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Dojo / Martial Arts Studio

dào cháng
dou jou
Dojo / Martial Arts Studio Vertical Wall Scroll

道場 is the Japanese term for a room or hall in which martial arts are taught.

道場 is often spelled "dojo" which has become a word in the English lexicon. However, the true Romaji is "doujou" or "dōjō".

Please note: The Chinese definition of these characters is quite different. In Chinese, this is a place where Buddhist or Taoist mass is held. It could also be a place where spiritual or psychic events are performed.

Dojo Kun

dou jou kun
Dojo Kun Vertical Wall Scroll

道場訓 is the Japanese term for the rules or doctrine of the dojo.

道場訓 is often a list of roles and expectations posted near the front entrance of a dojo.

Cry in the dojo - Laugh on the battlefield

doujou de naki senjou de warau
Cry in the dojo - Laugh on the battlefield Vertical Wall Scroll

道場で泣き戦場で笑う is a Japanese phrase that means, "Cry in the dojo, laugh on the battlefield".

You'll see this phrase in a lot of dojos as a kind of philosophical joke.

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Martial Arts Studio
dou jou / doujou / do jo / dojodào cháng
dao4 chang2
dao chang
tao ch`ang
tao chang
Dojo Kun道場訓
dou jou kun
do jo kun
Cry in the dojo - Laugh on the battlefield道場で泣き戦場で笑うdoujou de naki senjou de warau
dojo de naki senjo de warau
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
dào chǎng / dao4 chang3
tao ch`ang / tao chang
 doujou / dojo / どうじょう
Cry in the dojo - Laugh on the battlefield Vertical Wall Scroll
Taoist or Buddhist rite; abbr. for 菩提道場|菩提道场[Pu2 ti2 dao4 chang3]
(1) dōjō; hall used for martial arts training; (2) (abbreviation) {Buddh} (See 菩提道場) manda (place of Buddhist practice or meditation, esp. the place under the bodhi tree where Buddha attained enlightenment); (surname) Michiba
Truth-plot. bodhimaṇḍala, circle, or place of enlightenment. The place where Buddha attained enlightenment. A place, or method, for attaining to Buddha-truth. An object of or place for religious offerings. A place for teaching, learning, or practising religion; site of enlightenment



see styles
fó dào chǎng / fo2 dao4 chang3
fo tao ch`ang / fo tao chang
 butsu dōjō
the platform or terrace of the Path (enlightenment) of the Buddha



see styles
rù dào chǎng / ru4 dao4 chang3
ju tao ch`ang / ju tao chang
 nyū dōjō
to enter the ritual site


see styles
 naidoujou / naidojo / ないどうじょう inner practice hall (for Buddhism; on the imperial palace grounds)


see styles
 kendoujou / kendojo / けんどうじょう {MA} kendo hall



see styles
zuò dào chǎng / zuo4 dao4 chang3
tso tao ch`ang / tso tao chang
 za dōjō
sitting on the seat of enlightenment


see styles
 hayamichiba / はやみちば (place-name) Hayamichiba


see styles
 juudoujou / judojo / じゅうどうじょう judo hall


see styles
 budoujou / budojo / ぶどうじょう martial arts area (within a school, gym, etc.)



see styles
jìng dào chǎng / jing4 dao4 chang3
ching tao ch`ang / ching tao chang
 jō dōjō
to purify the place of practice


see styles
 machidoujou / machidojo / まちどうじょう martial arts school situated in a town


see styles
 doujoubu / dojobu / どうじょうぶ (place-name) Doujoubu


see styles
 doujoumae / dojomae / どうじょうまえ (place-name) Doujoumae


see styles
 doujoukita / dojokita / どうじょうきた (place-name) Doujoukita


see styles
 doujouminami / dojominami / どうじょうみなみ (place-name) Doujouminami


see styles
 doujouhara / dojohara / どうじょうはら (place-name) Doujouhara


see styles
 doujouguchi / dojoguchi / どうじょうぐち (place-name) Doujouguchi


see styles
 doujoujuku / dojojuku / どうじょうじゅく (place-name) Doujoujuku


see styles
 doujouji / dojoji / どうじょうじ (place-name) Doujouji


see styles
 doujouyama / dojoyama / どうじょうやま (place-name) Doujouyama



see styles
dào chǎng shù / dao4 chang3 shu4
tao ch`ang shu / tao chang shu
 dōjō ju
The bodhidruma, or tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment; enlightenment tree


see styles
 doujoubashi / dojobashi / どうじょうばし (place-name) Doujoubashi


see styles
 doujoumachi / dojomachi / どうじょうまち (place-name) Doujoumachi



see styles
dào chǎng shén / dao4 chang3 shen2
tao ch`ang shen / tao chang shen
 dōjō shin
Tutelary deities of Buddhist religious places, etc; tutelary deities of Buddhist religious places



see styles
dào chǎng shì / dao4 chang3 shi4
tao ch`ang shih / tao chang shih
 dōjō shaku
pre-dawn temple ground chanting


see styles
 doujoueki / dojoeki / どうじょうえき (st) Doujou Station



see styles
rén wáng dào chǎng / ren2 wang2 dao4 chang3
jen wang tao ch`ang / jen wang tao chang
 ninnō dōjō
ceremony for recitation of the Sūtra for Humane Kings



see styles
yán jìng dào chǎng / yan2 jing4 dao4 chang3
yen ching tao ch`ang / yen ching tao chang
 gon jō dōjō
to adorn and purify the meditation chamber



see styles
jí miè dào cháng / ji2 mie4 dao4 chang2
chi mieh tao ch`ang / chi mieh tao chang
 jakumetsu dōjō
(寂場) The place where a buddha attains the truth of nirvāṇa, especially where Śākyamuni attained it; site of the attainment of extinction [of afflictions]



see styles
mì yán d ào chǎng / mi4 yan2 d ao4 chang3
mi yen d ao ch`ang / mi yen d ao chang
 mitsugon dōjō
Practice Site of Mysterious Adornment

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Cry in the dojo - Laugh on the battlefield Vertical Wall Scroll
Cry in the dojo - Laugh on the battlefield Vertical Wall Scroll
Cry in the dojo - Laugh on the battlefield Vertical Wall Scroll
Cry in the dojo - Laugh on the battlefield Vertical Wall Scroll

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Cry in the dojo - Laugh on the battlefield Vertical Portrait

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