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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
catty; (PRC) weight equal to 500 g; (Tw) weight equal to 600 g; (HK, Malaysia, Singapore) slightly over 604 g
(1) kin; catty; traditional unit of weight, 600g; (2) (obsolete) (See 英斤・えいきん) pound (unit of weight); (n,ctr) (3) loaf (of bread); (personal name) Kinji
An adze; to chop; a catty, 1 and 1; 3 lb.: penetrating, minute; axe

see styles
to plant; to grow; to cultivate
(1) seed (e.g. of a plant); pip; kind; variety; quality; tone; (2) material (e.g. for an article); matter (e.g. of a story); subject; theme; (news) copy; (3) {food} ingredient; leaven (bread); main ingredient of a sushi; (4) cause; source; (5) trick; secret; magician's trick; inside story; (6) (See 胤) paternal blood; lineage; (7) breed (of a stock); sperm; semen; (8) (kana only) (oft. as タネ) 10-point card (in hanafuda); tane; animal card; (surname) Tanezaki
vīja; bīja. Seed, germ; sort, species; also to sow, plant; seed

see styles
zanba, Tibetan barley bread

see styles

small loaf of steamed bread

see styles
steamed bread


see styles
(1) (originally written 麺麭 or 麪包) bread (por: pão); pastries (e.g. croissants); pastry-based products; (2) (See フライパン) pan (eng: pan); frying pan; (noun/participle) (3) panning (in a film); (personal name) Pam; Pan; Peng


see styles
(1) 1 kin (approx. 0.6kg); (2) 1 loaf of bread


see styles
fēn cān
    fen1 can1
fen ts`an
    fen tsan
separate meals; to eat individual meals (rather than taking one's food from plates served to everyone at the table)
(noun/participle) distribution (of bread and wine during Communion)


see styles
tǔ sī
    tu3 si1
t`u ssu
    tu ssu
sliced bread (loanword from "toast")


see styles
tǔ sī
    tu3 si1
t`u ssu
    tu ssu
sliced bread (loanword from "toast"); government-appointed hereditary tribal headman in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties



see styles
dà bǐng
    da4 bing3
ta ping
large flat bread


see styles
(See 角食・かくしょく・1) English bread; roundtop bread; high tin loaf



see styles
xuān teng
    xuan1 teng5
hsüan t`eng
    hsüan teng
soft and warm (of bread)



see styles
gàng tóu
    gang4 tou2
kang t`ou
    kang tou
(old) chief coffin bearer; (fig.) argumentative person; a kind of bread made with a dough flattened using a rolling pin 槓子|杠子[gang4 zi5]


see styles
fǎ gùn
    fa3 gun4
fa kun
baguette (bread)



see styles
pào mó
    pao4 mo2
p`ao mo
    pao mo
meat and bread soup (a specialty of Shaanxi cuisine)



see styles
lào bǐng
    lao4 bing3
lao ping
pancake; flat bread; griddle cake


see styles
mold (e.g. cake mold); mould; baking pan; bread pan



see styles
fā miàn
    fa1 mian4
fa mien
to leaven dough; to make bread


see styles
zān bā
    zan1 ba1
tsan pa
tsamba, Tibetan barley bread



see styles
liáng cāng
    liang2 cang1
liang ts`ang
    liang tsang
granary; barn; fig. bread basket (of fertile agricultural land)


see styles
huā juǎn
    hua1 juan3
hua chüan
Chinese steamed twisted bread roll


see styles
 joubei / jobe
(See 餅・もち,饅頭) steamed mochi; manjū; bread


see styles
(1) square bread; Pullman loaf; sandwich loaf; (2) (hob:) bread


see styles
qǐ zi
    qi3 zi5
ch`i tzu
    chi tzu
baking soda (used to leaven bread); screwdriver; bottle opener
(female given name) Yukiko



see styles
ruǎn bāo
    ruan3 bao1
juan pao
soft (bread) roll



see styles
mán tou
    man2 tou5
man t`ou
    man tou
 mantou; mantoo / manto; mantoo
    マントウ; マントー
steamed roll; steamed bun; steamed bread; CL:個|个[ge4]
(See 饅頭・まんじゅう) mantou (chi:); (Chinese) steamed bun


see styles
    menpou / menpo
(obscure) bread



see styles
miàn bāo
    mian4 bao1
mien pao
bread; CL:片[pian4],袋[dai4],塊|块[kuai4]


see styles
 menpou / menpo
(obscure) bread

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