps

This is the Japanese way to write "United States Marine Corps" or simply "U.S. Marines".

Breaking down each Kanji, this means:
"rice (American) ocean/sea soldiers/army/military corps/regiment/group".

This title will only make sense in Japanese, it is not the same in Chinese! Make sure you know your audience before ordering a custom wall scroll.

If you are wondering about the rice, America is known as "rice country" or "rice kingdom" when literally translated. The Kanji for rice is often used as an abbreviation in front of words (like a sub-adjective) to make something "American". Americans say "rice-burner" for a Japanese car, and "rice-rocket" for a Japanese motorcycle. If you did the same in Japanese, it would be exactly the opposite meaning.

Note: I have not verified this, but I've found this title used for U.S. Marines in Korean articles, so it's most likely a normal Korean term as well (but only in Korean Hanja).

See Also...  Marine Corps | Army | Art Of War | Warrior | Military

Five Reflections / Gosei

by Vice Admiral Hajime Matsushita
Japan shi se i ni moto ru na ka ri shi ka? gen kou ni ha zu ru na ka ri shi ka? ki ryo ku ni ka ku ru na ka ri shi ka? do ryo ku ni u ra mi na ka ri shi ka? bu sho u ni wa ta ru na ka ri shi ka?
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Five Reflections / Gosei

These are the "Five Reflections" of Vice Admiral Hajime Matsushita of the Japanese Imperial Navy. These days, the Five Reflections are recited or contemplated daily by Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force recruits in training. This long proverb is popularly translated into English this way:

Hast thou not gone against sincerity?
Hast thou not felt ashamed of thy words and deeds?
Hast thou not lacked vigor?
Hast thou not exerted all possible efforts?
Hast thou not become slothful?

Large River

China jiāng
Japan kou
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Large River

This means large river in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja. This generally refers to a river big enough that it's navigable by cargo boats, passenger boats, or small ships.

In Japanese, this can be a surname when pronounced as Minkou or just Kou.

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Romaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
kaigunhǎi jūn
hai jun
hai chün
hai3 jun1
Navy SEALS海豹部队
n/ahǎi bào bù duì
hai bao bu dui
hai pao pu tui
hai3 bao4 bu4 dui4
Navy SEALSネイビーシールズ
neibii shiiruzu
neibi shiruzu
n/ahǎi jūn lù zhàn duì yuán
hai jun lu zhan dui yuan
hai chün lu chan tui yüan
hai3 jun1 lu4 zhan4 dui4 yuan2
Honor, Courage, Commitment名誉, 勇気, 決意
名譽, 勇気, 決意
meiyo yuuki ketsui
meiyo yuki ketsui
Marine / Soldier of the Sea海兵
kai hei
Honor Courage Commitment荣誉勇气责任
n/aróng yù yǒng qì zé rèn
rong yu yong qi ze ren
jung yü yung ch`i tse jen
rong2 yu4 yong3 qi4 ze2 ren4
jung yü yung chi tse jen
Army / Military
United States Marine Corps米海兵隊
bei kai hei tai
Five Reflections / Gosei一至誠に悖るなかりしか一言行に恥づるなかりしか一氣力に缺くるなかりしか一努力に憾みなかりしか一不精に亘るなかりしか
shi se i ni moto ru na ka ri shi ka? gen kou ni ha zu ru na ka ri shi ka? ki ryo ku ni ka ku ru na ka ri shi ka? do ryo ku ni u ra mi na ka ri shi ka? bu sho u ni wa ta ru na ka ri shi ka?
shi se i ni moto ru na ka ri shi ka? gen ko ni ha zu ru na ka ri shi ka? ki ryo ku ni ka ku ru na ka ri shi ka? do ryo ku ni u ra mi na ka ri shi ka? bu sho u ni wa ta ru na ka ri shi ka?
Large River

Some people may refer to this entry as Navy Kanji, Navy Characters, Navy in Mandarin Chinese, Navy Characters, Navy in Chinese Writing, Navy in Japanese Writing, Navy in Asian Writing, Navy Ideograms, Chinese Navy symbols, Navy Hieroglyphics, Navy Glyphs, Navy in Chinese Letters, Navy Hanzi, Navy in Japanese Kanji, Navy Pictograms, Navy in the Chinese Written-Language, or Navy in the Japanese Written-Language.

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