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sho dan
Shodan Scroll

This Japanese Kanji word literally means, "beginning degree". 初段 is the lowest black belt rank in Japanese martial arts and the game of Go.

The first Kanji means first, new, or beginning in Japanese.

Other ways to translate this title include, "lowest grade" or "first grade".

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)
Shodan初段sho dan / shodan

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
 shodan / しょだん
Shodan Scroll
first rank in the senior class (in martial arts, go, etc.); lowest rank; one dan


see styles
 shodan / しょだん (noun/participle) (1) judgement; judgment; (noun/participle) (2) carrying out a sentence (e.g. execution)



see styles
shāng tán / shang1 tan2
shang t`an / shang tan
 shoudan / shodan / しょうだん
to confer; to discuss; to engage in talks
(noun/participle) business discussion; negotiation


see styles
xiǎo duàn / xiao3 duan4
hsiao tuan
 shōdan / こだん
(surname) Kodan
minor classifications



see styles
suǒ duàn / suo3 duan4
so tuan
that which is cut


see styles
 shoudan / shodan / しょうだん (noun/participle) promotion



see styles
zhèng duàn / zheng4 duan4
cheng tuan
correctly eliminating


see styles
 shoudan / shodan / しょうだん (See 段落・1) paragraph



see styles
xiào tán / xiao4 tan2
hsiao t`an / hsiao tan
 shoudan / shodan / しょうだん
object of ridicule; laughingstock; to laugh over something; to make light chat
(noun/participle) (1) pleasant chat; talking amiably; laughing over; (noun/participle) (2) (See 冗談・じょうだん) funny story; jest; joke



see styles
zhàng duàn / zhang4 duan4
chang tuan
to eliminate hindrances



see styles
sì zhèng duàn / si4 zheng4 duan4
ssu cheng tuan
 shi shōdan
four kinds of correct elimination



see styles
jiàn suǒ duàn / jian4 suo3 duan4
chien so tuan
 ken shodan
eliminated in the path of seeing



see styles
xiū dào suǒ duàn / xiu1 dao4 suo3 duan4
hsiu tao so tuan
 shudō shodan
(afflictions) eliminated in the path of cultivation



see styles
jiàn xiū suǒ duàn / jian4 xiu1 suo3 duan4
chien hsiu so tuan
 kenshu shodan
[the afflictions] that are eliminated in the path of seeing and the path of cultivation



see styles
jiàn suǒ duàn huò / jian4 suo3 duan4 huo4
chien so tuan huo
 ken shodan waku
afflictions that are eliminated in the path of seeing



see styles
jiàn suǒ duàn fǎ / jian4 suo3 duan4 fa3
chien so tuan fa
 ken shodan
factors eliminated in the path of seeing



see styles
jiàn dào suǒ duàn / jian4 dao4 suo3 duan4
chien tao so tuan
 kendō shodan
eliminated during the path of seeing



see styles
zhū tán fú shòu / zhu1 tan2 fu2 shou4
chu t`an fu shou / chu tan fu shou
 shodan fukuju
may all patrons live long and prosper

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