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Shogun / Japanese General

China jiāng jūn
Japan shougun
Shogun / Japanese General Vertical Wall Scroll

In the west, when someone mentions "Shogun" we may be filled with thoughts of gallant warriors. Some might even think of the TV mini-series with Richard Chamberlain. Often westerners use the words Samurai and Shogun interchangeably. So I will clear it up really quickly...

Shogun in the simplest definition is a General. You could also use words such as commander, lord, overlord, highest ranking, or commanding officer, since "Shogun" has held some slightly ambiguous meanings at times in Japanese history.

Sometimes a Shogun was a general, other times he was the leader of a military government in Japan.

Variants of the same characters are used in China for the rank and title of a General of the People's Liberation Army (and the same term and characters have been used for the last 2200 years since the Qin Dynasty).

Chinese or Korean Army General

China jiāng jūn
Japan shougun
Chinese or Korean Army General Vertical Wall Scroll

There is a slight variation in the way the first character is written. 將軍 is the more Chinese and Korean Hanja version. So if you want to specifically refer to a Chinese or Korean General, this is the way. Japanese people would still easily identify this as "shogun."

Note: This term is also used for Admiral in Korean in certain context (if you need a better title for Admiral, just let me know).

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Japanese joushi / joshi / じょうし Japanese shogun's envoy; emissary


see styles
Mandarin shàng yì / shang4 yi4
Taiwan shang i
Japanese jōi / じょうい
Japanese will or decree (esp. of shogun); emperor's wishes
superior intention (?)


see styles
Japanese uesama;uezama;kamisama / うえさま;うえざま;かみさま Japanese (1) emperor; shogun; (2) honored person (honoured); (3) (かみさま only) (polite language) (another person's) wife


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Japanese nakaoku / なかおく Japanese area of the Edo castle where the shogun would work and spend his daily life; (place-name, surname) Nakaoku


see styles
Japanese kubou / kubo / くぼう Japanese public affairs; the court; the shogun; the shogunate; (given name) Kubou



see styles
Mandarin shèng qún / sheng4 qun2
Taiwan sheng ch`ün / sheng chün
Japanese shōgun
greater than the herd



see styles
Mandarin shèng jun / sheng4 jun1
Taiwan sheng chün
Japanese Shōgun / かつとき
Japanese (given name) Katsutoki
Prasenajit, conquering army, or conqueror of an army; king of Kośala and patron of Śākyamuni; also one of the Maharājas, v. 明王; Viśuddhasiṃha


see styles
Japanese taimei / taime / たいめい Japanese command of a shogun or a high official


see styles
Japanese kokujin(p);kunibito;kokunin;kuniudo;kunyuudo / kokujin(p);kunibito;kokunin;kuniudo;kunyudo / こくじん(P);くにびと;こくにん;くにうど;くにゅうど Japanese (1) indigenous person; inhabitant of a country; (2) (くにびと only) local; native; (3) local lords and samurai; (4) (くにうど, くにゅうど only) (See ざいこくしゅう) daimyo who did not leave his domains to meet the shogun in Kyoto (during the Muromachi period); (given name) Kunihito


see styles
Japanese oooku / おおおく Japanese (See 江戸城) inner palace (in Edo Castle); palace's ladies chambers; shogun's harem; (surname) Oooku


see styles
Japanese taihai / たいはい Japanese banner (imperial, shogun, etc.); standard


see styles
Mandarin tiān xià / tian1 xia4
Taiwan t`ien hsia / tien hsia
Japanese tenge / てんか(P);てんが;てんげ
Chinese land under heaven; the whole world; the whole of China; realm; rule
Japanese (1) the whole world; (2) the whole country; (3) society; the public; (4) supremacy over a nation; government of a country; the ruling power; (5) having one's own way; doing as one pleases; (can be adjective with の) (6) peerless; incomparable; superlative; world-famous; (7) (archaism) shogun (Edo period); (given name) Tenka
the world


see styles
Japanese tenryou / tenryo / てんりょう Japanese (1) imperial lands; (2) shogun's demesne; (place-name) Tenryou


see styles
Japanese shougun / shogun / しょうぐん Japanese general; shogun


see styles
Mandarin mù fǔ / mu4 fu3
Taiwan mu fu
Japanese bakufu / ばくふ
Chinese (orig.) tents forming the offices of a commanding officer; administration of a military government; (medieval Japan) "bakufu", administration of the shogun
Japanese bakufu; shogunate


see styles
Japanese kachigumi / かちぐみ Japanese winners (those who have succeeded socially, economically, etc.); bodyguards in service of the shogun who would walk ahead of him on an outing(Edo period)


see styles
Japanese midai / みだい Japanese wife of a shogun or a highest-ranking nobleman; (place-name) Midai


see styles
Japanese aishou / aisho / あいしょう Japanese (See めかけ) beloved concubine; favourite concubine (e.g. of the shogun)


see styles
Japanese hatamoto / はたもと Japanese shogunal vassal; direct retainer of a shogun; (surname) Hatamoto


see styles
Japanese kenmotsu / けんもつ Japanese offering (to a shogun, emperor, daimyo, kami or Buddha)


see styles
Japanese machifure / まちふれ Japanese town order (Edo period); order issued by a shogun or daimyo affecting a whole town, and passed on by town officials


see styles
Japanese jikisan / じきさん Japanese immediate follower (of the shogun)


see styles
Japanese jikishin / じきしん Japanese (obscure) (See 直参・じきさん) immediate follower (of the shogun); (given name) Naomi


see styles
Japanese roujuu;roujuu / roju;roju / ろうじゅう;ろうぢゅう Japanese member of shogun's council of elders; (surname) Oinaka



see styles
Mandarin shèng jun / sheng4 jun1
Taiwan sheng chün
Japanese Shōgun


see styles
Japanese binsho / びんしょ Japanese (archaism) hairdresser's room in the residence of the shogun or a noble


see styles
Japanese ohizamoto / おひざもと Japanese home territory of a powerful figure; Imperial Court; businessman's turf; Shogun's headquarters


see styles
Japanese ohizamoto / おひざもと Japanese home territory of a powerful figure; Imperial Court; businessman's turf; Shogun's headquarters


see styles
Japanese ohizamoto / おひざもと Japanese home territory of a powerful figure; Imperial Court; businessman's turf; Shogun's headquarters


see styles
Japanese goshuin / ごしゅいん Japanese letter bearing the shogun's scarlet seal

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Chinese or Korean Army General Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese or Korean Army General Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese or Korean Army General Vertical Wall Scroll

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Chinese or Korean Army General Vertical Portrait

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Japanese General
shougun / shogunjiāng jūn
jiang1 jun1
jiang jun
chiang chün
Chinese or Korean Army General將軍
shougun / shogunjiāng jūn
jiang1 jun1
jiang jun
chiang chün
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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