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bō rě
    bo1 re3
po je
Sanskrit prajña: wisdom; great wisdom; wondrous knowledge
(1) {Buddh} prajna (san: prajñā); wisdom required to attain enlightenment; (2) (See 般若面・はんにゃめん・1) noh mask of a grinning, horned demoness (represents a woman's rage and jealousy); (3) family crest designed after the Hannya noh mask; (4) (abbreviation) (See 般若面・はんにゃづら・2) dreadful face (esp. of a woman driven mad by jealousy); terrifying facial expression; (surname) Hanniya
(般賴若) Prajñā is also the name of a monk from Kabul, A.D. 810, styled 三藏法師; tr. four works and author of an alphabet.; prajñā, 'to know, understand'; 'Wisdom. ' M. W. Intp. 慧 wisdom; 智慧 understanding, or wisdom; 明 clear, intelligent, the sixth pāramitā. The Prajñā-pāramitā Sutra describes it as supreme, highest, incomparable, unequalled, unsurpassed. It is spoken of as the principal means, by its enlightenment, of attaining to nirvana, through its revelation of the unreality of all things. Other forms 般羅若; 般諄若; 鉢若; 鉢剌若; 鉢羅枳孃; 鉢腎禳; 波若, 波賴若; 波羅孃; 班若.

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(Japanese kokuji) large staple driven into two pieces of wood to hold them together; pr. kasugai
(1) (kana only) large staple driven into two pieces of wood to hold them together; clamp; cramp (metal); (2) tie (metaphorical, e.g. something that binds two people together); (surname) Kasugai



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huí gú
    hui2 gu2
hui ku
高車; 高昌. M067729彝 Uighurs, M067729胡; A branch of the Turks first heard of in the seventh century in the Orkhon district where they remained until A. D. 840, when they were defeated and driven out by the Kirghiz; one group went to Kansu, where they remained until about 1020; another group founded a kingdom in the Turfan country which survived until Mongol times. They had an alphabet which was copied from the Soghdian. Chingis Khan adopted it for writing Mongolian. A. D. 1294 the whole Buddhist canon was translated into Uighur.



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cóng dòng
    cong2 dong4
ts`ung tung
    tsung tung
-driven (of mechanism, driven by a component); slave (wheel, pulley)


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zhuā kuáng
    zhua1 kuang2
chua k`uang
    chua kuang
to blow one's top; to be driven mad; to become frantic


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yuè zhī
    yue4 zhi1
yüeh chih
the Yuezhi, an ancient people of central Asia during the Han dynasty (also written 月氏[Yue4 zhi1])
Yuezhi; Rouzhi; an ancient Central Asian people
(月支國) The Yuezhi, or 'Indo-Scythians', 月氏 (國) and a country they at one time occupied, i. e. 都貨羅 Tukhara, Tokharestan, or Badakshan. Driven out from the northern curve of the Yellow River by the Huns, circa 165 B. C., they conquered Bactria 大夏, the Punjab, Kashmir, 'and the greater part of India. ' Their expulsion from the north of Shansi was the cause of the famous journey of Zhangqian of the Han dynasty and the beginning of Chinese expansion to the north-west. Kanishka, king of the Yuezhi towards the end of the first century A. D., became the great protector and propagator of Buddhism.



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jī dòng
    ji1 dong4
chi tung
 kidou / kido
locomotive; motorized; power-driven; adaptable; flexible (use, treatment, timing etc)
(1) maneuver (usu. of military force); manoeuvre; (can act as adjective) (2) (See 機動隊) mobile; nimble; agile; quick to respond; (surname) Kidou



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qióng zhuī
    qiong2 zhui1
ch`iung chui
    chiung chui
 kyuutsui / kyutsui
to pursue relentlessly
(noun/participle) cornered; driven to the wall


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(n,adj-no,adj-na) (abbreviation) (See 絶体絶命) desperate situation with no escape; being driven into a corner; being cornered; last extremity



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dǐng bàng
    ding3 bang4
ting pang
bucking bar (metal bar fixing the tail of a rivet as it is driven)


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(1) nasal plug; (2) {archit} wedge (in tusk mortise-and-tenon joint); wooden pin driven through tenon to hold it in place


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 shiizu / shizu
(1) seeds; (2) producer-driven solutions; ideas, products, services, etc. proposed by a company to consumers



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sēng qié luó
    seng1 qie2 luo2
seng ch`ieh lo
    seng chieh lo
Siṃhala, Ceylon; also name of the Buddha in a previous incarnation when, as a travelling merchant, he, along with 500 others, was driven on to the island; there the rākṣasīs bewitched them; later the Buddha and his companions (like the Argonauts) escaped, and ultimately he destroyed the witches and founded his kingdom there.


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 bousousha / bososha
recklessly driven car; runaway vehicle


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children's game in which a wooden stick driven into the ground is dislodged by sticks thrown at it


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 hannyamen; hannyazura
    はんにゃめん; はんにゃづら
(1) (はんにゃめん only) noh mask of a grinning, horned demoness (represents a woman's rage and jealousy); (2) dreadful face (esp. of a woman driven mad by jealousy); terrifying facial expression


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há ma hāng
    ha2 ma5 hang1
ha ma hang
power-driven rammer or tamper



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dū huò luó
    du1 huo4 luo2
tu huo lo
Tukhāra, the 月支 Yuezhi country; '(1) A topographical term designating a country of ice and frost (tukhāra), and corresponding to the present Badakchan which Arab geographers still call Tokharestan. (2) An ethnographical term used by the Greeks to designate the Tocharoi or Indo-Scythians, and likewise by Chinese writers applied to the Tochari Tartars who driven on by the Huns (180 B.C.) conquered Trans-oxania, destroyed the Bactrian kingdom (大夏) 126 B.C., and finally conquered the Pundjab, Cashmere, and the greater part of India. Their greatest king was Kanichka.' Eitel.


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(adjectival noun) driven


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 haiyaa / haiya
hired car with driver; chauffeur-driven vehicle for hire; (personal name) Hyer


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(expression) (1) me, me, me; (exp,adj-no) (2) egotistic; ego-driven


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 reishinsoshi / reshinsoshi
driven element (antenna)


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 tenkousouba / tenkosoba
weather-driven market; weather-dependent market



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shǎo lín wǔ yì
    shao3 lin2 wu3 yi4
shao lin wu i
 Shōrin Mugei
Wu-i, a cook of the Shao-lin monastery, who is said single-handed to have driven off the Yellow Turban rebels with a three-foot staff, and who was posthumously rewarded with the rank of 'general '; a school of adepts of the quarter-staff, etc., was called after him, of whom thirteen were far-famed; Shaolin Wuyi



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mó bài dān chē
    mo2 bai4 dan1 che1
mo pai tan ch`e
    mo pai tan che
Mobike, operator of an app-driven bicycle-rental business in China, established in 2015



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shuǐ lì gǔ fēng
    shui3 li4 gu3 feng1
shui li ku feng
hydraulic bellows; water-driven ventilation (for metal smelting furnace)



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bō luó mò tuó
    bo1 luo2 mo4 tuo2
po lo mo t`o
    po lo mo to
paramārtha, the highest truth, ultimate truth, reality, fundamental meaning, 眞諦. Paramārtha, name of a famous monk from Western India, Guṇarata, v. 拘, whose title was 眞諦三藏; reached China 547 or 548, but the country was so disturbed that he set of to return by sea; his ship was driven back to Canton, where he translated some fifty works.



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gǒu jí tiào qiáng
    gou3 ji2 tiao4 qiang2
kou chi t`iao ch`iang
    kou chi tiao chiang
a cornered dog will jump over the wall (idiom); to be driven to desperate action


see styles
 zettaizetsumei / zettaizetsume
(adj-na,n,adj-no) (yoji) desperate situation; being driven into a corner; stalemate


see styles
 zettaizetsumei / zettaizetsume
(irregular kanji usage) (adj-na,n,adj-no) (yoji) desperate situation; being driven into a corner; stalemate

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