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wǔ xíng
    wu3 xing2
wu hsing
 gogyou / gogyo
five phases of Chinese philosophy: wood 木, fire 火, earth 土, metal 金, water 水
(1) (See 五大・ごだい・1) the five elements (in Chinese philosophy: wood, fire, earth, metal and water); the five phases; wu xing; (2) {Buddh} five practices of the Bodhisattvas; (3) (See 六信五行) the five pillars of Islam; (surname, given name) Gogyou
The five lines of conduct. I. According to the 起信論 Awakening of Faith they are almsgiving; keeping the commandments; patience under insult; zeal or progress; meditation. II. According to the 涅槃經 Nirvana Sutra they are saintly or bodhisattva deeds; arhat, or noble deeds; deva deeds; children's deeds (i. e. normal good deeds of men, devas, and Hinayanists); sickness conditions, e. g. illness, delusion, etc.; — into all these lines of conduct and conditions a Bodhisattva enters. III. The five elements, or tanmātra— wood, fire, earth, metal, and water; or earth, water, ire, air, and ether (or space) as taught by the later Mahāyāna philosophy; idem 五大; five practices


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kè fú
    ke4 fu2
k`o fu
    ko fu
(try to) overcome (hardships etc); to conquer; to put up with; to endure
(noun/participle) conquest (of a difficulty, illness, handicap, etc.); overcoming; bringing under control; subjugation; victory over



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píng fù
    ping2 fu4
p`ing fu
    ping fu
 heifuku / hefuku
to pacify; to calm down; to be cured; to be healed
(noun/participle) restoration to health
recovery from illness; recovery from illness



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huī fù
    hui1 fu4
hui fu
to reinstate; to resume; to restore; to recover; to regain; to rehabilitate
(noun/participle) (1) restoration; rehabilitation; recovery; return; replevin; improvement; (2) recovery (from an illness); recuperation; convalescence

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 touge / toge
(Japanese kokuji) mountain pass; (fig.) crisis point; pr. tōge
(n,n-suf) (1) (mountain) pass; ridge; peak; (2) peak (e.g. of summer); worst (e.g. of an illness); crisis; critical point; most difficult part; (surname) Dougesaki

see styles
to suffer (from illness); to contract (a disease); misfortune; trouble; danger; worry
to suffer

see styles
branch; stem; stalk; CL:根[gen1]; to block; to hinder; (neologism that evolved from 哏[gen2], initially in Taiwan, during the first decade of the 21st century) memorable creative idea (joke, catchphrase, meme, neologism, witty remark etc); prominent feature of a creative work (punchline of a joke, trope in a drama, special ingredient in a dish, riff in a pop song etc)

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sickness; disease; hate; envy; swift
(personal name) Tsuguo
Sickness, an attack of illness: haste, speedy: angry; sickness

see styles
illness; CL:場|场[chang2]; disease; to fall ill; defect
(1) illness; disease; (2) bad habit; weakness; fault
Illness, disease; to hurt; to get sick

see styles
 shou / sho
disease; illness
(adj-na,n-suf) illness; (personal name) Masahiko

see styles
to recover (from illness)

see styles
illness; numbness of the limbs


see styles
(literary) serious illness; (Cantonese) variant of 攰[gui4]

see styles
illness caused by worry

see styles
to see; to look at; to read; to watch; to visit; to call on; to consider; to regard as; to look after; to treat (an illness); to depend on; to feel (that); (after verb) to give it a try; Watch out! (for a danger)
(personal name) Ikuma
Look, see; watch over; to look at

see styles

serious (illness); sincere; true
(surname) Toku
Sincere; serious; consolidate; warm, hearty

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bitter; hardship; pain; to suffer; to bring suffering to; painstakingly
(1) pain; anguish; suffering; distress; anxiety; worry; trouble; difficulty; hardship; (2) {Buddh} (See 八苦) duhkha (suffering)
duḥkha, 豆佉 bitterness; unhappiness, suffering, pain, distress, misery; difficulty. There are lists of two, three, four, five, eight, and ten categories; the two are internal, i. e. physical and mental, and external, i. e. attacks from without. The four are birth, growing old, illness, and death. The eight are these four along with the pain of parting from the loved, of meeting with the hated, of failure in one's aims, and that caused by the five skandhas; cf. 四諦.


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bù yú
    bu4 yu2
pu yü
to withhold; to refuse
indisposition; emperor's illness; unhappiness


see styles
bù zhì
    bu4 zhi4
pu chih
 fuji; fuchi
    ふじ; ふち
to die of illness or injury despite receiving medical help
(noun - becomes adjective with の) incurability


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bù qǐ
    bu4 qi3
pu ch`i
    pu chi
(adj-no,n) (obsolete) incurable (illness); bedridden (for the rest of one's days)
does not manifest; does not give rise to


see styles
jiǔ bìng
    jiu3 bing4
chiu ping
my old illness; chronic condition


see styles
 kebyou / kebyo
(noun - becomes adjective with の) feigned illness


see styles
zuò bìng
    zuo4 bing4
tso ping
 sakubyou / sakubyo
feigned illness
contrivance sickness


see styles
 heihatsu / hehatsu
(n,vs,adj-no) concurrence; coincidence; complication (in illness)


see styles
 shoubyou / shobyo
injuries and sickness; wounds and illness


see styles
quán xiū
    quan2 xiu1
ch`üan hsiu
    chüan hsiu
 zenkyuu / zenkyu
complete rest (after an illness)
(n,pref) (1) whole (period); (n,pref) (2) {sumo} absence during a complete tournament


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liù yín
    liu4 yin2
liu yin
(TCM) six excesses causing illness, namely: excessive wind 風|风[feng1], cold 寒[han2], heat 暑[shu3], damp 濕|湿[shi1], dryness 燥[zao4], fire 火[huo3]
six external causes of illness in traditional Chinese medicine (wind, cold, fire-heat, dampness, dryness, heat of summer)


see styles
liù xié
    liu4 xie2
liu hsieh
(TCM) six unhealthy influences causing illness, namely: excessive wind 風|风[feng1], cold 寒[han2], heat 暑[shu3], damp 濕|湿[shi1], dryness 燥[zao4], fire 火[huo3]


see styles
(noun - becomes adjective with の) crisis (in an illness)


see styles
jiā zhòng
    jia1 zhong4
chia chung
 kajuu(p); kachou / kaju(p); kacho
    かじゅう(P); かちょう
to make heavier; to emphasize; (of an illness etc) to become more serious; to aggravate (a bad situation); to increase (a burden, punishment etc)
(noun/participle) weighting (in averaging); aggravation; (personal name) Kajuu

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