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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
(noun or adjectival noun) (1) workman; artisan; mechanic; carpenter; (2) craft; skill; (3) means; idea; (personal name) Takumu

see styles

carpenter's square; rule; regulation; pattern; to carve
quadrature; (female given name) Noriko
A carpenter's square, a rule; translit. ku, cf. 姑, 拘, 鳩; carpenter's square



see styles
zuò mǎ
    zuo4 ma3
tso ma
trestle; carpenter's frame
(surname) Sakuma


see styles
round carpenter's plane


see styles
mǎo sǔn
    mao3 sun3
mao sun
mortise and tenon (slot and tab forming a carpenter's joint)


see styles
ink bottle; carpenter's inking device


see styles
mò dǒu
    mo4 dou3
mo tou
carpenter's straight line marker (an inked cord stretched tight then lowered onto timber)



see styles
mò xiàn
    mo4 xian4
mo hsien
inked line; carpenter's straight line marker (an inked cord stretched tight then lowered onto timber)


see styles
carpenter; (personal name) Dakujaku


see styles
carpenter's square


see styles
qū chǐ
    qu1 chi3
ch`ü ch`ih
    chü chih
set square (tool to measure right angles)
(1) carpenter's square (for checking angles); (2) common shaku (unit of distance; approx. 30.3 cm); (surname) Sashigane


see styles
mù jiàng
    mu4 jiang4
mu chiang
 mokushou / mokusho
(surname) Mokushou


see styles
mù gōng
    mu4 gong1
mu kung
 mokkou / mokko
woodwork; carpentry; woodworker; carpenter
woodworking; woodworker; carpenter; (surname) Mokkou


see styles
mù dù
    mu4 du4
mu tu
wood moth; carpenter moth; CL:隻|只[zhi1]



see styles
dòng liáng
    dong4 liang2
tung liang
 touryou / toryo
ridgepole; ridgepole and beams; person able to bear heavy responsibility; mainstay (of organization); pillar (of state)
(1) central figure; pillar (e.g. of the nation); mainstay; chief support; leader; (2) chief; boss; leader; head; (3) master carpenter; (4) (orig. meaning) beams and ridge supports of a roof; (personal name) Muneyana



see styles
sǔn xiāo
    sun3 xiao1
sun hsiao
dowel; carpenter's pin


see styles
xióng fēng
    xiong2 feng1
hsiung feng
 kumabachi; kumabachi
    くまばち; クマバチ
(1) Japanese carpenter bee (Xylocopa appendiculata circumvolans); (2) (colloquialism) (See 熊ん蜂・2) wasp; hornet; yellow jacket


see styles
 kumaari; kumaari / kumari; kumari
    くまあり; クマアリ
(obscure) (kana only) (See 黒大蟻) Japanese carpenter ant (Camponotus japonicus)


see styles
jǔ chǐ
    ju3 chi3
chü ch`ih
    chü chih
set square (tool to measure right angles)
(1) carpenter's square (for checking angles); (2) common shaku (unit of distance; approx. 30.3 cm)


see styles
(obscure) carpenter's square



see styles
shéng mò
    sheng2 mo4
sheng mo
lit. carpenter's straight line marker; same as 墨斗; fig. rules; rules and regulations


see styles
(obscure) (See 曲尺) carpenter's square


see styles
dīng zì chǐ
    ding1 zi4 chi3
ting tzu ch`ih
    ting tzu chih
T-square; set square (carpenter's tool)


see styles
carpenter specializing in temple, shrine, etc. construction


see styles
(1) carpenter's square; (2) instigation; suggestion


see styles
joiner; carpenter; cabinetmaker


see styles
(1) carpenter's square; (2) common Japanese foot


see styles
(1) carpenter's square; (2) common Japanese foot


see styles
 mokkoushi / mokkoshi
woodworker; carpenter


see styles
mù dù é
    mu4 du4 e2
mu tu o
wood moth; carpenter moth; CL:隻|只[zhi1]

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